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Blender-Projects is a Blender community site that allows you to share your work. The site is now in public beta, so go ahead and give it a try!

Wolfgang Rechberger writes:

After a year full of planning, coding and testing I’m proud to present you is a free and open platform for presenting Blender related work such as animations, models, addons, learning material and more.

Checkout the introduction video to get more information about the features and the vision behind it.

Or in a nutshell:

You can present your projects including images and embedded media (so far Youtube, Vimeo and Sketchfab), create teamprojects including roles of individual members and write project posts to present updates for your work in progress (you can also write teaser-only posts, which link to your own blog, website or else).

Or get your free account and directly test them yourself.

Right now the platform is in Beta stage, which means the features should work so far, but please let me know about any bug or usability issue you encounter. I also invite you to propose new features and to use your voice on how the platform should evolve.

Greetings from Austria,

Wolfgang Rechberger


  1. I would like a site that:
    1 - Make it possible to choose from a wide range of licenses.
    2 - No needed to log in to download resources.
    3 - Do not be so strict to accept jobs from newbies.
    4 - That has a highly organized structure to share materials, textures or procedures.
    5 - A rating system to make it possible to sort the jobs according to the users score. Preferably only positive votes, negative votes are obnoxious and are useless.

      • Sorry, my English is not very good and I do not know if you're being ironic.
        This web site says it is in beta stage, so I assumed it was open to new ideas. In fact, I know some sites that have many of the features I've listed, but no sense that I speak of other sites in this post where is publicizing this site.

      • Chrome Monkey on

        Hey now. Notice that the site author *is* requesting for readers to propose features. If you are going to take people to task for it despite the author's request, that's just some really unwarranted patronizing there.

        • So if I want to request a feature for Blender, I should leave it in the BlenderNation comments, right? This is why I'm patronising, and it's perfectly warranted.

          • This is not about requesting a feature for Blender though. Mr. Rechberger seems to have submitted this article to BlenderNation, in this article requested feedback and feature ideas from the readers (which YAFU did and which you have a problem with for uncertain reasons) - and by this point it should be obvious that he's reading/replying to the comments on BlenderNation as well. So everything's perfectly fine and there's absolutely no need to be patronising.

          • Chrome Monkey on

            +1 to what TLOZ said. It's an apples and oranges comparison. Difficulty with reading Rechberger's intent was bad enough, justifying a dismissive attitude to other contributors based on that misreading is a sign of being provocative for its own sake.

  2. It's a nice idea for sure, I just don't see how this specific site is advantageous over any Blender-related forum, including established sites like, which delivers pretty much the same functionality (also answering the question "where are the projects" from the video, well, here they are). For profiles we have the "Blender network", but afaik the site isn't free to use for non-academic individuals, so I guess one could consider this site to be a free alternative for everybody. Then again it's kind of lacking the professional appeal in comparison. I mean, the site definitely does what it promises - it's just not true that we didn't have any good options in that area before. Sorry if I'm just bashing the project here, good luck for the future though.

    • Any forum uses a question - answer paradigm.
      This is great if you have a question or want to ask for feedback for a project (you are right, you can present your projects this way).
      What I'm trying to do here is to create a project centered pradigm:
      Projects -Team members - Project posts
      Please take a look at, and I hope you see what I mean.

      I also don't want to compete with the Blendernetwork, as there are different purposes: Official validation of Professionals vs Presentation of Projects

      And to the "lacking of professional appeal": Right now it's a Beta version, as more (hopefully different kinds of) projects will be on this platform, I will try to continously improve the design.

      • Thank you for the reply!

        Just a small suggestion: Maybe you should replace the section "Recent" on the front page with a "Featured" section with, well, selected, outstanding content so that first-time visitors get a better impression of Blender-projects (content defines a site after all). Pretty much all major sites do the same thing (looking at CGtalk for instance) and while I'm not saying that what most others do is necessarily the best thing, it certainly does seem to make a lot of sense.

        I also have to agree with Maux's point, a more general approach would've been nice - right now you're pretty much excluding all other 3D-software users or rather don't make it very appealing for them to use your site at all (in comparison: a Blender user wouldn't be very likely to actually use a site called "" or similar even if it was open to all users). And while the idea of having something Blender-related is always nice, you're just unnecessarily reducing your userbase at the moment (there probably isn't a better time to change your approach than now, again, just a suggestion).

        I could go on but then I'd be just nitpicking I guess (also have to keep in mind the thing is in beta, so there's that) - the overall idea is very nice and I hope you don't find my comment discouraging or at least a tiny bit constructive. Keep up the work, I'm sure you can make something awesome out of it over time :)

        • Thank you for your comment, your input is indeed constructive.

          Your are absolutely right about a featured section, as the seperated presentation of outstanding projects is important for the site's reputation (and also for Blender, I guess). I will defenitely integrate such thing in the future.

          I also understand your point on how I reduce the target audience by focusing on Blender. But that's actually a question of capacity. (At least right now) I can't and therefore don't want to handle the entire 3d-Audience, and therefore I'm concentrating on the Audience I have most relation to.

  3. Although I'm an avid Blenderuser, I like to see my work/projects more than just as 'made with Blender'. More software independent and more focused on the result than of the software used. That's my problem with a lot of Blendersites: the fact that artwork and projects are being made with Blender seems to be more important than the actual project. Sometimes I see it on this site: various video's and images are shown while from an artistically of technical standpoint they are average at best, but because Blender is being used, they receive praise.

    I wish you good luck with your website, but I don't see the unique selling point that your website has that other Blender related websites lack.

    • Actually the idea is to have a platform for projects done by Blender users. Take a look at my profile page and you will see also projects unrelated to Blender (Sketches and an old Hand-Drawn-Animation). I totally share your point that output matters. If you want to present your talent on the platform also by some projects done with another 3d-program that is ok - as long as you make clear which programm you used and you keep your focus on projects done with Blender.

      To the USP of the platform: The idea of a project centric platform
      (Projects - Teammembers - Project posts) is quite different in comparision with a usual question - answer forum. I have seen that for other kinds of projects, but not for Blender related work.

  4. MillionthVector on

    In your terms:

    "We reserve the right to alter these GTU from time to time, without prior notice. You therefore accept the obligation to check these General Terms of Use before every use of our website. "

    Ahem... Really!?

    • Well these are quite standard Gtus for a free service page. But you are right, these legal mubo jumbo things are often a bit a kind of its own. Still you need those terms to run such a platform.

      • MillionthVector on

        I've read plenty of TOS pages, but I don't recall ever reading anything that says to re-read them every time your use the site.

        Usually they say something like:

        "These terms may be updated at any time with or without notice to you, your continued use of this site signifies your acceptance with the updated terms."

  5. I always thought of something like this site.
    The are some 3D artist how doesn't have the time to actually create a whole animation, but can cooperate in someway. What I have been doing is release 3D models to blendswap. It will be nice to see if this page becomes a platform for helping 3D movies and projects.
    Something where you can have SVN+request+development status will be awesome.


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