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Weekend Contest: "Famous Movie Posters"


Joas was the winner of last week's weekend contest with his Steam powered 3D printer. He picked "Famous Movie Posters" as this weeks' theme.

The theme for this weekend contest is in a way inspired by movies: "Famous Movie Posters". Personally, I love watching movies. But I also like to look at movie posters. I always find it amazing to see when the mood of an entire film is captured ​​in just a single image.

For this weekend contest, try to recreate your favorite movie poster the way you like it. Or the way you think the poster should have been. Really, everything is ok, as long as you try to represent a movie poster in some way and have some fun along the way :)

Happy Blending!


  • Post your work below (attach an image and a screenshot if you like).
  • Post only new work, not existing.
  • Vote for your winner by monday.
  • The winner will get a post next week, and will get to pick next weekend’s contest theme. Have fun!

Have an awesome weekend!

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. What could be more iconic than the poster of JAWS!? I really enjoy the creativity of the topic, it was something new, I have never really used too much text in blender. I used the Suzanne model and Cycles! enjoy. Also below is the actual Jaws movie poster. I really tried to pay attention to detail. Critiques appreciated.

  2. Roger Arnt Petter Bøe on

    When i saw what name was engraved on the tip of the basballbat in the actual movieposter i had to pick this one.. check it out... A quick mockup of a famous tarantino movie.
    My blog [email protected]

  3. Roger Arnt Petter Bøe on

    When i saw what name was engraved on the tip of the basballbat in the actual movieposter i had to pick this one.. check it out... A quick mockup of a famous tarantino movie.

    My blog [email protected]

  4. Spencer Magnusson on

    Thanks for this topic; I really enjoy movies too. A while ago, they made the movie, "Sphere," based on the novel by Michael Crichton of the same name. Its movie poster shows the main characters and the underwater habitat, but nothing else. So I decided to make a poster that showed one of the scariest moments. I hope you enjoy it.

  5. AspiringAnimator on

    My entry for this weekend is a poster for a movie that I'm really looking forward to, "Big Hero 6." Enjoy!

    Comments and critiques welcome! :)

  6. thierry Lefrancois on

    An attempt at recreating the poster of the red riding hood, I like the mood in this image (the original poster I mean, see below)

    • AspiringAnimator on

      Very nice! I really like the grid effect and the way the glow of the door silhouettes the man! (Admittedly, I've never even heard of this movie, but now I've gotta check it out!)

      • Thanks! I thought I would have to add the grid in a photo editing program, but in the end everything was done in Blender, even the text. The grid was rendered and added by using the same technique one would use in making a vignette in the compositor.

        The silhouette was the biggest pain for me, since anything in front of such a glow would be totally enveloped by the light. So I had to render a pitch black little man and add it over the orignial man in the compositor, so one would be able to see a silhouette.

        Btw, love your image!

  7. Hey Blenderheads,

    here is my contribution for this weeks contest. Its an artwork for one of my favorite movies. This image is heavely inspired by an other artwork i saw once on the internet.
    I hope you like it, C&C allways is welcomed.

    • AspiringAnimator on

      Very nice and realistic render! Like many of the posters here, I've never heard of this movie, but your rendering of it makes me want to go check it out! Great work! :)

      • You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else are you talking... you talking to me? Well I'm the only one here.

  8. Daniel Villegas on

    I did not have much time this weekend, i'd have loved to put some more time on this subject but here it is.

    I didnt have time to play with the volume scattering and post procesing but it ended up transmiting the feeling i wanted to.

    Cheers everyone!

    • AspiringAnimator on

      TRON!!! YES!!!!!!
      Great work, I would just suggest lighting up the image a bit more, and perhaps moving the discs to the front of the cabinet, since (I think) the cabinet is the focus of your image. Or, perhaps adding the glowing screen of the TRON arcade game to the cabinet's screen? Anyways, I like the image, and keep up the great work! :)

      • Daniel Villegas on

        Thanks! yeah i really need to improve my compositions haha. i will re do this with the arcade game screen sometime this week and try some more composition options

  9. Vincent Holzborn on

    So here is some rather old stuff...
    Smoke and clouds made with smoke sim, rays and glow done in Blenders compostor, but everything else was composited in PS.

      • Vincent Holzborn on

        It was a very easy and quick job - only the new volumetrics/cycles/cuda rendering options drove me nuts. After a hour of testing I found out that smoke rendering isn`t working on my graphic card...:-(
        So the rendering for this small image (only the smoke layers) took forever...

        • AspiringAnimator on

          Ah, graphics cards... the struggle is real!
          I know the feeling, but it turned out great, so it was worth it, right?

          • Vincent Holzborn on

            ;-) thanks, glad you like it.
            It is always worth to test Blenders new features! And it`s always impressive what new tools and options are implemented. I love the new sun beams node - as you may see;-)

  10. Some really nice work has been posted so far, but I'll post my meager attempt anyway.
    I spent a lot of time coming up with ideas I couldn't possibly finish over the weekend, then finally got an idea I could pull off with limited time and went with it.

    • Here is the result I was getting early on, and I really liked it, but lost the feel the more I messed different things. I was making a label for the packaging of 'soylent green' coming down a conveyor belt and onto rollers. Made the little flaps hanging down and used a cloth sim to animate them moving as the boxes came off the conveyor...but it just didn't look right and I knew I could never finish it properly.

      • Warren D. M. Reed on

        That is awesome, You eat what you are. And hilarious. I wished I had rememberd and made something too, this topic was fun.

  11. AspiringAnimator on

    Hey all, just a quick note-
    Please sign in if you can when you vote! (If I understand the new rules right, in the case of a close race, guest votes will not count.) I'm just noticing that a lot of the entries have a significant number of guest votes, so just thought I should put that out there. :) Great work, everyone!

  12. I kinda liked Shaun of the dead when I saw it few years ago, so inspired by that, I did this poster for it. Here are also AO render and screenshot for your amusement.

    I made most of the scene with Blender 2.72, zombies with MakeHuman and compositing was done in Photoshop.

  13. Jukka Niittymaa on

    I kinda liked Shaun of the dead when I saw it few years ago, so inspired by that, I did this poster for it. Here are also AO render and screenshot for your amusement.

    I made most of the scene with Blender 2.72, zombies with MakeHuman and compositing was done in Photoshop...

  14. AspiringAnimator on

    This image is a WIP of my original idea for my entry. However, I abandoned this idea when I remembered "Big Hero 6". Anyways, here's what I had so far before I switched!
    Enjoy! (This is not intended to be an entry, this is just for fun :)

      • AspiringAnimator on

        Actually, I was going to run out of time before being able to enter it as a good "final" image (I don't like to enter WIP's.) This was my first time modeling people by tracing an image, and I couldn't get it to make a nice plane without it adding hundreds of extra edges and creating hundreds more holes. I'm still not able to get it to the point where I can texture the faces. Also, this was the most ambitious smoke stimulation I've attempted, and I'm still not sure I got the shape of the lava explosion in the poster. Finally, I wasn't able to get the floor to reflect the orange light of the lava in the right way (even with additional orange lights) like it does in the poster. Then I remembered Big Hero 6's poster and went "hey, I could make that a lot better than this." And so, long story short, I may re visit it for fun sometime and try to fix it, but for now, this is where it is. Hope you all enjoy looking at it, though, and comments and critiques are welcome and appreciated! :)

        • Vincent Holzborn on

          o.k., but I wouldn`t care too much to copy exactly the original poster.
          Personally I like the black shapes of the people, without seeing their faces. Some reflections on the ground with a spec map would be nice. Maybe a higher resolution for the smoke would have add some detail to the background, som glow and poother post work and you would have a nice image, but that is only my personal opinion...

          • AspiringAnimator on

            Thanks for your comment! I'm going to try and work on it some more, to see if I can make it better. (The only problem with a higher res smoke simulation would be the fact that it crashes Blender on my computer. However, I'll give it a try!)
            Again, thanks so much for your input, and great image!

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