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'Smoke Initial Velocity'


Check out the latest work from Miikah for the Google Summer of Code 2012 project!

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Christos Georgakas on

    Am i missing something here? is this baked calculation or is it real-time ? how can someone say smoke or fire and in the same sentence say realtime ?

  2. Did you break in at nasa and used their secret evil genius super computer?
    That's kind of a weird thing to do for a GSOC assignment.

  3. Oo did i miss something? As far as i know the smoke sim was always that fast. Looks like running on i7 or something equivalent.
    The video is about the dynamic velocity of the smoke.

  4. Hey could someone get ask miika or whoever this person is to comment on here as to how he/she made the video using blender with (what appears to be real time) dynamic smoke?

  5. Again: It's just a regulary smoke domain with low resolution and a smoke inflow object. He pressed ALT+A and moved the object around in the video. So it's "realtime" as the smoke sim always was, nothing new.

    The new feature is the way the smoke is accelerated by the movement of the object. Move the inflow to the right, the flow is accelerated to the right, move it up: the smoke goes up. 

    So the velocity of the smoke is new.
    Not the speed or anything else.

  6. Quote from Miika: "That's very low res simulation... Any modern computer would do that real time. :)"
    There are no speed improvements here, it's just a very low resolution. This video is simply demonstrating a new smoke velocity algorithm.

  7. Yes, it is real-time but that's not new. I think he's demonstrating how the smoke inherits the initial velocity of the emitter. This is cool and it's looking good.  

  8. Animaticoide on

    the FACT  is: there are a bunch of people saying: WOW WOW and they have never used the smoked simulator ! Come on people we got to be serious on this ! There is not NASA's computer here just the pushing of the smoke.....Blender Newbies blender newbies always want to write something !

    Miika, since your Dynamic paint coding I have followed your work, no doubt that you are cooking something great with the smoke, something big is about to happen !

  9. Sami Al-Afghani on

    I honestly thought that his smoke sim speed was super fast, but since some have said that this was normal in blender, I have tried it and yes you guys are right.

  10. Personally I'd like to have the rendering of smoke improved. Getting realistic shaders is really hard and way too finicky. GPU acceleration of baking would also be really nice.

  11. I have tried it. If I am not mistaken, I was also able to make a low resolution simulation with wavelet turbulence, in real time. That's impressive!

  12. small question, you can have particles that are based off of the objects initial velocity, and smoke sim is based off of particles sooooooo..... how is this new?

  13. ...That's more awesome than a valley of eternal rainbows of phantasmic fire in an nebulous ocean floating in the recesses of outer space past the light of the third sun of a galaxy far, far away...

  14. Guys, the point is NOT the realtime preview (which has always impressed me in Blender by the way) but the initial velocity... wait someone said this already!

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