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Developer Meeting Notes, March 3, 2013


blender_logo_shinyMore talk on the 2.66a bugfix release, and mainly technical issues for 2.67 for now. Also, developers are considering moving from SVN to Git.

Ton Roosendaal writes:

Hi all,

Here are the notes from our weekly meeting in #blendercoders:

1) 2.66a update

  • As discussed on the bf-committers list, there's a number of important fixes that will go to the release branch, to be released as a 2.66a update.
  • For the next 48 hours, we'll move over the fixes to branch. Tuesday afternoon we then check status, and likely call for the builds.

2) 2.67 targets

  • Buildbot ( for Mac is falling behind, Ton Roosendaal checks on using his system for it overnights now.
  • Pynode project: Lukas Toenne worked on new preview code, needs work still. It's still on target for 2.67.
  • Request: can someone help us to add support for Windows network UNC paths (like \\SomeHost\Share\blends\) in Blender?
  • Sergej Reich likes to work on Rigid Body constraints visualization and tools. If people have ideas for how to do this, start making mockups! Here's a good reference.
  • Request: we need someone to investigate how to handle system fonts for the various languages, this handled for all OSes we support.

3) Other projects

Meeting ended with discussions about migration to git. :) We need to draft a couple of steps:

  • Check on feasibility for it in general (including consensus for this by the core developers)
  • Make a migration design and plan, and who will do this
  • Define how to support and maintain in future.

This is not a short term project, but would be nice to have the first step defined a.s.a.p.



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    • Brian Lockett on

      Boy, I hope they fix this what seems to be an issue with the new Radial gradient tool in the Weight Paint. It doesn't seem to work at all by using the Alt+Shift+LMB hotkey, and Blender closes every time I select the "Radial" option in the tool gradient menu.

      Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I'm using Blender 2.66 for Windows (64-bit). Here's a quick video demonstrating the issue:

  1. Hi, guys!
    Where to talk about Rigid Body constraints visualization and tools?
    I have some basic ideas and some kind of logic under it. Or just post it here? Don't like a mess in comments :)

  2. First, thanks for this wonderful program!
    I am wondering why there are problems that Cycles works with OpenCL, while luxrender works without problems with OpenCL (as far I know).
    I really need a replacement for my old GTX 460 graphics card for Cycles, but the GPU power of the Nvidia GTX 600 cards are low and the new Geforce Titan is so expensive while an AMD card with much more GPU power is much cheaper.

    • old topic quick summary: Lux uses very little resources since it's only doing opencl for low level light bounces. Cycles entire Kernel goes into the GPU giving you HUGE speed gains in rendering, but taking a beefy card with a decent GPU to handle it. Only NVIDIA GPUs are beefy and complex enough to handle it, which is why NVIDIA suffers for gaming since games don't need all that. NVIDIA fixed this by dumming down their GPUs in the 6xx lines which is why cycles doesn't do as well on 6XX cards as it does on 5XX cards. NVIDIA opencl works fine with cycles, but AMD doesn't becuase they can't instance subroutines and the compiler explodes making a seperate instance for every subroutine blowing up the compiler but it only does this because the hardware is incapable.

  3. Move to git is a good idea. Making a official github repo is also a good idea. The D language community says they saw a big increase in contributes after moving to github.

  4. Great to see the updates. Any news on the freestyle integration? I thought that was going to be a 2.67 target. I know it was getting reviewed but no sign of it coming yet I suppose 2.68...

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