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MakeHuman Alpha 7 Released


The list up updates in the upcoming MakeHuman V7 is insane :) It also includes a new Blender exporter.

abhifx writes:

The next mega release of Makehuman Alpha 7 is here.

sporting tons of new features and lots of bug fixes (its still alpha though), MakeHuman now makes creating and sharing of human models even more easier.

some highlights are as below:

  • The license has changed in order to provide maximum freedom for artists. All output data is now licensed under CC0 (Wohoo!)
  • Application updates include:
  • Better models obtained through laser scans
  • New polygonal hair library
  • Improved teeth model
  • New slider buttons
  • More accurate morphing system
  • New clothes library
  • New skins library
  • More intuitive ethnic mixer
  • Mitsuba and povray integration
  • Multilanguage support
  • External tools updates include
  • New standalone maketarget application
  • New makeface script
  • New makeclothes script
  • New makerig script
  • Known issues
  • Community updates include
  • An online repository for user-contributed skins
  • An online repository for user-contributed models
  • An IRC channel
  • complete list can be found here (mind you its massive)

New Blender functionality:

Introducing make face : Quickly adjust a low-poly mask to edit a target.

new WarpTarget : Warp a morph from a source character to a target character. Presently it is only possible to warp static morphs (i.e. .target files) in Blender, but eventually it should be possible to warp poses on the fly in MH, to adjust them to arbitary characters, including user-defined ones.

updated UV layout

MakeTarget script : The classic MakeTarget for Blender, the main tool to create custom targets, has been further enhanced and fully integrated in Blender 2.6x. New options let you control the helper, check targets, save the setting and more.

New MakeClothes script : Another interesting tool for Blender, which allows you to create new clothes to be included in the library of


New MakeRig software : We can export rigged characters from MakeHuman both in MHX and Collada formats. However, we may want to use the character in some application which has specific rig requirements. For this reasons we developed MakeRig.

Please share your feedback to make it more awesome vide IRC/facebook/twitted/G+/forum etc

Hang tight for next release as it will make this release look puny in front of it



  1. been prayin for this app to mature into a usable program but every time i try it it fails miserably gonna give it another try today. hopefully it'll work great and i can add it to my want to use list. i cant even get any of the controls to work.and i have an i7,strong computer.wish me luck.

  2. well, tried all morning to load make human but it did'nt want to running windows7.i7 great card. guess i'll have to keep using poser.

      • i did,twice in the contact us section. this is the leave a comment on this partcular article section isnt it.or is it the just throw flowers section.mabye im not doin something right loading the program.but i tried 6 times wish it would just load so i can use it. who's ben:))) happy blending ps i realize its alot of work to do this type of thing but u cant tell me nobody new there was going to be a problem like this.

  3. For me MakeHuman works extremely well in combination with blender. I wonder if the new license allows exporting models to blender and sharing them for example on blendswap.
    I know I should better be asking this in the MakeHuman forum, but I'm not a member yet.

    So Ben, if you're still reading here, maybe you can answer.
    And thanks to the MakeHuman-Team for all the hard work that saves people interested in building human characters in blender months and months of development time.

    • The new license is meant to deal with this exact issue.
      From the release notes:
      The license has changed in order to provide maximum freedom for artists. All output data is now licensed under CC0 to make it clear that the MakeHuman project makes no claims on the output. This was unclear with the old license for the data.

      You can read more details here:

  4. Well, now, let's see: It's available for eight flavors of Linux and for "any version of Windows…"

    But OS X users get a release that *only* works under OS X 10.8 ("The MacOSX build may or may not also work on 10.7, but is unlikely to work on any OS version lower than that.")

    • I have it running under 10.7.5 and so far it works fine. At home I have it installed on vista and an old nighly built on a real old xp notebook.

  5. Hi, I've tried to install it several times on Windows x64, each time my laptop freezes during the process (never at the same percentage of the completion bar, but always with the same result) and I have to reboot.
    Is there any patch or known workaround?

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