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Music Video: Loading - Odmor


A hardrock video by Igor!

Igor writes:

This is music video project, named Project "Loading", made entirely in Blender. The name of the band is Loading, and name of the song "Odmor" (Rest). It is HardRock music video, entirely animated by me, made out of the need to create project model for similar purposes.

I worked on this project for the past year. I started this project, as i had huge interest and need to open many projects or series of projects, out of what i could form a team (media house), thus put our hands on, specifically, highly defined motion pictures, to put it like that. To form a group of people to develop efficiency, under one single condition, to stay out of commercial area, as far as software usage goes. I have huge interest in Blender, as well many other open source softwares. Enjoy! :)

Please see my blog for more information and insights about this project.


  1. I almost can't bear to listen to the music. I guess dissonant hard rock isn't my style... The video is absolutely awesome though!

    • Igor Djordjevic on

      Adam, thanks for your comment! :) I appreciate any thought or critique.
      I believe we all have some areas in specific genre we like more or less, and i'll agree to the fact that this specific music/genre have it's own choosen, or aimed, public. We agreed to start with this one. Next one might be suitable for broader audience. ;)

  2. Music is cool, the beginning of video is promising, but I felt disappointed when guitar appeared. Sorry, but animation sucks and all characters are a very big minuses...

    • Kirill Trideshny on

      They tried and created something for their music. It's a good effort and worth some advices (not just shit throwing) ;)

    • Igor Djordjevic on

      Ok, i see i must say something to all disappointed ones, and the ones will might be, and the ones of similar tendencies. :)
      So, first of all, and i guess a majority, isn't familiar with the idea and interest behind this project, you must have awerness that this is >pilot< project! Consequently, there wasn't interest in this specific project to create full quality production. Entire focus is on what comes after, i am talking about all the projects that are in planing for now. But we needed this one as a starting point.
      Second, i see reactions from some people that they have expected a lot after first sequences, and that is the the kind of quality in projects that i, and people that i'm going to include in future projects, want to achieve. And i worked on this project, because, i was interested in 'project model' for similar purposes, specifically.
      And, i know, all of the animation flaws, i was aware of that, but, over the time i spent on this project, full quality, simply, didn't mather, in a certain sense.
      I am happy to see a lot positive reactions coming from many places, reactions that i hoped for, which means, that for the following projects i have a reason to begin with.
      I hope that this will clarify why this project is done in the way that it's done. ;) :)

  3. This kind of genre has been right up my alley... that aside it looks like a lot of work went into it. I have to admit that the illusion started falling apart when I realized it was animated. The caveat would be, that it might have been intended to look like "Guitar Hero". In any case it looks like a massive effort on your part and your team.

    • Igor Djordjevic on

      Troy Harris, Thanks! :)
      Specific art style might be entirely defined in a following projects that i'm planing to do. This specific project i did, only, by using 3D software, nothing else was in option. In one other forum, a guy asked me, why i just didn't use camera and made recordings at some old house or factory, instead of animating the whole thing, it just wasn't what I and the guys from the band decidied to do, we have idea to carry out. Full equipment should, or will, be used in the future, but we have to make some decisions first. This project wasn't about equipment, to put it in one sentence. ;) I tried to explain a bit, about project, in a reply above. :)

  4. Kirill Trideshny on

    The music is cool... But I can't bear how the drummer's hands are moving... These movements are too stiff. Guys, try to work on sticks/hands dynamics next time or don't create close plans (views of of camera). You can find some footage for slow motion of working drum sticks I guess (!) Almost the same is with guitar players' hands but isn't so obvious.

    • Igor Djordjevic on

      Kirill Trideshny, thanks, i appreciate your comment! :)

      Ok, I knooow everything! :D Don't get me wrong, but i'm in 3D realm more than 10 years already, but different softwares over time. Please read my reply couple posts above. :)

  5. Ah cool! I didn't catch the blender logo in the beginning the first time around. My only critic of the video would be the guitarists hand positions and maybe make the picking slightly more exaggerated. In one front on scene, his hand looks kinda unnaturally twisted to grip the neck of the guitar. It was very well done though. Btw, have you seen "Animusic"?

    • Igor Djordjevic on

      Adam, thanks! :)
      Projects that are in planning for now, will be made with a need for better quality, as well, equipment included. From project to project, idea is to expand 'workflow flexibility'.
      I know about animusic very well, and it is quite impessive! :) Really nice to watch. But, i can't make some relations between this project and anymusic, idea is quite defferent, exept, precision performance, which i like mostly. :)

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