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Weekend Contest: The Fifth Disease


Image: The Hungry Microbiome by Chris Hammang

Aliasguru won our last 'regular' weekend contest with his impressive work Bumble Bee (remember that last weekend we had a 'special' contest - the Default Cube Challenge). He had the honor of picking this weekend's contest and settled on 'The Fifth Disease'.

Aliasguru writes:

It is time to experiment in a popular field of "art" these days: Biomedical Visualisation. Or something else, if you happen to be "That Guy" ;) In one of the recent contests, I joined a discussion where someone mentioned he was not able to join because he was sick for the fifth time in a row. Already back then, I was of the opinion that this could actually be a very nice - even though in some regards quite creepy - theme for a contest:

"The Fifth Disease"

As an additional rule, I would like to add this: Each image HAS to contain an easter egg - to be more specific: a Gooseberry. It is the last few days of the cloudfunding campaign, and we need to make additional rumble here!

Post your work below (attach an image and a screenshot if you like), and vote for your winner. The winner will get a post on tuesday (we have two days of Easter in the Netherlands), and will get to pick next weekend’s contest theme. Have fun!

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


    • thanks for clarification, as a German native speaker I was not aware of that :) Just looked it up on Wikipedia now, it's also called the 'slapped cheek syndrome'. Ouch!

      • Measles (Masern)

        Scarlet Fever (Scharlach)
        Rubella (Röteln)
        Duke's Fever (now apparently considered to also be Scarlet)
        the fifth disease (Ringelröteln)
        and three-day-fever (drei-tage-fieber (duh))

        Weird that those are numbered (All of them have names like "1st" to "6th disease")

        Awesome theme of somewhat ugly origins.

        • Its funny how, excluding Duke's Fever, half of these have vaccines for them. (Measles & Rubella) There are not vaccines for Scarlet Fever or Fifth's disease, and I doubt that something called Three-Day-Fever would have a vaccine. The reason they are numbered is because they were the main illnesses that children got back some years ago, before vaccines. Really, Fifths Disease isn't that bad, I had it has a child. You have a rash and might run a fever... at least those were my symptoms when I had it.

          • I think I had it too, actually. I had most, what are called, "child diseases" rather early in a rather weak form. My dad didn't. Until I had them. I was barely affected. He was bed-ridden for a week or so each time. Weird how that works.

          • Yeah, childhood diseases tend to be much worse for adults, or even adolescents. Measles can kill, Rubella (German Measles) can kill an unborn child in women, and Mumps can make a man go sterile (Yikes!). Best thing about most of those diseases is that you can only get them once (usually), so if you had them as a child, chances are you won't get them again.

  1. AspiringAnimator on

    Here's my entry. I call it... "The Loss of Knowledge"! Don't know if this makes me "That Guy" or not...
    Comments and Critiques appreciated! Enjoy!

  2. "Gooseberry-ja-vidis" I enjoyed making this piece I was able to experiment with the defocus which gave it the micro scale feel and look. Feed back is welcomed! Please support project Gooseberry!

  3. Well my time is over for now and i think i can't continue it, so here the results. I hope us enjoy it.
    Render based on Tentacles windows phone game.

  4. Ben Oude Egbrink on

    The Fifth desease, Goosberry and Eggs !!! Here is my contribution to this owlsome project of the Blender community.

  5. AspiringAnimator on

    Here's another entry, entitled "Wine bottle at a Party"!
    Once again, comments and critiques appreciated! Enjoy!

    • AspiringAnimator on

      I just realized that I should clarify the joke, since the text became illegible on the label. It's supposed to be a fifth of wine, and in tiny font it says "one-fifth." Sorry for any confusion! :)

  6. Hey guys ! here's my entry...
    I would have use the new volumetric lights features but I didn't properly prepare my scene for that...
    We are here in a kind of wasted nuclear disease and the gooseberry could or should appear as solution to that ^^
    Hope you'll like it !

  7. Vincent Holzborn on

    this is kind of a strange theme;-) I wanted to do something medical-macro style, so don`t ask me what exacly this is, I would say "an organic macro inside body whatever" ;-) Modelled and textured in 2h, rendering in Cycles I did over night `cause it took forever, Post and gooseberry added in PS. Hope someone like it! Greez to all.

  8. Hello everyone!
    This is not about microbiology... Here I bring you an example of the effects of "Gooseberry-disease". Be very careful !!
    Hope you like!

  9. Hello Blenderfans,

    this is my first weekend contest and I never did something like "Biomedical Visualisation", but I thought I could give it a try and make a contribution to this great collection of 3D-Art I enjoy each weekend. I hope you like it and the gooseberrys. ;)

  10. here is my work,pretty naive,right?

    I modeled a Hepatitis B virus releasing it's DNA to infect the patient.

    this also a picture dedicated to my dear mother in heaven,who has been taken away from me because of liver cancer caused by the Hepatitis B virus,few months ago. Dear mother I love you forever and miss you so much.

  11. Here's my take on the topic. As you might see, the kid has "the Fifth Disease" :). He still insist to go out and play though, so he had to put on some clothes. If the kid himself don't qualify for a gooseberry there's still a few more in here if you go in for a closer look. I'm glad this was an extended weekend as nice weather and the Easter celebration kept me away from the computer most of the time. I hope you enjoy it! :) Gooseberry project FTW!.

  12. Hello everyone! This time I changed the theme a bit, because I had this curious idea for an image and I just started working on it. I hope that is ok.

    The image is called: The 5th Cure (instead of the 5th disease). It shows five pharmaceuticals, each of which is related to an open movie project of the Blender Foundation. The idea behind this image is that each open movie project makes us (Blender users) feel better, not much unlike pharmaceuticals do!

    A list of the pharmaceuticals in the image:

    2006 - Elephant Dreams (inhalant, sleep-related)
    2008 - Bunnies (pills, for fluffy hair)
    2010 - Dragon Blood (liquid, for invincible skin)
    2012 - Tears of Steel (eye drops, recover strained eyes)
    2014 - Gooseberry Shot (syringe, effects still unknown... :)

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