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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Thanks developers! Awesome work once again. Cycles SSS is the most exciting new feature for me in this release. I just hope GPU support doesn't get abandoned for every new Cycles feature.

    • New features aren't the only problem there. The new nvidia cards are performing much worse than the older once. At work I just got a gtx680 and I'm unimpressed by it. The gk104 is apparently slightly crippled for gpgpu stuff. I had read about this before, but couldn't find a new gtx580 anymore. It's a pity...
      For cpu rendering, opterons are a relatively cheap way of getting plenty of cores. Their per-core-performance is not as good as intel's, but they cost only a fraction. This also solve the problem of the limited memory of the video card.

      • GK104 can't handle CUDA anywhere as near as well as the old GF lines. Since Blender uses CUDA exclusively, the GeForce 600 series is a horrible choice for computing (but fine for display). Only two solutions, use an older (or newer when the GK110 cards in the <$500 range come out) Nvidia card, or make your own C++ AMP/ Open CL back-end (AMP kills cross platform capability but helps the GK104s a lot, OpenCL means lower performance in Nvidia cards and currently no performance in AMD).

  2. magikos fakos on

    GPU Render is missing from Blender User Preferences --> System --> Computer Device setting, which does not allow to select GPU Rendering.
    I am using Linux (Fedora 16) and Graphics Card GeForce GTX 550 Ti.
    In previous versions I did not face this issue.

    Thank you

  3. The toggle button gesturing in the outliner is a welcome addition for this photoshop fan - it should add fluidity to managing a plethora of elements.

    The modeling tools - individual inset, face-filling improvements, and mesh knife projection? Fantastic! The first two are something I can save time with and always wished for, but the knife projection is a really neat bonus I'm glad to have!

    Much thanks to the Blender team for making this one of the coolest creative tools going.

  4. Hi,I'm new bee to blender ,
    1) It,s only showing 20 blocks layer.. in 2.67 increased more layers blocks ?

    2)2) If i create cylinder at the time showing in Tool self vertics count,Radius,Dept, after i deselect and select again I can’t get those attributes again is that bug.

    • hey

      1) I have got 20 layers in 2.66 an 2.67 - o no chance here as far as I recognize

      2) Well the number of the vertices are for >creating< the object. Once you have created the object you cant modify the vertices at the toolshelf (you have to manually edit the object or use modifiers). However, in the top bar you will find the number of the vertice, faces and triangles.

      Hope that helped

    • norbertoidiart on

      Hey Rajkumar...

      your number (2) is my number 1 reason to get pissed off.
      Why i can not edit the properties of my objects in the tool-shelf after i deselected it ????

      It looks like a bug. But it's worse: because iit has been there since a long time.
      I love blender and use it in several ways and pipelines, I'm very thankful for the developers and think open source projects are the key to save the world.
      But i would like to edit those properties back !

      um abraço


      • Hello there fellow blender user..

        At first, I was also outraged by #2 but I realized it's not a bug and we can be fine without it... It's just like problem #1, why are there only 20 layers to choose from? It's because it's possible to use blender with just 20 layers, etc, etc... For now you newbies have to adopt their workflow to blender design "limitations".. The faster you accept that, you learn faster too...

        If you want a parametric modeler, FreeCAD/Solidworks might be more suitable for you.

      • It is certainly not a bug. It is how blender works. When you place one of the default objects, you can change the parameters with which to add it. But the thing you add is actually the mesh, so once you have placed it, the mesh is there. You are not actually adding a cube, you are using the add cube method toadd a mesh that happens to look like a cube.

        • Chrome Monkey on

          One small thing that might be done to improve it is to allow the parameters to remain up until the first change is made in editmode. While it's might not be such a big deal, it can be a minor annoyance to lose the parameter menu from both the tools panel on the left of the screen as well as the F6 popup menu just from hitting Tab too soon, selecting another object, rotating it in object mode, among many other things. Being able to retain the object parameter panel for as long as possible before committing them to the mesh could prevent many do-overs. What I don't know is whether or not it is a non-trivial change to code.

          • Chrome Monkey on

            In short, perhaps a way to "bind" a separate parameter menu to each unedited object, which would be kept in the file or memory until such time as the first vertex is nudged out of place.

    • I used the 64-bit version of Windows 7. I noticed that it only appeared in BI, but not Cycles...which is kind of a bummer.

  5. Geat!
    Can't wait for the final release.

    One thing is always scaring me a little off...
    How big is the change that Blender will ever go commercial, which is off course my biggest fear ( and of many others )?
    But it has happened to other software as well so.... ( yikes ). What is Blender doing for pretecting that to happen?

  6. >> Remember, this is a test release – proceed with caution.

    Why not change it to something like this:
    - try it out and report bugs
    - bug-hunting season has started
    - go 'n' kill the bugs!

    Then I would be eager to try it out :P

  7. Thank you guys !! for my 1 and 2 questions response !!

    Hey Jovlem, Blender goes commercial version only on April 1st and Don't get shock after all days Free ....because my friends fooled me on that day this shock ,,LOL !!

  8. Is there any good tutorials on how to use the Freestyle system? I've poked around with it but there are too many settings to really know what I'm doing to make it useful to me .. yet. I WANT it to be useful but so far I'm just more confused.

  9. I love all the additions, but you have no idea how long I've waited for Stencil mapping painting mode in texture painting and Texture support for alphas/masks to make it into Blender 2.6.

    As much as I love Freestyle and Cycles and better modeling tools, I think there's a far greater need for a better free 3D painting application. 2D texturing is taking a backseat to 3D texture painting.

    Maybe now Blender is becoming that such application, in addition to hosting Cycles, Freestyle and outstanding modeling tools.

    Now, if Cycles would just support baking maps and support for creating and using vector displacement maps...but one good step at a time!

    Thanks, devs!

    • External Paint Autorefresh + the new texturing tools in Blender = an amazing combination! May the texturing tools continue to improve! Thank you very much, Blender devs and pointatstuff!

  10. Just downloaded it to give the Texture Paint a spin. Everything is much fasters and in both 3D and 2D texture painting modes, and Stencil painting works like a charm. Completely awesome, this really improves Blender's texture painting abilities compared to other 3D sculpting applications (and Blender is so much more than just Sculpting!).

    Really Awesome work folks, thanks so much.

  11. I agree that that could save do-overs. The point is that as long as the object parameters are still there, it basically means that the object hasn't been committed yet. At least, that's how it seems to work. As far as I recall, changing the model parameters is also not saved in the undo stack. Which means the parameters are never actually part of the scene.

    • Chrome Monkey on

      That's right. So if uncommitted objects could be saved as part of the scene / memory file / saved file, the rest would just sort itself out once the supporting structure for that is coded. Then it should be possible to postpone committing the parameterized object to its mesh data indefinitely. It might not be trivial to code but it doesn't seem like it would be disruptive.

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