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Developer Meeting Notes, December 16, 2012


Blender_logoThe 2.65 release went pretty smoothly, but an 'a' release is still coming up - read the details inside. In addition, the outlines of 2.66 are starting to emerge!

Ton Roosendaal writes:

Here is a summary of today's meeting in #blendercoders.

1) Blender 2.65 release review

Most people agree that the release was quite stable, yet a couple of regressions make it better to upgrade to an 'a' release this week. Most notable:

  • Obj imports with alpha zero
  • Vertex Paint 'subtract' fails
  • Bevel on wire edges crashed

Campbell will send a list of commits to be included in the 2.65 branch to this list, for confirmation.

Planning: wednesday "Ahoy", release on the day after.

2) Planning for 2.66

  • Nicholas Bishop has Dynamic Topology sculpting ready for review, can get included in 2.66.
  • Antonis Ryakiotakis: has been working on bringing back edge based UV stitch and possibly isomap unwrapping from the Google Summer of Code 'bratwurst' branch. Code can be found here.
  • Brecht van Lommel's roadmap for Cycles. He will possibly merge the work on hair rendering... it's under review still.
  • Freestyle is under review still - Bastien Montagne has been working there.
  • Sergej Reich will work on getting his Bullet branch (rigid body support for animation) ready. He would still need more feedback from users, and people to help making docs, tutorials.

Planning for 2.66:

  • BCon 2 dec 30 (deadline for defining release targets)
  • BCon 3 jan 20 (latest date to get your stuff in)
  • BCon 4 feb 3 (only crucial fixes)
  • Release feb 10+

3) other projects



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  1. Hello, I'll tell it again but its really nice to be able to get fresh news like that of the Dev process each week. Thanks for that, really appreciable.

    For me with 2.65 I had no real issue. But a new release with bugs fix is always welcome.

  2. Hi, I would like to ask a slightly off-topic question:
    Do you know anything about the swiss cheese branch?
    I can't find any recent info updates since the beginning of august. I was trying to build it from the latest revision for a while now, and yesterday I noticed (I'm not too familiar with svn) a comment stating that it was merged with trunk, but due to complex differences, the game engine itself was not merged. (As I remember this comment is from november)
    How is the development ongoing for this branch?

  3. blender's awesome guys you doing really hard job to keep it work.I never reported any bug or any thing but in last two release I have strange problem from time to time whole 3d view is up side down view 7 is ok but 3 ,1 not and rotating of camera with MMB going wrong way too .seem to my that happend when I swap from camera view but still dont know where real problem is but that fix it self after while happy blending :D

    • Yeah, same thing happens to me too, and I haven't quite put my finger on it either.

      Also, is it just me or did the zoom direction change somehow? I used to be able to zoom in by dragging the mouse to the lower right, now the closest I can do is drag to the lower left, and that only after activating Invert Zoom Direction in preferences.

      PS: never mind. Just checked against Blender 2.63 and 2.64a. The Invert Zoom Direction seems to be itself inverted, and the selection between Vertical and Horizontal is being ignored. I'm checking the bug tracker now.

    • It's currently without someone who can make an official build; I hope somebody is found soon. My own efforts to learn how to build Blender from source have not gone well. I have a quad G5 as my main computer so I'd really appreciate an official PPC build.

  4. was just checkin out voronio modifier that was mentioned in the developers notes, can anyone tell me how to apply a patch file. i can get it as a text file but no further.

  5. Hi, all!

    I'm not mentioning about other great things...
    My attention was captivated by Brecht's proposal about Depsgraph recode. Really positive thoughts I think... and still there are some though questions. But this means that the process is evoluting.
    I highly recommend to read it to all Blender users (those who familiar with it's structure a bit) and you'll get some interesting food for your minds! Although I'm not a coder, this proposal inspires me.

  6. Woohoo! Dyntopo! Can't wait for 2.66, then I won't have to build Dyntopo myself :D

    Also, the cycles-hair rendering looks amazing as well. The combination will be what really makes 2.66 monumental. You rock blender devs!

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