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Contours Retopology Addon v1.0 Released



Jonathan Williamson announces the '1.0' release of Contours Retopology - read more about it in the original announcement.

Jonathan Williamson writes:

Just a over a month has passed since the beta for our Contours Retopology addon was released. Since then it's not only been very well received by those using it, but we've put in a lot more development time to make it even better.

New features include:

  • New hotkey for activating Contours, CTRL+SHIFT+V
  • Newly designed widget for transforming strokes that’s much easier to use.
  • Modal hotkeys for rotate(R), slide(G), align(A, SHIFT+A, CTRL+A), etc.
  • Modal hotkeys for centering cursor to stroke(S) and then snapping view to cursor(c).
  • Modal support for changing views (front, side, perspective toggle, etc)
  • Stroke translate function changed to edge slide for easier tweaking
  • Stroke recovery option to restore accidental cancellations
  • Undo support for stroke drawing, adjustments, etc.
  • Clear Cache option in case of mesh change conflicts
  • Over 50 bug fixes and improvements

Get Contours here.