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Real Time Animation Add-on



This add-on makes it easier to record object movements.

pointatstuff writes:

Real Time Animation for Blender 2.64. This addon lets you move objects and bones around in the viewport and record their motion with keyframes in real time. The time slider advances and keyframes get inserted (at frequencies that you set) when you move the objects, the addon pauses itself when you are not moving the objects. This can be used to create an animation directly, by animating in real time or in "slow motion". It can also be used to create a time sketch for your animation.

“Smooth Follow” makes an object follow your mouse pointer in a smooth trajectory. This motion can also be recorded.

The addon also has shortcuts useful for animation. There are buttons for duplicating the previous and next keyframe for location, rotation, and scaling, and a button for displaying information about keyframes located under the time slider.

For more information check out our site.

This is a paid plugin - you can download a trial version from their website.


  1. winnertakesteve on

    Sounds like a neat plugin, reminds me a bit of motion sketch in after effects. Although I can't help but feel it'd be more in line with the spirit of blender to take a monetization approach similar to the ocean sim or node based compositor. One of my favourite things about blender is that it isn't a collection of proprietary tools, but open ones that can be freely built upon to make a better and better product.

    • Well, the spirit of Blender is that Blender is open and free. You can use it for any use, commercial or non-commercial, including if you want to make and sell special add-ons for it.

      What protects Blender from exploitation of over-proprietarization is that Blender, well, is open-source and free. If something seems to be offered unreasonably priced or potentially threatening to the nature of Blender, it simply just won't go supported by most. And it usually isn't long before someone would come up with a free alternative anyways.

      Though, at just $5, and plus with all future updates and releases of this add-on being free once you buy it, this add-on seems to be quite a small price to pay for its future development. It seems to be rather evident that this developer has a clear vision for the add-on, and so they'd like to develop this add-on locally with that clear vision in mind.

      The thing about open development is that it's not always appropriate for every development. It can be a beautiful thing and it well works for larger-scale projects (esp. projects like Blender itself, which experiences development of a unifying nature). But sometimes, if you have a particular clear vision in mind for a product, open development can also suffer from the issue of too many cooks in the kitchen, so to speak.

      For a small development like this, I can understand why (at least, for the being, until further notice) would want to keep this add-on's early development as something local and rather closed. But supporting this add-on's development at $5 for a lifetime of this very useful add-on, that doesn't seem like a bad deal at all.

  2. In general when I was starting to play around with animating in Blender, I would work like this anyway, but my big qualm before was simply that the raw data from autokeying was too much. Rather than simply limiting how much information is recorded, it seems possibly more useful to somehow quarantine the puppeteered data from the regular keyed animation, and have more robust tools for dealing with raw animation data (for example, like in Source Filmmaker, a tool to smooth out motion, or to move/edit the entirety of the motion path)

    • i somewhat like the idea..
      there are a lot of good tools for paths in inkscape..
      simplification, but their pencil tool is nice for simple freehand drawing as well..
      i think most functionality is capsulated in a library geom2 (if i remember correctly)
      might be possible to integrate in blender..

    • You can use this add-on in conjunction with Motion trail so that you can adjust the motion path of an object after animating it. This is one nice add-on. :)

  3. Hey Brain thanks for your input and support man! And in general thanks to everyone for the continued support of our addons. The brain power, by the way, behind the development goes to my friend Anthony.

    As always comments, suggestions greatly appreciated!

    • Yeah, I'm using that one, too. That's a very useful add-on! You (guys?) do good work! Thanks for these great developments!

      (And that's okay--I'm used to "Brain" (my nickname since childhood). lol)

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