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Commercial: Gentilini



This is our last work done in Blender and Softimage

We did all the modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering (Cycles) in Blender.

Instead the animation and rigging was done in Softimage.

We handled the data between the two software via mesh cache modifier.

I hope you enjoy the commercial.


    • > ...and After effects.

      We need to find a way to make this stop. Seriously :) Nearly all most impressive Blender-made commercials in the last 2+ years are composited with AE.

      What is it that people are missing? Features? Performance? Layer-based approach? Tutorials to get cracking with Blender's compositor?

        • Alexander Weide on

          Blender dose not miss any plugins! And sorry to say. After FX is not a good compositing tool. its a nice tool for motion graphics. in motion graphics after fx is extraordinary but in VFX Nuke is a epic fail when you use it and dont forget the premultiply error and workaround in afterfx which is a bug since 8 years. What i wanna say is, look at other tools not only after fx. there are alot of well knowed companies which are not using After Fx at all. In Nuke you pay a large price for the tool itself, but you build your tools for yourself because of Nodebased Workflow and Blenders internal Compositing tool is more into the non-linear workflow ( the better workflow for professionals ) than after FX. The System and Thinking in layerd compositing is oldschool and behind the time. One of the reasons why blender is on a good track and no major hollywood movie is made with after fx... cheers;)

          • There is no Twixtor, De:Flicker, or RE:Match in Blender. I personally like and use Blender compositing tool, I prefer the node logic vs the layer logic, but I cannot find alternatives to the above in Blender that are as good as the above ones.

          • Alexander Weide on

            Stop moving in tiny boxes..??? Twixtor?? you can use Kronos in Nuke, its the market leading tool for motion effects of any kind like slowmotion etc. Deflicker or denoise are standart tools in nuke. Rematch nothing special... After fx is a semi professional tool. If you like to compose in the professional way you got no way to learn nuke!.... why i say that.. because i was using and learning after fx for years. till i found out that node based composition is the best what you can get. feel free to test nuke i believe there was a test version out... if you like it, buy it.

          • I don't mind having a deeper look at Nuke, but I was comparing FX to Blender compositor not FX to Nuke. My personal workflow is also non-standard and a bit of a niche, maybe for movie industry you are correct.

      • You could use Blender, but no doubt will be faster and easy to use After Effects...
        It's not just about third-party plugins, AE has so many tools that simplify the work...

        I love Blender, but I will not close my eyes to other incredible tools that exist :D

      • Alexander Weide on

        i can tell you that, Blender needs a lot more nodes for compositing GPU Support in Compositing and so on. Blender has to orientate at Nuke. Its the best compositing Tool on the market and was a in House Compositing tool from Digital Domain since 1994. What i miss in Blender as a Professional Artist in Compositing: Speed, Functionality, Speed Speed, Import Options for Cut Files, Interoperabillity in the compositing itself with other packages. Overall Blender is one of the best Tools for Rendering. Cycles is awesome. The interoperability from Blender itself with other Packages like Houdini Indie are Awesome and much better than with Maya in my point of view. Blender earned the right to say its famous. But the Compositor is not so good. And thats not a Problem.

        I create all the Animations, Simulations in Houdini, for scene Setup. Then i cache everything to Blender for Rendering, After That i go to Nuke and make a final Image.. No worries about that. Thats a normal way to get the best imagery you want. I heard that Sony Image works is working in Maya and Houdini, than lighting in Katana with Rendering in Arnold and then Compositing in Nuke...

        In Other words: its not important to do all in one software. Its important to use every software, for that what it can best and in Blenders case,is it the pipeline of rendering with Cycles.

          • Alexander Weide on

            Natron goes in the right direction but alot of work to do. I dont want to say its bad, but you cannot compete with a tool like Nuke. i mean DD was developing Nuke for more than 10 Years. How could someone beat that.? so... for small things it is good but i believe After FX would be a better choice than natron..

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