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In the aftermath of a disastrous incident, a biological research facility in the African Congo harbors a dark secret...

William writes:

The Magic Movie Machine presents REVERSION, the first 11 minute short film from hobbyist writer and director Giancarlo Ng.

Set during the aftermath of a an incident in the African Congo, REVERSION is both a short action thriller and an exploratory first project for the Magic Movie Machine, a team formed on January 10, 2010 for the purpose of exploring CGI animation outside the realms of formal training.


Genre: Action-Thriller

The Magic Movie Machine
(collaborative animation team)

Artwork, Visual Effects, and Animation:

  • Sidney Carlos Moraes, jr.
  • Mitchell Sahl
  • William Oglesby
  • Stefano Marcias
  • Brian Truhlar
  • Anton Victor Espelita
  • Ravi Sampath
  • Wes Talbott
  • Ben Hansen

Sound Engineering, Audio, and Other Talent:

  • Jeffrey Alan Pitts
  • Jeff Hubbard
  • Laird Fryer
  • Russ Knight
  • Dan Kremer
  • Daniela Hummel

Music by: Dan Eckert

Written and Directed by: Giancarlo Ng


Reversion blog

Production Focus: Reversion


  1. I just watched the first 1:37 at work here.
    Just...*WOW*, already!
    Gonna watch the rest when I get back home.

  2. Awesome work. I really liked it. I watched it twice, the details in the scenes are really nice. The movements of the characters are well done. There's only one thing that I for me I think could be better. Tte texture of the creature. For the girl her armor is awesome, but the creature have like a plastic or rubber feel, but thats my opinion.

    But apart the overall is great.

    • I'm not really into being over enthusiastic about my nationality - but I'm quite amazed too that 19 year old non-pro director from our country can do this. I don't even notice any significant 3d or blender community here in the PH, but this director was still able to have this amazing output.

      • Giancarlo C. Ng, Director on

        The team was mostly made up of teenagers. But I myself am no longer 19 years old. Agreed that we don't have a lot of CG communities here in the Philippines. My personal belief is we can leverage this form to get around some of our live-action film limitations.

  3. Wow, I am very impressed...something many shorts I see like this lack is some kind of a storyline. Keeping the story going, and yet making it as dark and intriguing as it was really gave it that 'thrill' element.

    And I was saying to myself the whole time 'It's gonna be a girl in that suit!'

    Again, great job guys!

  4. This is really awesome, there are some minor animation issues but the whole film is so good I was carried away.
    Congrats for this fantastic job.

  5. Wow, color me impressed. Looks great, nice modeling and camera work. Easy to follow story.

    Only issue I see is the way the main character walks. The walk cycle has no .. bounce. It feels very ... I don't know how to say it .. too straight? When people walk there is kind of a movement. You go up and down slightly and even left/right, rocking on the toes.

    HOWEVER, that isn't to say this isn't top notch work. Great stuff!

  6. WOW. Phenomenal filmmaking. The sound, music and foley are amazing (I love the gunfire sound fx). Plus you have a real mastery of Blender! Loved it.

    Please do some behind the scenes breakdowns. I'm dying to see more.

    • Giancarlo C. Ng, Director on

      Two and a half years (but weeknights and weekends only). I have a job. And the kids had school.

    • For the brain interface or for recon & intelligence in motion.

      Maybe she's piecing the puzzle together and after extraction she heads for her next, related mission. Not to mention that it has an uplink to the central computer.

      Also, conventional portable computing devices are not yet capable of matching the 1million yottabyte capacity achievable with a helmet-sized computer interacting through a brain interface (hybrid storage).

      Chief Scientist

  7. Absolutely impressive. I am still astounded by what I saw. The only criticism was the floatyness of the animation.

  8. The scenes are really awesome,
    The design and expressions of the Characters are ok.
    The animations needs a bit of work.
    The overall project is very satisfactory
    Good work guys, can wait to see your next project,

  9. Giancarlo C. Ng on

    Thank you for everyone who left comments and criticisms. I know there are things we could do better. God-willing we'll be able to make another one and we'll get the chance to improve everything all around.

    -Carlo, Director

    • Very cool work...some parts are great, some parts could use a little work (mainly animations). I definitely see the potential and I would be interested in collaborating on future projects if you're interested.

  10. Steve Cameron on

    Loved it. Very inspiring work guys. Are you planning a sequel or at least another project togehter as the Magic Movie Machine? Really hope this wasn't a one off. My only crit was the awkward camera tilt at the start when the camera tilts up to see the bomb but kind of "misses" it. Also I didn't like the hard DOF shift during the mexican stand off near the end of the film. Some of the animation was a bit hestitant - hope that makes sense - but overall it was great.

    • Giancarlo C. Ng, Director on

      I also hope this wasn't a one-off. :) We're talking to some people right now (and not just artists). It's a bit of a question of "Support Structures" because I think honestly the next stage requires we get something approximating "real resources". Also there's a question of whether we start with a new IP first or we do a "definitive Reversion" movie. We'll let the community know how that one goes.

  11. Very nicely designed, the music was perfect for the action, the idea was actually sound enough, and the sets and lighting are all excellent. Criticisms? No one who knows what they are doing goes into battle without reloads; plenty of them. No one who knows what they are doing drops a working weapon either; if you can't carry it then you destroy it or at least break it before leaving it. And if you have a helmet, you wear it, you don't leave it waiting for you. If the download is taking a while, wait. Those elements were distracting, and without them this would be a lot better.

    This is still very nicely put together in spite of the faults. If the team that made it takes the criticisms as a challenge then they can make even better works in future.

  12. Wow. Great effort guys. This must have taken a lot of work. Great cinematography, and especially the soundtrack is good. The one thing that stands out though is the animation. On your next project you could do more research on animation timing and key framing techniques. Animation is something people are very critical about by nature since we see natural movement all the time and when movement is off in animation we just see it. Studying animation and maybe getting in contact with some animation people and doing stuff with them would benefit your work a lot since this is very good stuff on other fields.

    Anyways, great job!

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