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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-)


  1. I didn't think that this model is really good. The biggest thing which i don't like in this render is a low polly washing machine. It doesn't look realistic at all. But cool thing about this render is Lenor on top of the washing mashine

  2. Something is not quite right, I think it has to do with the reflections in the mirror and camera location. Looking at the reflections in the floor it puts the camera somewhere in line with the lower mirror to the left of the sink, This mirror reflects the floor and opposite wall, if you line up the base board in this reflection with the washer reflection in the lower mirror on the right and the door, chair rail, painting reflection in the main mirror they don't work.
    The wall lights don't cast any reflections, the pictures in the mirror show perspective bot the door looks flat.
    I can appreciate the time and effort that went in this and only reply because it appears to be a realistic render and was posted as a featured project.

    • I need to retract my earlier response. I downloaded the Blend file and realized what threw me off, the camera is located outside the room and the mirror is reflecting items and walls which are in front of the camera. So in my limited brain it looked off. If I could be so bold as to make a suggestion..... Move the camera into the room, lower the focal length, adjust the view, activate the skylights (they give great mood and shadows), make the mirror less reflective so the door is less of a focal point, you might have to place a bottom on the tub, and consider the suggestions in the other replies.

  3. Composition - nothing stands out - the thirds are not used at all. Lamp bases on the wall are not flush with the wall but look like they've been rotated with part of them digging into the wall. Washing machine already commented on. Cloth's hamper holes way too squared - they need softening up. The bevel on the main mirror seem asymmetrical - may want to even them up. You could ditch the "glass" in the door (it's already implied by the composition) and put an image on the other side to hint at an interior to the overall building - just make sure the image matches the basic motif. Alternatively you can frost the glass and apply shapes and lighting on the other side to hint at things being seen through frosted glass too. I do like the texture on the floor, tho it's sorta dark for this composition. Lighting definitely needs refining. I'd render at a lower sample rate and explore lighting and composition and refine the models and get really anal about how they are positioned then kick up the samples for another try.

  4. I think this work is very close, and is a good test render, a few points.. The ceiling has a skylight window which is black as night yet the floor reflection looks like day above the mirror. the floor the texture is way to large and if using normal values for extra detail it is way to much from the point of view. I wont mention the washing machine which has already been torn apart by others. Also find a focal point where the eye is drawn to, right now there is no focal point other than the one u made with cam settings.... I Really think this could be great but a lot of work is left to be done, lighting and proportionate texture aside. I love the claw foot tub which could have more divisions, but realistically water would ruin the flooring this modern bathroom in which u have a light in place of a shower head.....u have no floor carpets to soak up water and some things have to much detail while others lack. I would love for u to take this as not criticism but as a perspective buyers eyes, and repost an updated more concise photo.....and as a addon to other comments use the rule of thirds to help focus attention and get the lighting perfect with all other aspects.........................Lookin forward to the new and iimproved. W

  5. The door would be fine if it had a lit wall behind it with perhaps a decoration on it. The mirror bevel needs to be a third of its current size. Chrome needs less reflection. Overall there is too many sharply squared edges, round off everything but the mirror bevel. Wood grain is too deep. The washer doesn't look like powder-coated metal. Washer window needs to look used. Towels hang a bit more straight

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