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Slowmo video Windows builds available!


SlowmoVideo is a slow motion video editor that allows for slowing down footage by large factors, calculating intermediate frames using optical flow. Initially only available for Linux, there's now also a Windows version available.

CGEffex writes:

Some of you probably remember that little program Slowmo video that was posted here on BlenderNation a while ago. Well, for those of you windows users like myself who wished you could try it out but couldn't, your hour of glory has come! As of August 13, 2012 there is a windows binary available on the site for you to try out!


  1. tried to run it on Mac OS X with Wine, but menus etc do not display text, thus making it impossible to use.
    can anyone else try? Do you know a fix?

  2. The software looks very impressive. Unfortunately, the install on Windows is not straight forward. The program seems to require certain extra components and I have no idea where to find them nor where to install them.
    But aside from all that... yeah, impressive!

  3. how does it work? I Mean... HOW? I am amazed! really amazed! I throw my self out of the next open window.
    It is like, the software is generating the missing images... BUT HOW?

    love it, btw!

    Already used it on linux. Was hard for me to install but then works great!
    Cant wait to try on win..

  5. I've been waiting a long time for this. I posted on their site about needing a Windows build, and they made it sound like it might never happen. The drought is over!

  6. @nathan
    I cant get it work on win7 with cuda activated like on linux. Where can i find the flowbuilder binaries which i need to setup in the prefs? Any

    • From the write-up it sounds like the CUDA libraries he's using don't exist on windows which is why he originally couldn't port it. Now he's got a CPU flow library (not sure if the underlying algorithm is the same) hence the windows version.

      Anyway, I haven't got an nvidia card so I'm just using it in CPU mode which seems fine.

      • Hey nathan,
        i wrote to the coder because of the missing cuda acceleration. Yes, due to some compiler related problems under windows the cuda part is not yet done, but hopefully will in future as i understood.
        ..Cant wait for fullspeed:)


  7. Dynavision|FX on

    Wow. Any chance of this source code finding it's way into Blender? I'd love to stretch a video track, add the "Slowmo" effect and it fills in frames. Or connected to a speed ramp curve for that matter. Nice work, though.

  8. There don't appear to be forums for it, so I'll post a question here. You press H to bring up the help menu with various shortcut commands. I used one of them to get into move mode, but now cannot get back into a mode where I can create new nodes. I see no key combo listed for how to get out of move mode and back into node creator mode. Any suggestions? I'm guessing it's T-> then something, but it's not listed. I've tried doing a lot of the Blender type shortcuts (Ctrl+LMB, Ctrl+RMB, Shift+LMB etc.)

  9. Is there something missing from the windows version? I saw that the GPU
    is not there, but what is flowbuilder? In the preferences there is an
    option to set a path to the binary, but there does not appear to be

    Also I see errors pop up in the console that refer to this (although it seems to be working in the quick tests I have done)

  10. Gustav Hartvigsson on

    Too bad it was written in C++ and Qt though...
    Some unnecessary dependency imho...

    So... I can only see this fail from now on.

    • And can I just say, "Holy crap the comments are using the hardest captcha EVER. I had to go through 10 before I could read both words." There I said it.

  11. Pity there's no decent documentation on Slowmo. I have spent a couple of hours trying to sort out the error message telling me it can't find flowbuilder but there's no docs around telling me where to find this file, what this file is or how I need to install it. Nothing in Slowmo FAQs is helpful and the documentation only covers using the program, not installing it. Even the question re. flowbuilder in this forum wasn't answered, and what the hell is cuda acceleration? All I wanted to do is install and run, not search the net for missing files, and researching unnecessary stuff I didn't need. Disappointed with what looked a great piece of software.

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