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Makehuman 1.0.0 Released



After years of development, the MakeHuman team has released the first official 1.0.0 release. MakeHuman is an open source tool for creating realistic (and not so realistic) characters.

Arvind Pinto writes:

The MakeHuman team is pleased to announce the release of MakeHuman 1.0.0, a free, open source tool for creating 3D virtual avatars, game characters or biologically realistic humans. Users can build 3D characters by simply dragging sliders to modify features (E.g. age, gender, weight, height, muscles, etc.). MakeHuman also provides libraries which allow you to automatically fit hairstyles and clothes to the character. The software aims to be user friendly, intuitive and at the same time provide a professional output.

All the content created with MakeHuman is licensed under one of the most liberal licenses in the world, offering artists unprecedented freedom to use their MakeHuman creations in any way they can imagine ("No Rights Reserved" CC0 license).

Makehuman provides its own exchange format the mhx (MakeHuman eXchange) which allows for importing of a fully rigged model into blender with IK/FK and control bones allowing for easy animation.


Check out their cool infographic below (click to enlarge!):



  1. The only drawback, in my opinion, is the clothing library. First, the default is very small (at least at the moment), second, it needs filtering options.

    • Jonas Hauquier on

      There is a tag filter, but no one bothered yet to assign tags to the default clothes (there currently aren't a lot, anyway).
      The library will grow in the future.

      We removed sorting on data, size,... and defaulted to sorting by name because the others did not make much sense anyway.

  2. I liked the new MH in general. I'd export for Blender and then do up my scene from there. Biggest problem, however, with the new one is there was no facerig on export anymore. Is that still the same in the official release?

  3. been waiting years for MH to get usable i really hope its works as advertized.i hope i hope i hope !!!!!! gonna give it another shot tonight. here we go again, last time was about a year ago. but same old problems. for some reason i've always wished for this app to take off and be great, mabye this is it. woho, thanks to all involved .

  4. I tried MH a couple months ago and was so happy that I was able to get my character's exact shape quickly. Too bad not all art sites and competitions allow models that are created via sliders and value entry. Tempted to use it anyway and just not mention that I didn't do it all manually, since nobody would notice.

  5. holly f'n %^$& it works !!!!!!!! it actually works. just imported rudimentary character and ARMATURE and it worked perfectly. ha lol . at long last woooooohhhooooooo . HAHAHAHAH. NOW TO PUSH IT , see how far it'll go till it either grinds to a halt or crashes. first time it ever worked for me. EVER !. great step forward for developers , cant wait to see how how it runs when things get complicated.hopefully still does as good as first test.

    • How did you get armature to work? I exported mine rigged and loaded it in Blender. When I move the bones in poser mode, the mesh doesn't follow.

  6. This is good news, it has advanced a lot since i first saw it as a Blender Add-on...
    Does the mhx exporter / Blender importer have Cycles material support now? I tried it before and it was a pain to set up the materials with cycles. Especially with the weird masking (stencil) setups for clothes using the Blender internal materials, I couldn never recreate these in Cycles.

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