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Developer Meeting Notes: March 9, 2014


blender_logo_shinyThe quality of Blender 2.70 RC1 looks quite good so far. Otherwise, a rather quiet meeting.

Thomas Dinges writes:

Hi all,

Here are the notes of today's meeting in #blendercoders.

1) Blender 2.70

  • We did a Release Candidate this week, bug reports are coming in but only 1 smaller regression so far (which is already fixed).
  • Decision whether to do a RC2 or final release will be made middle of next week. Sergey will prepare a list with fixes to port back.

2) Current projects

  • Antony Riakiotakis works on getting soc-paint-2013 branch ready for 2.71.
  • Sergey Sharybin mentions work on multiple distortion models support for the camera tracker, to deal better with the footage from wide-angle cameras.  He also works on improved Mask handles.
  • General development for 2.71 just started, roadmap and plans need to be done still.

3) Google Summer of Code

  • Students can start to apply for a GSoC Blender project tomorrow on Melange.
  • It's always a good idea to get in contact with us via the Mailinglist or IRC (#blendercoders, to talk about your proposals and to plan things.

That's it for now,

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  1. looking forward to another great bunch of updates bug fixes and overall improvements to blender. seems like just yesterday i stumbled across 2.28a. simply amazing how far its come. always like looking through the old splash's to another 10 years. thanks to everyone involved in bringing this wonderful program to the world.

  2. Craig Richardson on

    I have noticed something with the toolbar in the latest 2.70 build on windows preview, It currently has tabs now and things like Greece pencil have their own tab which is the reason why they were introduced to move away from the "everything in one list which means one very long list and a lot of scrolling" scenario which everyone hated but put up with, but I have found something troubling that means this scenario is still with us and it is when you enable addons that use the toolbar which I think have been programmed outside of blender by the community, currently they don't get their own tab instead they appear in every tab as if they have been pinned, if you want a list of the addons that currently behave in this way I can do some digging.

    but I do remember hearing some where that adons that where created by other people would have to either rewrite the addon so that it was given its own tab or addons wold not have to be rewritten and would be give their own tab immediately, I'm not quite sure does anyone know anything about this.

    However I do really like to tab system, its just that is you are going to use tabs, then every addon that utilizes the toolbar area to maintain consistency would have to be arranged in the correct tab or be given its own tab which is what is not currently happening, how ever I do realize that the tab system is still in its infancy and hasn't yet been polished and even fully developed yet so my question is this something that is going to be developed over time.
    Thank you

      • Brian Lockett on

        Yes, that would help, though, some addons would extend that tab's length to the point of negating the purpose of having a tab. But an Addon tab still would be useful.

        • I totally agree. In current state, when You install an add-on, it makes a lot of mess, and I suppose tabs were introduced to limit this mess, not to add another layer to it.

          Imho one think that Blender is lacking now is the ability to organize tabs as You want, without dealing with scripting work. it should be some kind of GUI, where You can decide which options You need in toolbar and how to divide them among tabs (and of course the possibility of creating, removing and renaming tabs, too).

          EDIT. Oh, and don't get me wrong - I really appreciate what developers are doing. I just think tabs in current state are just kind of prothesis of a solution for better UI, something that is better than nothing, but it's a long way since the get to the point where they will be what they should.

      • Angelo Tartanian on

        yeah it seems like addons that have not explicitly defined a tab that they are a part of (aka all addons before the advent of tabs) should be pushed into a default "Addons" tab. Addons that update to specify a tab should not appear in that tab, only in the tab or tabs they specify

      • sorry if this is a dumb question. but if you do the changes in your default will it show up in all blends,or do you have to do it for all.great tip if it travels with you.

        • yep it will maintain the change, your editing the actual addon code,when you save the text it saves the whole addon as a python file, which will work in any file or blender install as an addon.

      • Craig Richardson on

        Thank you, I did not know you could do this. I will definitely take a look at this, I just wish I could programme lol.

        I might try practicing by adding my own models to the create tab.

        Oh and by the way is it possible to create collapsible sub panels within a panel, for instance do you know the create tab and how it is made up of Mesh Curve Lamp and Other, is it possible to create sub panels that can be collapsed like panels can for Mesh Curve Lamp and Other.

        Oh and yeah, I read through the Noob to advanced, the bit where it teaches you to add a tetrahedron into the scene, I was wondering is there a programme any where on the internet that will split up my models into its vertices giving you the XYZ locations for each vertices, so I can add my own models to the create tab like in the tutorial.

        Thank you in advanced

  3. I'd still like the developers to explain what features (if any) in 2.70 will break a .blend file's backward compatibility with 2.69?

    • Craig Richardson on

      It explains in the release notes, the differences between 2.69 and 2.70 when it comes to what is no longer compatible.

  4. Brett Graham on

    I'd really like to know if any development is planned around OpenCL? I'm an ATI user (Macbook Pro) and I'd really like to get my renders speeded up.

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