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Bool Tool 0.2 Released


Vitor Balbio just released an update to Bool Tool, improving the user interface and adding several new tools.

Vitor Balbio writes:

This is the newest version of the BoolTool add-on and a huge improvement with redesign and new features:

UI Redesign:

  • New context sensitive UI
  • Direct Boolean Operations:
  • Apply Direct Boolean Operators

Draw Poly Brush Tool:

  • New Tool to make polygons by Drawing it faces to easily create Brushes

Toggle Brush:

  • Now you can toggle the brushes in the Brush Properties or in the Brush Viewer

AutoConvert Curve:

  • You can use Beveled Curves as Brushes ( it will convert to Mesh )

Experimental Fast Transform:

  • Improve the speed transformation when using high poly brushes

And much more.

What's New Video:



  1. Divine Providence on

    Wow, what a well polished add-on! Drawing cuts I'd have to say is the most impressive/needed feature. the applications are nearly endless! Great work!

    • BooooooooooooooooolTooooooooooooooooool! *voice echoes*

      I've been eagerly awaiting for BoolTool 0.2. Easily my favorite development of the year so far, and one completely unexpected.

      This one development alone has not only improved my workflow in base modeling considerably, but it's also given my own coming addon developments some new possibilities.

      Good on you, Vitor!

      • Hi
        I cannot get the booltool to work
        Please help.
        I can use the boolian modifier but cant get the
        booltool 2 to do anything.

        If you can talk me through it I would appreciate it
        very much. Call me at 917-704-9870


  2. comeinandburn on

    What a fantastic success story... someone had an idea to refine existing tools in Blender, and made it happen!!! No thousand page forum arguing about what colour the buttons should be... he just did it, took input, refined, and made and outstanding tool.

    thanks Vitor! this is real gift to the community:)

    IMO Blender would benefit immensely from this type of refinement, we have lots of tools it's just about time for some polish.

    • You mean like this discussion I tried to start long ago, but apparently the "open source" world is not "open" to discussing such matters unless you're important OR have plenty of $$$ to offer? So much for community ideas :P

      If it's unclear, I was giving ideas, not demanding anything or feature requests. Just pointing out ideas of stuff that could be improved, as examples of features that COULD be improved (which there are a lot). A discussion on if anyone else agrees, or what they think could be improved.

      • Vitor Balbio on

        The true is that the developers are already full of ideas with no time to do that. unfortunately time is a limited resource and almost ever weak point of blender was already dissected many times so this kind of post turns into a flame war request post too fast even when is not the original goal. i don't agree that you need to be famous or have money to be listened, but giving ideas is almost never help blender at all, if you want to help code something, or show blender for a coder that can do it, help with docs, tutorials, there is many many helpful things to do, but point again and again the weakest points that blender have and everyone (mostly the developers) already know is not the best way to help blender.

  3. Marc Clint Dion on

    WHOOAAA, hot-diggity-dog! I only made it halfway through and saw that torus thing happen then my face lit up. You are really making this interesting. If you do this right and make sure the code is up to BF standards and then you impress everyone at the code review stage, then someone there may port this to the C-code right away without having to drop something else. It could happen, I'm a dreamer.

    • Vitor Balbio on

      I doubt it, BoolTool is too much "not blender standard" in UI and usability Design. It's the work for a Add-on not to a C code indeed =)

  4. I have been unable to install the Bool Tool .02.rar file into my Blender 2.70. I'm working with Windows 7 Vista on my computer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Anyone else having problems with this? I have installed it and enabled it from the addons and the tab appears on the interface but it seems to have no effect

  6. Hi
    I cannot get the booltool to work
    Please help.
    I can use the boolian modifier but cant get the
    booltool 2 to do anything.

    If you can talk me through it I would appreciate it
    very much. Call me at 917-704-9870


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