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Blender Game Engine: Necrosis


Necrosis is a game that's being developed by Trinoctis Games.

Is the side project of Trinoctis Games. Presenting up to 4 person cooperative play. This project is to demonstrate some of the innovative graphical and gameplay capabilities available of the blender game engine. Players will get to choose from 4 different characters that will set them to start with a specific weapon; throughout the game you will be able to purchase ammunition, health, and several other weapons to have at your disposal, each significantly different in its playstyle. However the vendor runs a steep price, and doesn't like to have his time wasted, the mysterious figure can only be found on the map every once in a while, and that isn't the only secretive thing about him. There are no waves, no rest, and no remorse, due to the fact that your partner will be able to assume the role of a zombie after death and it is up to them to decide what to do with their newfound temperment. As you get farther, new kinds of zombies will enter the fray getting much more powerful.

The main objective of the game is to gather as many weapons to your arsenal as you can while stock piling pneuma. The lost souls and currency in this game of supernatural infection. Over time you can gather pieces of intel. If you find the right 3 pieces of intel for a respective weapon or item, you can create an upgraded version of it.

You will be able to trade in-game with the mysterious figure for a limited amount of items at the given time. Or you will be able to trade with others via a simple trade request system.


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