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Blender Developer Sneak Peek #8 - Clamping, Sewing, Volumetrics


Thomas from Plasmasolutions is back with another quick overview of new topics in Blender development this week!

Thomas writes:

In this episode: A welcomed addition to Cycles by Thomas Dinges: direct and indirect clamping, sewing cloth parts with the new "sewing seams" feature by Jez, better booleans by Sergey and a new volumetrics sampling algorithm that produces less noise...

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  1. I've been glad to see the cloth sewing feature introduced a good while back get brought to the front of focus of Blender. It's been a feature I've been keeping my eye on for a long while and hoping would see some attention in the future. Here's hoping for other developments eventually that'll lead to Blender capable of doing things more similar to Marvelous Designer.

  2. Nonjsie Aardpeer on

    Thank you very mutch for these sneak peaks. Very informative. I watch them all.
    I want to point something out now I see this Noise modifier with offset. looks great. I hoped Thomas showed a better example, in this case, using for instance 2+ objects. For me (newbie) its not clear why this 'noise' modifier with offset property is in this modifier in particular. The offset in time is a powerful thing to automate motions. I can imagine for more mechanical moving situations or moving graphics (me as graphic designer). A few months back I tried to do the offset in time movement with several objects in a more organic way, as secondary motion, but no luck. Would be great that objects, for example, follow one or more objects with certain conditions: stiffness of the linked chain, surrounding condition, forces of nature, elasticity/stretch ao. :) In combination with bones, hooks, weight painting you can do a lot. Hopefully something like this would picked up for development.

  3. while looking and those new clamp setting, i notice that in my beta build, that volume shaders disappear when using clamp values. Also would it be an idea to have the volume material as a layer material (like there is now Z, Mist, and glossy and diffuse; adding the volume material, there too; would allow for a simple blur over it in after processing.

    I'm a big fan of improvements that would make my PC use less of the electric bill :)
    In general i think thats a great goal all these speed improvements, and noise removals that allow for less render samples..

  4. The noise offset was mainly for overlapping motion (thanks to Bassam) so if one bone has a noise modifier applied, then the next bone can have the same noise but with an offset, and therefore create a follow through motion

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