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Weekend Contest: Bugs


jBlenderUser3D picked this weekend contest's topic, and it's short: bugs. Are they critters? Software bugs? Spy toys? It's your call!

Post your work below (attach an image and a screenshot if you like), and vote for your winner. The winner will get a post on monday, and will get to pick next weekend’s contest theme. Have fun!

(Image: Black Spider by Damien Monteillard).

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-)


  1. Andre Strydom on

    "The Jumper" It's pretty late, time to jump into bed... Maybe I'll post hi-res or .blend later.

    • i just love your eye for detail such as how the antenna has rings dented into it and how the eye has that swirl texture but it is a little to glossy looks like its made from wax

      • Andre Strydom on

        Thanks! The texture painting really helped to highlight some parts, like the antennae "dents" and mouth "smile". The forest background is actually from a previous entry in the "Spring" theme contest.

  2. Here is my submission called "Scary Things On The Web". Figure, even if I don't win, I'd give a good laugh to some people. Rendered in Cycles at 1000 samples. All image textures are from

    Here is the link to the full 1440p resolution image.

  3. AspiringAnimator on

    I really don't have a lot of time this weekend, so here's my entry. I call it, "Ugh, bugs." I re-used some models of mine from some of my other projects. Enjoy! Comments and critiques appreciated!

    • Nathan MénétrierHacquemand on

      This one is the same of the other, it's just when I have posted this I don't see the picture...
      (sorry for my english... I'm french :))

      • AspiringAnimator on

        Bonjour, Miseur MenetrierHacquemand! :)
        ...And that's about the extent of the French I know. :P
        Anyways, I like the thatched look of your bug! It makes for a really effective image! Also, the dust particles behind it add to the realism! Very nice work! :)

  4. Here is an image that took me all night to render (Buggy computer @_,@). I call it "Dragons Fly". I'm open to advice if you guys have some to give. Here it is:

    • Here are some more versions of this image. I looked at it and decided to change the color balance with its node in blender. If you have any suggestions or reasons why you don't won't to vote on my image then please say what it is that bothers you. I need criticism. Even if it's men't to be hurtful. Trust me though, anything you say will not be hurtful because I will use it to better my pictures and my skill.

      • Do you guys actually know where the term a "Bug in my computer" comes from. Years and years ago when they had the room size computers, which cost a lot of money, one of them mysteriously quit running. Being that it was a very expensive machine one of the head people told the scientist to take it apart. They discovered a small moth had flown into one of the sections and had fried its circuit board. So people been referring back to it ever since.

      • AspiringAnimator on

        Nice recolours! One thing I noticed was that the original looks like a morning scene, while yours seem like an evening or very early morning. The bottom image's dragonfly looks a little bit too red (the color of light seems only to be coming from the other side of the dragonfly.) Overall, nice job recoloring! :)

    • Here is a couple more images that i rendered last night. I'm just about to go to church and i wanted to upload it before i go. Hope you guys like them here they are:

      • AspiringAnimator on

        Hm... the one thing I don't like is the ghost nodes. It doesn't really make sense to have lens flare coming off of the dragonfly. Perhaps if you made the light from the window brighter, the lens flare would come from the window instead of the dragonfly. Overall though, I like the image! :)

    • steve cameron on

      Trying some new camera angles when your just not happy with your image can make a world of difference. The d.o.f. pretty heavy, laying waste to all the modeling you have done in background. Go more subtle. Or just use a background image. All that rendering time could be used for experimentation instead. Good work. That's about as rough a critique as you'll find here, but coming from a terrible speller, I warn you, typo's like "men't" are beggin' for trouble.

      • Ty for all the advice. Too late now though. Pretty cool stand with the tie between the two posts. Anyway I'll use that stuff (advice) in the future.

  5. I'm not sure if this is a valid image because it has already appeared on Blender Nation and it is also a composition of virtual butterflies and a real picture. The "bugs" have been sculpted and rendered in Blender. The shadow pass has been rendered in Blender too using a 3D virtual model of the girl. The title is "The Butterfly Dream". This is one frame of a 100 video that I used to create a 3D lenticular image. If it is not valid please feel free to delete my post :-) Cheers, Giovanni

  6. Ivan Lebedev on

    I was sitting at the kitchen having massage with my head massager and was thinking about what to model for the contest ;). And suddenly I realized that my massager is a very scary spider! )))))) So, few hours of work and here it is! )) Enjoy!

    • not bad man. I like the whole depth of field. Don't take me wrong but i decided to put the image into blender to see if i could add a darkening effect. This is still your image and all credit goes to you. But i still wanted to see how it would look if i did it. If want to know how i did it just say. Here is you image back. Thanks for letting me play around with it.

      • Ivan Lebedev on

        No problem )) You can do anything with it )). I can upload OpenEXR or even blend file if you wan't )).

      • Vincent Holzborn on

        I can understand, that you would like to have this image in a bit more scary mood, but you can`t just turn down the brightnes.
        As I see a lot of images posted here are too dark, but you always need some bright areas to lead the attention to the focus point - and to see something. In this case my attention is lead to the dishes in the background - not to the main object that is hidden now... -> Just trying to help too ;-)

  7. Heres my Entry its called "lurkers Of The Aftermath" and ive gone for the whole creepy crawly gone extreme and added some atmospheric mist just to add to the horror im open to criticism so be as mean as possible but say whats wrong so i can improve Thanks.

    • The main issue I see is that it is so dark, it's very hard to see the detail. Maybe use the compositor in Blender to lighten the image just a touch so more detail will show through.

  8. Ricardo Andrade on

    Okay this is what I got... There were lots of things I wanted to achieve but well I haven't got enough time so this is my try

  9. Fabrice Alfano on

    A "Capricorn" is my entry this week. Not very good but I have learned something about modeling parts with not just only one primitive...

  10. Fabrice Alfano on

    A "Capricorn" is my entry this week. Not a very good model but I have learned about modeling with many primitives and not just one
    Edit: Oups ! Subsurf !

    • AspiringAnimator on

      Very nicely done! Everything, from the modeling to the texturing, is awesome!
      Personally, this reminds me of the poisonous millipede bugs from Attack of the Clones that Zam used to try and assassinate Padme. :) (yes, I know that Episode II is supposed to be one of if not the worst Star Wars movies, but you know, whatever :P)
      The one thing I would add is a bit more scenery. Perhaps something of nature, or some sort of mechanical construction.
      Overall, this is a very nice peace, and you have my vote! :)

  11. Joshua Vranas on

    "The Bee Queen" I made it in under 4 hours. So it's still pretty rough... This is my first time submitting to the weekend contests.

  12. I choose the computer bug version. What's more annoying than a computer crash just before your hour long render is complete? I've named this BlSoD("Black screen of death"). In this case what comes next after experienced the
    B(lue)SoD as in AspiringAnimator's image :). Hope you enjoy this :) Good luck everyone!

  13. Ben McCormick on

    Here is my entry. I tried doing a revised version of Atom Ant.
    I am open to critiques!

    Polies: 3,154
    Samples: 1,000
    Render time: About 3 hours.


  14. heres the edited entry its a little lighter so that you can actually see for those who didnt see the other this is called "Luckers of the Aftermath"

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