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Rigging and Animating a Book with Page Turning in Blender


Learn how to achieve a page turning effect with this extensive, 5-part video tutorial by Blender Cookie.

Jonathan Williamson writes:

In this advanced tutorial by Stanislas Paillereau you will learn how to create a detailed animation of a book with turning pages. This tutorial uses simple methods that allow you to easily add as many pages as you would like, while also being easy to control and modify.


About Author

Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-)


    • Bas Brouwers on

      'Your' english is not everybody's native language. Instead of posting some dumb remark maybe you could show some appreciation for this guy, who took the time to make this great tutorial.

      • Blender Cookie is a profesional site. Contributors are paid. For 10 euro a month a expect someone to dub the sound.

        • Bas Brouwers on

          It's a free tutorial, so you are not paying for it. If was part of the paid content, you would have a point.

          • No, I pay for it as a file. And if for free, there should be a warning that it could deteriorate one's english.
            Do you want your child to know how to rig a book but to talk some kind of gibberish english with non existing words ?
            I belong to that part of the seventeen provinces where most people still write more or less faultless.
            The author could have avoided his errors with a spelling corrector.
            But we are not worth that effort.

          • Filipc not trying to be rude man but Brouwers has a point. It's a free tutorial. Either way it's your prerogative to follow the tut or not. But trolling like this is not nice man. You don't want to give a thumbs up to a guy who took the time and effort to make this tutorial fine, but trying to minimize his effort just because he doesn't speak your language natively is silly. Anyways, peace to all. ;-)

          • PseudoBob Debatus on

            Your English doesn't appear to be up to par either. And, by telling us you're in the Seventeen Provinces, you're saying you might have one of four native tongues other than English, including French and German.

            And, now that I've gotten that out of the way, hold up... It's not exactly mature rated, but I don't think children would be viewing this content. And nobody would look at this and think "I bet I could learn English by watching this!"

            Well, you know, they would think it in a different language. But still.

            Also, "spelling corrector"? I ignored most of the weird grammar, based on that first observation, but that's just weak. And then you go on to say "But we are not worth that effort." Really? You insist that you payed for it, and that if it's free (which it is) then it needs a warning that it might 'deteriorate one's english', and then just backtrack and say that we aren't worth fixing the (non-)issue

            If it's free, then of course we're not worth the effort. We're paying nothing. If it's payed for, then we payed for the errors and it's fine. But... it's also not? Whaaaaaaat!?

      • I don't like the abuse of the word "trolling".
        My criticism is well funded.
        But as I am in the minority, I rest my case.

  1. The first part of this tutorial was excellent. Unfortunately, when the presenter gets into the rigging portion in the second part he gives almost no explanations for why the rig is built the way it is. He falls into the trap that many tutorials do where the presenter forgets that he's teaching and simply says, "do this... now do this... now do that" without any explanation about why each step is necessary.

    In the video he places bones facing one way and then other bones are placed in the same position facing the other way without saying why this is needed. The presenter is really assuming that viewers understand rigging pretty well, which is odd since this appeared to be a tutorial for intermediate users who might not have rigging figured out yet.

    As someone who has never really done any rigging, I was really hoping I'd learn some of the basics from this tutorial. A simple book rig seemed like a perfect scenario for teaching/learning some rigging's foundation concepts. Unfortunately, for me anyway, the tutorial lost me just part-way into the second video.

    • Personally I wouldn't have watched this video in the hope of learning 'basics', it's a complex effect that's going to have some pretty specific, in-depth, techniques, which may seem especially hard if you were hoping to learn basics, it certainly doesn't seem like a beginner tutorial to me. (though I completely agree you should always explain why you're doing what you're doing, but I haven't watched that far yet). I'm not trying to have a go I'm just saying maybe your expectation of being able to learn something as a beginner was a little off. :)

  2. I enjoyed this tutorial, although it does need a good grasp of the basics to follow. For example, I knew that naming a vertex group with exactly the same name as a bone would automatically pair them up for you. That might not be obvious to everyone.

    I had to do quite a lot of scrubbing back and forward through the video before I could see what Stanislas was doing, and could figure out why he was doing it that way.

  3. I had problems with making my latt move with with my bones if im saying right so frustrated perfect video intil i get to the massive pages does anyone have a way to do this i dont care about ya accent just HELP

  4. Can anyone please make a tutorial for 3D card opening with rigging effect in slow motion . Inside some pages with text . Please if anyone helpful to me . Very great ful to you. Thanks

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