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Blender 2.70 Release Candidate is Now Available


blender 2.70 splash

The release candidate for the upcoming Blender 2.70 release is now available for download.

This is a build for users to test and find issues before we make the final release. If you find bugs, please report them to our bug tracker.

New features include initial support for volumetrics in Cycles, and faster rendering of hair and textures. The motion tracker now supports weighted tracks and has improved planar tracking. For mesh modeling there are new Laplacian deform and wireframe modifiers, along with more control in the bevel tool. The game engine now supports object levels of detail.

The first results from the new user interface project are also in this release, with dozens of changes to make the interface more consistent and powerful. This is also the first release of the multithreaded dependency graph, which makes modifier and constraint evaluation faster in scenes with multiple objects.

For more details, see the release notes for Blender 2.70.

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. The hash is meaningless, hardly understandable by humans. Could you please change it back to usual numbers? Thank you!

    • Which hash do you mean? 19f7f9a? This is a quite normal hexadecimal number, so it's not meaningless. And why do you need to understand it?

      • Yes, the 19f.... 'quite normal hexadecimal' not for me. Prior to the hexadecimal there were usual numbers like 30555 or 45787. Now I have to look to the date of the release to see which is the newest. Anyway, not big deal. Congratulations on the new release: it is awesome!

        • ????? ???????? on

          nothing prevent you from comparing hexadecimal numbers. All the traditional decimal rules can be applied. e.g. 23FA<23FB

          • Comparing them does not make sense since it is a hash.
            But please keep it in there because it's the easiest way to find the correct commit for this release

          • You can't. Git commit hashes are not ordered. They're hashes based on that commit and the ones before.

      • OfficerChrister on

        Even though SVN revisions are numbered you still cannot rely on that a newer revision contain newer code since the change might as well have been made on another branch.

    • It's the Git version hashtag, so it's super relevant for Developers. For everyone else, it's just a 2.70 build :)

      I'm not sure this will remain in the actually released version though. Maybe someone can comment on that?

    • chromemonkey on

      You actually want them to go back to using the inferior SVN repository just so that the revision number fits your notion of what a revision number should look like? That's like preferring a fast food burger over a burger served by a fine steak place just because the fine steak burger isn't wrapped in pretty colorful foil!

          • I was insulted by the guest comment. He/she says that I

            `want them to go back to using the inferior SVN repository just so that
            the revision number fits your notion of what a revision number should
            look like? That's like preferring a fast food burger over a burger
            served by a fine steak place just because the fine steak burger isn't
            wrapped in pretty colorful foil!`

            which is far from being true and relevant to the discussion. As a moderator you should have noticed the offending reply firstly, but you do not act as a moderator, you are taking sides. I feel sory to find such things on Blender nation. Please read what I asked for and what the guests pretends. Do not you see the difference? More than that: your `moderation` only stirs things up instead of settling down.

            Go ban me!

          • I completely disagree with your observation. His comment was perfectly valid, and adding that joke was not insulting at all. You start calling people a troll - I draw a line at such direct personal attacks. Accept that, or leave.

        • You didn't directly ask for that, but since the commit number is created by the version control system, and you're asking them to change that, you're indirectly asking them to change a lot more than you realize.

          That number isn't there for you to compare version numbers. It's there so people know if they checked out the right commit. 2.7RC1 is there for you, and works just like you want.

          Insults are not appreciated or acceptable, no matter why you said them.

  2. Brian Lockett on

    If I had to sum up the power of this release, it's that the little things can make a big difference.

    I can't remember life before Walk Mode. I've been waiting for it for years, and I'm so glad it finally exists now. When it comes to testing out game environments and animating cameras close to the ground, it's simply essential.

    The new Multi-Number Button Editing is small but such a time-saver.

    Vertex snapping for curve points and handles is plenty useful.

    The easier renaming of lists is small but a relief.

    It's little features that tighten up Blender's efficiency that I often find are a big deal. Anything that improves one's workflow is big, however small.

    Thanks again, dev team! May we see even more small-but-mighty addition to complement larger ones, release after release.

    • They are compiled using different visual c compiler versions. As far as I understand it, you need vc2013 to compile for windows 8 and higher, whereas it doesn't compile without hacks and fixes for xp. For, now there are builds with seperate compilers, but that is not going to last...

  3. WOHO, mdg is gonna be great for me being that i cram so much stuff in my scenes, just finished one with 15 particle systems. and a rig i put together on top of the rigify armature.not to mention way to many textures,about 350 mb' if thats gonna make it evaluate quicker,like i said, wohoooo hahaha

  4. what the different between 2,70 win and 2,70 win preview? It seem that 2.70 win preview is newer but smaller size..... what the different in the apps?

  5. Tabs!! I understand why they here, but make a design a bit nicer.
    Remove text shadow! It is the only place in blender where you added text shadows. Be consistent ! Second - make tabs space going down to the end, don't make a jump where object panel starts.


  6. Guys is there a place where users can post their comments on blender ui design an features not bugs?
    Some official space, blog, chat?

    • This was discussed long ago during the development of tabs... and was rejected. I can barely read those vertical words at all. The eye / brain is trained to skim horizontally over the top half of the letters in a word or sentence, but when each character is individually rotated 90 degrees, that is broken. Rotating the entire word does not cause a problem, as scanning can still work as normal - even if the text is upside-down.

  7. I understood that 2.70 would introduce some changes that breaks backward compatibility with 2.6x? If so, please could we have a list - it could be very important for many people before they make the jump to 2.70.

  8. Craig Richardson on

    I hope the knife tool is fixed in this release, because it doesn't function correctly when you edit a primitive shape in the current 2.69 release, and editing primitive shapes is one of the main modelling techniques used inside of blender 3d.

    The main problem I'm having is that when I add a primitive shape to the scene and then edit the shape, for instance extrusion or add more polygons, something simple like that, when I go to use the knife tool it doesn't function correctly.
    What I mean is that do you know when you activate the knife tool, you choose a part of the model to edit, then you left click, once you have left clicked it creates the first point, that works correctly, the problem I am having is when I move the mouse away from the first point that I created all of these other points start to glow green moving in a line in front and behind the first point that was created in the direction the cursor is away from the first point, then when I create a second point, the second point becomes what can only be described as last point in an open loop, it gets even worse when I click enter to verify the action, al of these weird lines appear that looks nothing like what I is supposed to.
    As I said, in my version of blender 2.69, the knife tool is unusable, can someone please tell me if this has been fixed in the blender 2.70 build.
    That as well as I have had .blend save files being fine when I save them then if I leave them for to long without opening them up, they go corrupt and functionality that previously worked doesn't function correctly anymore. Can someone please tell me why this is because I am having trouble getting any work done because the functionality in my blender files keep on breaking which is really annoying because it means I have to do it all again.
    Thank you

      • Craig Richardson on

        Mainly because I have never reported a bug before and am not sure quite what to do in regards to reporting a bug or I probably would even if it where to find out that my problems are not really bugs and instead my lack of knowledge about the programme itself. The thing is I am not really the type that likes to complain, instead of saying what doesn't really work I like to try and come to a solution to the problem that I have and adapt my work flow around the problem because I know that even if I reported a bug I know that there is quite a high probability that it might not get fixed or not even be a bug at all and instead be my lack of experience with using the programme.

        The main reason for the above post is to try and see if anyone recognized the problems I was having, or had experienced the same problems I was having.
        I was betting on there being someone else that already experienced these problems and found a solution to them or had already filed a bug report for them.

        But your right, I will download this build to see if I have the same problems, if I do I will try and create a bug report for them.

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