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By Leonard Hicks.


Leonard Hicks writes:

I made this zombie for training purpose with cycles renderer, mainly for creating a realistic skin shader without real SSS.

Hope you like it ;)

sculpt: sculptris
retopo: blender
textures: blender/photoshop
renderer: cycles



  1. zombie in look and feel but not expression...........looks very my unless that's what u are going for...........still very nice work

  2. You did a great job, and it looks like you've put in a lot of work.
    While it doesn't look lifelike (real human corpse) it definitely looks like something real.
    These are just some artistic views, so feel free to ignore.
    The spots that at least to me look a little off are the 2 spots on the top of the head, it feels like they should be a little deeper or rougher like road rash.
    The cut on the cheek seems like it was flattened out by one of the steps and looks more like a flat texture.
    Shadows seem a too dark and seem to lack any SSS or ambient (image right side)
    I figure even if dead the light should pass through about the same as living.

    Keep up the great work and I'm sure we'll be seeing your name in movie credits!

    • Oh one last artistic thing I noticed. The zombie seems to be a mix of fresh and old corpse. What I mean by that is the hair and skin look like something that's been rotting for a bit. On the other hand all the injuries, lips and eye look like a fresh zombie since the lack of blood flow hasn't discolored.

      Even with these little things it's a spectacular job and mostly things I noted as I looked at the image for a while.

      • Thx a lot for these artistic views ! I wont ignore them haha it's really useful and i love receiving critics. And moreover I agree on almost all of what you noted.
        My lighting skills are quite low in fact, it's just a basic 3 points lighting with one more emitting plane below the zombie.
        I wanted him to still have a bit of humanity in his look, some angriness. Well.. lets say that he's a "new" zombie (i mean he's been bitten in the last 24 hours) ;)

        thx again

  3. Amazing! Looks like a creepy doll. It's like for some scary animation.
    I think it's even creepier than a "real" zombie :)

  4. 8| This is no mere zombie! Look at those eyes - there's intelligence behind them! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

    Best Blender Zombie ever!

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