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Blender Game Engine: Necrosis


Necrosis is a game that's being developed by Trinoctis Games.

Is the side project of Trinoctis Games. Presenting up to 4 person cooperative play. This project is to demonstrate some of the innovative graphical and gameplay capabilities available of the blender game engine. Players will get to choose from 4 different characters that will set them to start with a specific weapon; throughout the game you will be able to purchase ammunition, health, and several other weapons to have at your disposal, each significantly different in its playstyle. However the vendor runs a steep price, and doesn't like to have his time wasted, the mysterious figure can only be found on the map every once in a while, and that isn't the only secretive thing about him. There are no waves, no rest, and no remorse, due to the fact that your partner will be able to assume the role of a zombie after death and it is up to them to decide what to do with their newfound temperment. As you get farther, new kinds of zombies will enter the fray getting much more powerful.

The main objective of the game is to gather as many weapons to your arsenal as you can while stock piling pneuma. The lost souls and currency in this game of supernatural infection. Over time you can gather pieces of intel. If you find the right 3 pieces of intel for a respective weapon or item, you can create an upgraded version of it.

You will be able to trade in-game with the mysterious figure for a limited amount of items at the given time. Or you will be able to trade with others via a simple trade request system.


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  1. on the one hand its extremely impressive coming out from the BGE. but it also sadly looks very dated like a game from 10-12 years back I am thinking the counter strike, unreal 2, halo 1 days.

    • DEFINETLY disagreeing.
      This looks like 2008 or something, but definetly nothing like cs or halo1.
      Go back and take a look, your memory plays tricks on you.

      • hell no in 2008 I was playing crysis and unreal tournment 3 and in no way do the graphics look this. It looks good for what it is but man this is not even close to doom 3 graphics just google those games I mentioned and you will see that the graphics kind of matchup to those games. Its one of the nicest BGE games I have seen but the engine is seriously dated.

        • And the fact that all those pointed games were made by a bunch of people during more time with more money as nothing to do with their quality !? Hehe :) BGE is already very powerful and with the latest developments it will be some serious stuff.

          • Completely, commercial AAA games cost between 10 and 30 millions euros for a single title, good artists, optimizations (made by humans and not just by the engine) cannot be compared with a no budget and few (or one ?) people work.

    • The BGE is an old engine in that it's been around for awhile (as has pretty much every 3D game engine), but it's gotten a lot of updates and added features to push the graphical capabilities up there (as you can see).

    • Graphics in videos the end of the day, they all still look like video games. Even the best graphics around...still look like video games. We're a long way into graphics, but still a long way from hyperrealism (if we'd even want such).

      So why go on comparing graphics all the time to the best and latest out there? Why criticize this because it looks "very dated"? This was done by a single 19-year-old dude in his spare time, on no budget, on a developing BGE--of course, it's not going to look like cutting-edge Crysis 3.

      This guy isn't CryTek with the beastly CryENGINE 3, tons of experienced developers and with millions of dollars to fund development--he's not even a team of developers, as far as I know. He's just a single guy, making a game simply because he wants to, still improving the game, still growing as a developer. And you know what? That's pretty damn impressive.

      It's not Crysis 3, nor does it have to be. It's a very good effort, it'll only improve, and this is still motivational work for the BGE. If anything, this will only motivate even greater work, both with this project and with other future BGE projects.

  2. WARNING: video starts with a loud gunshot. Be sure to adjust your volume before starting it.
    Specially if you're wearing earphones, like I was.
    Update: there are more loud gunshots afterwards too, even if you adjust the initial music to a confortable volume. Erhk!

    • @Zecc: Thanks for the warning!
      Allright, the graphics do not look like BF3. However, there's lots of potential here! Motions for the main character seem pretty fluid and the controls seem quite immediate.

      The gun sounds are pretty brutal (cool!), I like them a lot but perhaps sound is the weakest feature of BGE. There seem to be no multichannel playback so each new shot cuts off the sound playback of the previous one which makes only the first shot sound correct. Also, proper reverb depending on the environment is really what creates the sense of immersion.

      • The sound issue is most likely because the developer is using logic bricks for sound. The Audaspace Python module (which comes with the BGE) is far more versatile when it comes to playing sounds back and can do alot - like the ability to play back multiple sounds at the same time, change the pitch and volume, and so on.

    • I was ok enough with the gun shots, but the reloads were somehow a bit too much in your face hehe :) Nothing serious doe, but anyway, I don't know the proper names, but should be a matter of make the sound wave of the elements less "spiky", so the sound keeps feeling right but at the same time smooth to the ears :)

  3. This is like "Killing floors" in the blender game engine, nice :) Liked it but the overall environment seems to be a little out of proportions IMHO, anyway good work, congrats!

  4. the graphical quality of the game looks just like killing floor and thats an achievement in my book :)

    the only critiques i have for the game is the blood animations/particles, the character level a lethality, and muzzle flashes seemed a bit small for the last weapon

    looking at the level design, im impressed :D the main character animations are top notch the reload animations are comparable to games out today

    i would work on the hostile charater animations and i would add new fresh charater types that arent in games today

    after seeing this gameplay demo i would say that if this was on steam today, i would definitely buy it :D

    good work

  5. Nice work - another great example of the use of the GE, and one of the few that have been taken to a higher level of completeness. A great stepping stone for the next GE project by the team!

  6. Hello everyone. Thanks for your kind words. I am the leader of this game project and the video is just 'dirty' its been made quick so ,not much to expect.
    I am creating the game mostly by myself so its hard to get everything perfect. There are lots of bugs,missing animations and collision issues, however they all going to get fixed!

    Thanks again!

  7. Kirill Poltavets on

    Good start! It's still WIP as I guess so here can't be any judging on graphical quality. I'm wondering if we could see Doom 3 or HL2 early WIP builds...

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