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Ford Shelby Gt 500

[sketchfab id="eUUFDgmgwKhcI4RHzXwAOaf77Cn" start="0" spin="" controls="0"]

By Xelus

Xelus writes:

The Shelby Gt 500 initially started as a project for a friend of mine. He asked me to build the Shelby as a sort of a "challenge", and seeing as both of us love this amazing car, I took him up on the offer. Immediately when I started working on the Shelby, I knew there was one specific Modified Shelby that everyone likes (including me). This specific Shelby came from the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds". The body work for this car was fairly difficult, as custom classics usually have a lot more "style" and "class" that is portrayed through their exterior build that normal modern day cars.

So after working for a few weeks on getting some solid blueprints and reference images of the actual car and the one from the movie, I got to work. As with all the cars I build, I start off with a standard edition of the car, getting the standard car done, makes it easier to add custom body modifications to it afterwards and also setting a specific style and outcome for the car. Choosing a color was fairly difficult, seeing as the car does look good in any color, I wanted to keep the "old School" feel, with a slight dash of modern day looks. The model was mainly inspired by the original 1967 Eleanor Shelby Gt 500 found in the movie "Gone in 60 seconds", however, I've also added a few styled parts of my own, just to make it more unique and not a complete remake of that car.

After finishing up with the car's exterior, I've taken some time to look at the real 1967 Eleanor Gt 500's interior, though as with many classics, there were hundreds of different interior versions built of this car, so to keep in line with the exterior, I've added a basic yet stylized interior to keep it as original and classic as possible. As with all cars, this particular model had something a bit extra to it. Usually I would just add an engine to the car and leave it at that, however, with this model, I've taken a look at some key features that are visible when lifting up the hood and looking at the engine.

By far one of the most detailed car logos I've ever built. This model has a fully modeled Exclusive Logo. Finding the original font type for the logo wasn't possible, as this specific version of the Shelby had a logo and name specifically crafted for only this one version of the car. Being a long time fan of this amazing machine, I hope this model lives up to the classic that many people around the world love.

After I finished this version of the Eleanor, I've also built a second version that comes in a custom red and black version that is more intended for modern day racing. All the vinyls, all the fancy tech and far more extravagant than this Unique Old school classic. This car took about 1 - 2 months to complete, from blueprint to finish.


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  1. Incredibly model! I especially like the rear bumper / fender and light clusters. How about a Dodge Charger next, in Dukes of Hazzard colours ;-)

  2. Sketchfab seems to be running really slow for me as of recently. How much time should it have taken for this picture to load on a broadband connection?

  3. Fantastic work! The normal maps I have to say, are very realistic. Some parts I could barely tell if it was a model or a normal map. It loaded fairly quickly for me.

  4. This is a gorgeous model. I've always loved the Shelby customs. Great work on the brake details, and I love that you even included the undercarriage and power train. The lettering on the tires is reversed, but eh. Thanks for sharing this!

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