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Demo Reel: Oscar Paz


Check out Oscar Paz' work.

Oscar Paz writes:

My name is Oscar Paz, i'm from Mexico City, i've been working with Blender as a primary tool since 7 years ago, i have been part of very interesting projects of mapping and 3D. i havent had time before to collect some of that projects into a demo until now, here is the first Mapping & 3D demo, i will work to edit another demo of VFX , i hope i can have it soon.

Most of the work i did, i did it in team with Oscar Ardito, who is another great Blender generalist. we use Blender all the time, even when in some of the projects we were part of a bigger team who usualy works with maya, C4D or Max, we use AE or Nuke for some retouching thinkgs.

Just some of the effects of the international time lapses trucks mapping were done in maya and AE, but i modeled all the trucks on Blender, the transformation were done with Blender, and the International logo mapping was Blender also, basically all on the demo i did it with Blender.


    • Hi Neo Ku
      I really dont know, i dont think there is a problem to use it on a demo, at least everyone here in mexico (even the big companies) uses music without permision on their demos, i think is because is just a demo. to be honest i dont know, i hope is not illegal im not doing any piracy

      • If you haven't obtained permission to use music, or downloaded it from a site where the music is intended for such uses (those are rare) then yes, it's illegal. Many people do it, and in some countries it is common, but it's still illegal in any country that is a signatory to the Berne Copyright Convention (and I believe that Mexico is a member country). It may be that in Mexico there is some legal peculiarity that makes it OK if there's no money involved, but somehow I doubt that. The US would probably refuse to trade with Mexico if that were the case.

        I hate bringing the bad news, but I'd rather do that than let the pretense that it's OK continue.

        • I'm sorry man, I've notice that is not just in Mexico that this happens, I’ve seen many many demos around the world from freelances who uses copyright music, that's why i assume it was OK, i was more focused on the edition than the music, i didn't want to do something illegal, but, if it's illegal and it bothers you, don’t worry I’ll change it.

          Thanks for the advice

          • Oh I have no idea whether this is particularly common in Mexico, and it's not bothering me at all. I do know that it's commonplace to ignore copyright laws, and how common varies from country to country. Actually some countries have copyright laws that provide no protection at all to foreign copyrights, though fortunately this is becoming rare. Change the music on this if the copyright infringement bothers you, not me. I'll explain my personal view and you decide for yourself if it makes sense.

            I don't create much animation yet but I do sell 3D rigged models. I am careful to ensure that my models contain no material that belongs to anyone else, unless that is properly licensed to me in some way. I have bought clip-art, PhotoShop brushes for texturing and I have sometimes downloaded textures, though most of those I use are my own photos. All of those I am allowed to use, I checked when I bought or downloaded them. No one is in a position to sue me for any of the money I make from my 3D.

            When I create a 3D model I ensure that I own the copyright, and I want people to respect that. That means I have to keep my work clean, free from copyright violations of any kind. Why would others respect my copyrights if I don't respect theirs? How appropriate is it for me to complain about people pirating my work if I pirate other people's work? For me, to be fair to others is important. That means I keep my side of the street clean. Then I'm free to sell my work, give it away, license it to others, swap a model I make for one somebody else made etc.

            So my suggestion is simple. Your work is superb, and you could end up making a living from it. To keep your reputation clean, ignore it if others break the law, ensure that you don't. This way you will never need to be looking over your shoulder. What happens if you go for work at a studio and they recognise the tune on your demo reel as one that they own the copyright for? You can laugh but that's actually happened, probably more than once. If you're not careless about such things, it can't happen to you.

          • Man, I'm not laughing at you, you're right, and i respect what you say, it bothers me the infringement, I've been stole some design and ideas, that's why i was so careful to show just my work even so i worked with other people in this projects, it's so common on the WORLD wide, NOT just Mexico that i really didn't thought about it.

            Now i have to figured out how to replace the first video with the new one and respect the link.

          • Well done; many people won't change what they do even if it's pointed out to them that there's something not right. You're better than that.

          • Check my profile; there's a web site, on there is a contact email address. I've written quite a few tunes and would be willing to write one especially for this reel.

          • HI man, sorry i was very bussy, i really apreciate that. how much will it cost to have something acorddly or similar for this demo?

          • On this occasion it will be free. I have to wait until the weekend of 30th-31st August before I can start work on it, but I'm fairly sure I can write something suitable, especially as it only has to be two minutes ten seconds in length. I usually aim to write pieces at least three minutes long and one currently in progress is going to be between eight and ten minutes. What I will do is try to write something a little over three minutes long that has a natural break point at two minutes ten, so I can easily make a version especially for this reel.

            If you email me I'll reply with links to tunes I have already written. I'm getting better all the time so I hope to do a fairly dramatic, intense tune for your reel.

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