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New Book: Game Character Creation with Blender and Unity


Here's some good news for Blender Game developers: a new book on game creation with Blender and Unity is now available for pre-order. Read on for more information and some content samples.

Chris Totten writes:

My name is Chris Totten, I am a game artist, writer, and game design professor. I wanted to let everyone in the Blender community know about the upcoming release of my book, Game Character Creation in Blender and Unity. The book can be preordered now.

The book follows the development of a video game zombie character from conception to inclusion in an arcade first-person shooter in the Unity game engine. It teaches readers how to import their 2D model sheets into Blender, model all aspects of the character, UV unwrap, sculpt, create normal maps, add color maps, rig, animate, export to the Unity game engine, and make the creature come alive in a video game with basic scripting in Unity Javascript.

The book focuses on game-friendly modeling techniques and gives an overview of design processes that go into game design and game art. If you're a Blender expert looking to get into game art, a Blender newbie wanting to learn the program for the first time, or a game artist wanting to know what this open source modeling stuff is all about, this book has something for you.

Game Character Creation in Blender and Unity releases next month.




  1. Cool! I've been looking for a book like this for Unity. My office isn't able to afford a 3D studio, Lightwave or a license from expensive software packages. We are trying to learn to use Blender to save us money.
    I'm excited to see that there is a Kindle Edition too! Thank you for that.

  2. Had a quick look at the excepts. Looks interesting and thorough. Will surely figure high in my wish-list. Simply wish it had come out earlier, as I am trying to use unity for some virtual archeology project and would have immediately bought it.

  3. José Ignacio Perea Sardón on

    It seems really interesting! I only wish that Unity would be available for Linux, since I'm using Ubuntu as my development platform. Hope that someday they would include Linux-support in Unity.

        • José Ignacio Perea Sardón on

          Yep... I was just seeing the news about the Linux-support included in Unity 4. However, I'm not sure that it would be possilbe to develop on Linux. I will have my finger crossed hoping that they would do it!

          • chromemonkey on

            It should be possible to develop for any operating system, if the code is well structured. If not of course all bets are off.

          • chromemonkey on

            Okay, I don't know why only my messages are "@"-ATting, maybe the new Disqus has a maximum level of indentation before it gives up?

          • Yes, Unity 4 will only let unity games run on Linux, there won't be a Linux based editor to make games. You know though, that this is their "toe in the water" move. If publish to Linux continues to do well and be well received by both gamers on Linux and game makers, that it will only be a matter of time (Unity 6?) before the editor is on Linux, too. Generally game dev tools tend to be in most demand on the platforms the games are going to.

          • José Ignacio Perea Sardón on

            I was quite disapointed to discover that even the Unity Firefox plug-in was not working in Linux, and that made me disregard the Unity engine, in spite of its promising features. With this much-welcomed turn to Linux I will probably give it try. I would still prefer to have a native client for Linux, but I would keep hoping that someday it would be available.

  4. kind off disappointed a little bit because i was looking for a full blender game engine tutorials like the blender GameKit 1 and 2 but for the current version of blender 2.6x for unity there are a lot of tutorials and internal scripts to make things essay with in Unity. This is just my personal view and preference.

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