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Krum - Game Demo


A Blender 2.49 game project by Orlin Doutskinov.

Orlin Doutskinov writes:

I'm working on KRUM game almost 5 years part time.
It's a classical, old school, hack and slasher or that's what I'm trying make it look like.

The game is built entirely in Blender 2.49b. I'm using Gimp and Fireworks for 2D and Audacity for sound editing.
You may know it from BA forums, the game topic is floating there for quite some time. it is almost ready and because of that, I prepared a small demo with a full level this time. So I need you to download it, test it and post some feedback.

You should visit the blender artists thread for full info about the CONTROLS and known issues.

Thank you and have fun! :)