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Blender Network Launches New Site


Schermafbeelding 2013-04-12 om 13.04.24

After I initially launched the Blender Network, it quickly became obvious that is was way too much work for me to handle. Ton found Francesco Siddi (of Tears of Steel fame) willing to take over the management. Today, Francesco announces a full redesign of the website. It looks great!

Francesco Siddi writes:

We are proud to announce the latest upgrade to the Blender Network platform! On the website's blog you can find out more about the new features and improvements.

In the coming weeks we will be busy polishing some more details and adding further functionality to the site as well as supporting our members to get the most out of it.

If you are looking for Blender professionals to develop 3D projects of any level of complexity, check out the members of the Blender Network, or get in touch with [email protected] for us to help you find the best artists for the job.

Best regards,
Francesco and the Blender Network team

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  1. I am really not sure about the overall pink aspect of the site, In my opinion it would be better if it preserves the emblematic orange from the Blender Logo

  2. Overall it loooks very good. Much much better than the first version.
    Beacause of the dots in the background it kinda feels like But in general the new site looks very good, like a modern, PRO site.

    +1 on changing pink to orange!

  3. Blender Network logo IS pink like the color when your texture is missing in Cycles.... so no, not necessary to change to orange. Looks good, and is functional which is the main point of it.

    • winnertakesteve on

      just had to bite on this one... but saying the colour matches something you associate with broken asset links isn't exactly the best argument :P

  4. My initial reaction was hmmm......why that color scheme?
    When in come to design, if something jumps out at you, and not in a good way, it probably needs tweaking.

  5. I'm digging the new features, but the color scheme is a major turn off. Like others have expressed, the color scheme needs to be based off what's used in Blender so people don't feel confused and alienated by it.

  6. Pink, yes, hmm; okay, but, even if you changed the pink to orange,
    what we now have is a list of freelancers plus a few academics
    that you can search for, IF you know exactly whom you’re searching for!

    That’s no good.
    Where’s the GALLERY?
    You need a showcase, with a teaser right on that first splash page!

    • It seems they're in the midst of improving the site. Improvement takes time and corrections better seen in hindsight. So maybe we'll see this suggestion in the next revision. It is a good suggestion, and it seems like one that would drastically improve the site.

      In any case, the tone for suggestions should always be cool. In letting the simple suggestion be strong enough, rather than the tone, it increases your chances of another listening to your points appreciatively without any possible feeling their good effort's being totally dumped on.

      Just a suggestion.

  7. +1 on Orange, going Pink is bold, but like someone also said, I associated that with "Broken", which ain't good.

    Also, I agree with Tom Telos, without a showcase, what's the point?

  8. Looks good. Like others, I would prefer orange to pink though. I also agree with Tom that a gallery would be a great addition to the home page.

  9. Oh wow, pink who cares. I don't see people complaining that Blendernation is not orange. uses pink everywhere, do people care? no.

    It looks nice but I miss the old search system where the was set categories and tickboxes. The word search I think is not effective.

  10. "Oh wow, pink who cares. I don’t see people complaining that Blendernation is not orange."

    It's a generic theme so there's not much to say about it.... =]

  11. I like the concept of this new site and I approve of most ways to promote and fund Blender, but if the Blender Network is an extension of the Blender brand then it should reflect the core values of that brand in its design. Which, unfortunately, it does not.

  12. Why is it being described as the 'Final Upgrade'? It's like they're saying: ok we're gonna give it one more try and if it doesn't catch on we're gonna ditch it.

  13. The overall design is well enough. I'll have to agree that perhaps an orange hue (rust orange of the same saturation levels used with the pink) might work better in terms of grounding the atmosphere as "professional."

    It's a neutralizing tone that doesn't imply an "airy" feeling that this pink rather gives, by instead giving a "grounded" feeling to the site. It also gives context with a subtle connection to Blender itself, and it might play better if the logo was a similar hue.

    Though, still, the color scheme is a minor thing to note if you're going there to use what the site's designed to do. It's not a showstopper--or, at least, it shouldn't be. Nice to see an effort for a redesign is being done, and developer still did good work. Improvement takes time.

  14. I like it a lot more than the previous version. :)
    This looks something that i maybe can show even to my friends and even be proud of it a little.

    I think that who ever designed this, were really aware that this will look little strange with that color, but by some reason he still wanted do it.

    I don't know why it is pink, but maybe it is ok then. I have not studied this subject so much to tell "why it would, or would not to be pink".

    But the design (without color) itself looks lot more professional than all recently released blender sites i have seen for while. Mostly all blender related sites looks something strange from the 90s, or uncompleted. But this one does not, and I am happy about it. :)

  15. Somehow I sense a little homophobia here LOL! How 'bout putting some flowers around the edges? Perhaps a little pace too? ;-)

    Seriously, there's really nothing wrong with the color scheme. More important is how the site serves the blender community.

    • A little lace I meant up there. :-) Kinda sucks you can't edit your posts. Still, the song remains the same. It's what the site does for you that counts.

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