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Coca Cola TV Commercial


By PitchiPoy Animation Productions.

Tamir Lousky writes:

A TV commercial for Coca Cola, created by PitchiPoy Animation Productions with Blender was released this week and now appears in prime time commercial TV channels throughout Israel.

The commercial includes a combination of stylized 3D animation and live action. All 3D assets were created in Blender, which was also used for some of the camera tracking, texturing and of course the rigging and animation.

The commercial was produced by Gustavo Productions and directed by Lior Har Lev.

For more work by PitchiPoy, you're welcome to visit our new website:


  1. Great job! Your character animation is very fluid, like real little people. Plus, the actors 'Roger Rabbit' like interplay with the virtual characters is great!

    • They DID - they just showed the world that Blender is good enough for Coca-Cola. You don't get much better advertisement than that :)

      • I agree. We constantly hear how Blender is great, but to see the point proven is more valuable in terms of exposure. I know money is a dirty word but advertising is advertising, right? Oh and the is work in particular has done Blender and it's creators proud.

    • Hi Gikkio,

      I assume your comment stems from the assumption that the studio was directly payed a huge sum by Coca Cola and made a fortune.

      Well, unfortunately, that's not how it woks. Such clients (or their local representatives) hire ad agencies, who hire production companies, who hire animation houses (as well as a director, actors, and full production crew). You can understand that the budget is divided several times and as in the feature film industry, VFX and animation houses aren't exactly the main beneficiaries (to put it mildly).

      Anyway, as a studio using Blender professionally, PitchiPoy does indeed want to promote Blender and the community. Which is why it hired a developer (me) to create add ons, which are then released to the community. You can already download and use these scripts thorough the studio's GitHub page (, and we're going to start publishing tutorials and updates about these scripts (and other subjects) as soon as our production blog is ready (which will probably be within two weeks max).

      • Guys, you're the amazing team and artists!
        Great to hear your comment about the industry.
        Actually I've thought that money is dividing.. but I've didn't thought it's that bad!
        Can the world of CG Artists change this position and turn it more to artists? I don't think that selling a commercial (ready and thought out in an animation studio) worth more than two working managers! One is the agent and second is the "talking manager" (that tries to sell it better and get good percents of money to himself). That's it.
        Why it's not like that? I can't understand. I know that there are some "relations", "connections" but I think generally it's a "dust".
        If start thinking in some extreme manner then it can be cg artists' stoppage action. I realize it's possible only if artists will form a very friendly community that will bear out this idea and support it.
        Will the ad industry turn from professional cg artists to continue (to not loose money) - I'm not sure that they can live without experienced cg artists.

        • The situation is quite ridiculous. We've all heard about the case of the Life of Pi studio Rhythm and Hues that went bankrupt despite the fact that their movie won the Oscar for VFX.

          We're unorganized, and very much divided. The animation industry needs organized representation, a guild or a union, that will have the strength to fight for VFX and animation employees like the screenwriters' guild did a few years ago.

          Until then, I'm afraid we'll continue to be marginalized, overworked, under-payed and under-appreciated as artists.

          • Oh, crap! I've didn't knew they went bankrupt!
            How stupid it is! Big big talents can be wasted for the sake of the World's imperialism. I can't say it with smaller words.
            Yes, all CG professionals need a guild with sections (probably and divided only by specializations)!
            You've concreted my words in a better manner.
            Who can handle it? Unfortunately we can't even make an order to print 3d models from our country :)) Our national post service is one of the worst in the World...

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