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Tip: Modeling with the Poke Tool


modeling with the poke tool

Jonathan Williamson shares SO many things I'd never heard of before in Blender that watching this tutorial made my head spin. Awesome :)

Jonathan writes:

Most of the mesh tools we use in Blender are used over and over again. Tools like Extrude, in most modeling workflows, are used hundreds, if not thousands of times a day. But there are a few tools that go relatively unused. These tools are easy to forget about, but when it comes to that one time you need it they’re really useful and can be quite a timesaver!

One such tool is Poke Faces. The poke faces operator takes all selected faces, places a single vertex in the center of the face, and then triangulates the face around that vertex. It can be very useful for creating all sorts of extrusions on the surface of your model. The example in the video, of a crystal vase, is just one of many use cases.


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  1. "Jonathan Williamson shares SO many things I’d never heard of before in Blender". Too true!
    Although I will rarely, if ever, use the Poke tool, the other little things like Ctrl+Shift+B in edit mode to bevel a vertex (new to me) and F6 for the operator panel (always used the tool panel before) will be very useful.

  2. I didn't even know Blender had a poke tool. I wonder what other tools I am missing. Now I am curious if one of the selection modes I have been looking for is already there; does anyone know if it is possible when you select an edge ring for example to select every other edge.

    P.S now I know why I never spotted it. It's in one of menus I least use CTRL+F.

  3. Triangle faces with subsurf, resulting in a very good result! I hope this puts the "quads-only" myth to rest at least for a moment.

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