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OctaneRender for Blender Beta Released


OctaneRender for Blender

Several people reported this story: OctaneRender, a commercial renderer, has released a plugin for Blender that provides a tight integration into the Blender interface. The plugin is also a commercial product that sells for €99. It is currently only available for Windows x64, and a Mac version is in the works. No word of Linux support yet.

RayTracey announces:

The highly anticipated fully integrated OctaneRender for Blender plug-in has finally been released! The plug-in is tightly integrated with Blender's functionality and offers OctaneRender's unparallelled speed, quality and ease of use directly from within the Blender modelling environment, immensely improving the artist's workflow by getting rid of tedious export times.

OctaneRender is currently recognized by many industry professionals and 3D graphic visualization artists as the most advanced and fastest GPU-based physically-based render engine with an advanced and flexible node based workflow and user interface. Now, with our new plugin products, you can have the unparallelled quality and ease of use of the fastest physically-based render engine on the market tightly integrated into your 3D modeling and animation software.

This new plugin will provide a fast workflow and rendering pipeline suitable for interactive editing of lights, camera, materials and object placement together with fast final animation rendering output by using Blender's environment for scene setup.


This release requires Blender OctaneRender Edition (Blender 2.68), 64bit, on Windows Vista, 7 and 8. A Mac version will follow soon.

Alexander Zubkov comments:

As the alpha-tester I can say that this integration plugin is really great and I would love to see blender code's part of it integrated into the trunk. :)

For a full product description, see the product announcement. You can purchase the plugin from the OctaneRender store.

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Awesome!

    Been using the standalone version of Octane for almost 2 years. The speed and quality of Octane Render is just amazing and now I can have it integrated into Blender.

    Great to see commercial products recognize to power of Blender.

  2. Have bought a license =)
    I've already bought 2 licences of standalone (I don't use them much, but I wanted to support Refractives at their start), but use mostly cycles for its stability and power (7000x4000 on CPU? No problem, dude! Thank you, Brecht Van Lommel!)

    I love both of them =)

    //Btw, OctaneBlender need an activated standalone version installed. Plugin is activated with separate login-password from plugin's OctaneLive account, but I were waiting for a long time to get it on my OctaneLive page. Actually, more than hour, and I've got it at next checkup - the next day evening, so I don't know when it has come to me. So this is ok.

  3. Time for RenderMANIA ...

    This is always the case , once a year I checkout all these '' other ''render engines.
    I spend endless hours learning them their strong sides and ..wait endless hours to see results . When I am ready to make a purchase , I see Blender team has written a bit better version of it . Often I feel sad for not focusing on modeling in that time , in that renders spree ...

      • People like you , do make me feel bit of shame .
        Oh I do pray before every meal .
        Oh I do thank after every meal , yet a I am creep ,when it comes to this . PLATINUM donator , what a might status .

        I go angry , feeling , being ,a part of a community .
        I make two cents and I hold so tight that It melts away .
        I go so sad for being poor and not having a Maya Licence to be free . Totally free , free from a shit loads of shit art that I click thumbs up cause I am a part of this code / slave to the community .

      • Not much of an excuse, but I'm waiting till I get my skills to a level where I can produce good work in a professional time frame before I contribute. At the rate I'm going I should be able to justify donating in 3–6 months.

    • Luckily, cycles is awesome and perfectly free. It has better integration into Blender (obviously) and can make awesome renders.

      Octane is very very fast though and for me, my clients need things back fast. So for professional work, I chose Octane and never regretted it.

  4. When Octane first was sold - didnt they talk also about a render plug-in? 99$ just for the plug-in seems to be to be honest a lot of money.

    While I own Octane I think I will pass that one and forget about the plug-in.

  5. octane is good render for good price compare to vray etc I bought plug in but I'm bit disappointed by speed compare to cycles in 3d view port

  6. Too expensive. :\ You'd have to buy Octane for over 350$ then you'd have to buy the integrated version for a further 99$. No thanks. I'll be over here cheerleading Cycles like the shameless fangirl I am.

  7. I'm noticing so far that Octane requires the CUDA driver for Nvidia in order to work. I'm on a Mac with ATI. So am I screwed when rendering in both Octane AND Cycles? I'm not about to drop my Mac (way too much investment in software and love it's stability and security over Windows). So, what renderer can I use that will afford me the GPU acceleration other renderers promise on Windows?

      • Cycles is more stable in CPU over GPU? OR Cycles CPU is more stable than Octane?

        I have been using Cycles in CPU too, but it can be painfully slow and one project I cannot even render due to perpetual crash at render-time. Preview works, though.

  8. Yes, I've been very curious about whether a plugin will support strand rendering, volumetrics, displacement maps. Are there any features that BI and Cycles support that Octane won't? I hope this isn't a silly question. I'm excited about the plugin/renderer, but would like to know for sure before I purchase.

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