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Blender 2.68 VFX UFO Sighting


KLProduction writes:

This is a short VFX ufo sighting scene made in Blender 2.68 with a VFX breakdown.


  1. I find that Sci Fi UFO CGI and scripting lags so far behind the technology required to be able to be a viable intelligent life form capable of FLT in a vessel coming from another star system, that it is impossible to suspend belief unless said E.T.s are like the little green men in Mars Attacks, and or it is done all in jest. Afterall who was it , Clark who said that the technology needed to perform such a feat ( FLT space ships ) would appear to even US here on Urth to be Magic! So why do all the CGI FX lean on a visible physical manifestation of same? I would think that FLT tech would include transporter tech for travel, or quantum entanglement. Such that the ETs would appear to be here, and interacting here, but would in actuality be back at their own base of operations, etc. The ultimate Drone tech.

    • Marc Driftmeyer on

      Arthur C. Clarke is famous for espousing many an idea back before we had the foggiest idea how to build a Particle Accelerator.

      Much of his statements will fall like so many before him.

    • Really? I hope your trolling.
      One- It's a video clip that is not supposed to be real. It's just a demo that looks pretty cool.
      Two- When you watch a movie that's set in New York, at night, with lots of snow on the ground it's a good bet that it was shot in Burbank California, during the day and in the middle of July.
      Vin Diesel cannot make cars do what they do in the F&F movies. Nobody can.

      Hand-held machine guns will not fire continuously for 5 minutes.
      The real thing, no matter what brand, will run out in a few seconds.

      Silencers on guns do not make the gun go "pew-pew". They only reduce the noise by a few decibels which can make it hard to tell where the shot came from. It is still loud as hell.

      If you are hit hard enough on the head to knock you out cold, you have a few minutes to get to the hospital before you die or suffer brain damage.

      Bullets cannot cause a gas tank to explode.

      Unless it hits a very specific spot, a single arrow will not kill you.

      Every single romantic comedy made is pure fantasy. Nobody acts like the love struck couples in those films.

      The Moon does night shine blue so almost every night shot is fantasy.

      I could on for hours here. The point is that very few things are realistic in movies. If it weren't for suspension of disbelief (which by the way is not your issue) every single movie, even those without obvious FX shots, would fail.

      Lastly, I don't recall this site, the software or anything else about blender having 1 frigging thing to do about UFO's or even their technology. There are lots of other sites that cater specifically to these issues. David Eike might impress you, he's patently insane and a megalomaniac.

      So, I apologize if the post was supposed to be satirical. I'm sorry about the rant but I've just had it with comment sections being turned into political arguments and/or metaphysical pondering when the article wasn't in any way, shape, or form on these subjects.

  2. Very impressive! I think it's just about perfect except for the recording overlay. That seems way too clean to me. Also the sound quality feels out of place with such a "low quality" video.

    Very good work!

  3. Marc Driftmeyer on

    These types of projects would be greatly enhanced with Bullet Physics use of applied physical laws.

    For instance, assume that UFO hovers/propels via a sustainable localized electromagnetic field repulsion. The field would displace many particles around it, including the Power lines, never mind the field to create a localized wind storm.

  4. Lawrence D’Oliveiro on

    Fermi paradox: if there are aliens, where are they?

    Because even just our Galaxy is so old, and so vast, that if life arose anywhere else in it, the odds are it would be something like hundreds of thousands to millions of years behind us or ahead of us.

    If intelligent life arose just a few hundred thousand years ahead of us, it would have achieved space travel an unbelievably long time ago, and gone exploring all over the place. And quite possibly this happened not once or twice, but a hundred or a thousand times.

    In other words, space should be teeming with spacecraft from umpteen different civilizations going here and there, and visiting every place possible.

    So why aren’t they here?

    And don’t try to say some Government is hiding them from us. They would be technologically so far in advance of us that no Earth Government could keep them from revealing themselves if they wanted to.

  5. Looks cool! For some kind of a film that takes act in an alternative Universe. I mean UFOs as we "know them" looks different :) But still very cool!!!
    Thank for the breakdown BTW! Great ideas and tips!

  6. What you fail to realize is this. If you were a million years more advanced than say "humans", would you even show yourself? You would obviously be able to run around unseen. The point of why you would do this? Well maybe you have something similar to starfleet command which sets rules of engagement with lesser developed species. Maybe we cut an agreement with such a group to keep others out of our planet? The bottom line is this. Dr Michio Kaku and many others agree, mathematically it is absolutely impossible that life isn't out there and that its maybe a million years ahead of us. The technology they use would be so far out of our minds 'capability space' we can't even comprehend what they do and how they live. They would have probably bent space about 500,000 years ago. So no need to travel faster than the speed of light. Then again who says they haven't figured it all out and we are foolish to think you can't go faster than the speed of light. Think about it, all physics change at the quantum level. We have yet to understand it as we are still searching for the god particle. The particle we think showed up as that was there for what, a time so infinitely small we are not even sure we measured it. I am no 'aliens are on mars' person, but I go with the guys who understand a level of mathematics that I cannot even begin to grasp. Parallel universes were science fiction just 10 years ago. Now we know they are real and infinite. Maybe each life development is in another universe that sits next to our head. How do we even know what we are experiencing is physically real? There was a great show on discovery science channel talking about how this live we live looks an awful lot like a computer simulation in how it acts. The brain magically knows what to throw away and what to keep as far as what we see in our peripheral vision, just like a computer only shows you what is on screen so it isn't working to create the entire world you see on screen until you see it on screen. Sure things are going on in the background but they aren't on screen.........makes you think. Also, don't be foolish to lump intelligent design in with religion because the 2 are WAY different. The intelligent design community are scientist who are on to amazing ideas about our world, yet they don't call him god or anything of the sort, but they do believe based on hard scientific facts that our universe was masturfully created. There is no way in the odds of math that it could have been a random event. Physics itself is setup to develop life. They also theorize by mathematics that other dimensions do not share our level of physics and things simply do not work the same way there as they do in our universe. M theory postulates that universes work like so, imagine the ocean with an infinite amount of bubbles floating around. When the bubble 'universe' bumps into another bubble or other 'universe' it creates another 'big bang'. So anyway before you sit back with your simple minds and go with logic that our simple life and technology would suggest is the only answer I ask you this. If you could go back in time to just 150 years ago and put on an event say in new york city where you had no proof but you told them about a device you were working on that would fit in your pocket, but it would tell the time, show your location in the world, give you anything you could ask for information wise on any subject. The entire worlds knowledge was on it as well, not to mention the infinite amount of things added to this that it will do. You tell them folks this is not something I am theorizing as you pull out your Iphone. Here it is and watch it work. Would there be anyone left in the auditorium you were speaking at by the time you got to the revelation part? Maybe even have killed you before you finished speaking due to your 'blaspheming?" It makes you wonder does it not? Just saying, don't be so quick to write people off as crazy, especially when they have proven it with known physics/mathematical concepts. Something much more powerful than say just an artist rendering of the "what ifs" such as Leanardo Divinci.

    • Lawrence D’Oliveiro on

      Ummm ... there is no “god particle”. The original phrase, referring to the Higgs boson back when it was predicted in the 1970s, was actually “goddamned particle”, because it was so hard to pin down, but the publisher of a book about it decided to tone down the name.

      The consequence has been confusing credulous people like yourself ever since.

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