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Casa do Mago Murthock


A test by Glassmann1000.

Glassmann1000 writes (translated by Google):

Work done by the artist Klysman Vinco member of the project Galicia. Written and directed by Luis Carlos Glassmann, the short film "The Oaks Blenn Peter" is the result of Galicia Project, which unites 10 professional area related to 3D modeling, design, film and video productions, the purpose of this project is to perform a short film using Blender 3D and software, and show that it is possible to carry out professional works with free software.

About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Cool; there should be more of these around (other than the official blender projects like Mango, that is (Which are great BTW)) in order to show the "Big Companies" how professional Blender really is.

    • i think they know already, its just the logistics and costs of retraining and switching well established pipelines is very difficult, having said that just recently a well established studio in my country has just started a new RnD department to generate new avenues for pipelines....guess whats part of the focus......OPENSOURCE AND BLENDER :P

  2. Wow.  It looks very real in several aspects.  The textures, the sagging roof and imperfect placement of objects (imperfect in a human way).

    The chopped firewood has the same texture patterns on each piece, especially noticeable on the ends.

    It looks miniature, which might have to do with the lighting, which is very flat from the front.  Or maybe just a ground and sky will help put it in perspective.

    At about 0:01 if it were centered would make great wallpaper - interesting enough to keep looking at, with a good subtle color scheme.

  3. Sorry but the models and textures in this video look like they've been copied from the video game: The Elder Scrolls - Skyrim. Regarding there's no reference given to the original source of the files in the description of the video I would consider displaying those models and textures as a theft, even if it's just for demonstrating a concept of an upcoming movie project.

    • Would you care to back that up with some proof, given that you're calling someone a thief? You people are sometimes so amazingly harsh in comments like this that I sometimes wonder what's wrong with you.

      • Neovertex +1...sorry but I played about 200 hours on that game and even the textures are the same. The handcart is basically copied and pasted. Type "skyrim riverwood" on google or youtube and you'll see

      •  Nothing wrong with me. I'm just a huge fan of the series and I've been a modding it for about 5 years now. It's quite common in the TES modding community that people "steal" each others meshes or textures without asking for permission or quoting any references and that is what's wrong with people in my opinion!

        To proof my statement from before just google for "skyrim riverwood" like suggested by someone else here. Some of the misc items like those barrels, the buckets or the handcart are 1:1 copies. And the overall textures seem awfully familiar to me.

        The house itself is not a copy regarding it's mesh. You can tell that because of the window frames (skyrim houses don't have them because indoor levels are seperated from the main world outside level which means there's no way to look inside a house from the outside). But again, the style is inspired by Skyrim (not a crime!) but the textures are basically the same.

    •  Sorry but I have to agree with Bart, Unless you can find an image or screenshot of this house in skyrim, I would call this "Inspired by" not stolen

  4. [quote]The handcart is basically copied and pasted[/quote]
    Hmmm the cart does seem to have the same exact knots in the same places on the wheels.

    [quote]Type "skyrim riverwood" on google or youtube and you'll see[/quote]
    But google "download free skyrim models" and you'll see some stuff too...

    I don't know if any of these specific models and textures are free downloads, or whether there are any terms of use saying where and how you can't use them. If they are freely available for any noncommercial purpose, then it's fine for a proof-of-concept.

  5. Hello I am the personal Glassmann, director and screenwriter of the project, and would like to inform everyone that our purpose is non-profit, the film will not be sold under any circumstances, the only goal is to realize the dream of many people like me, produce a short film with Blender, we have no intention to harm anyone with this work, this video is not yet official, it was just a test render, we seek to change these textures bother much. Our goal in this project is to tell a story, for many people and show that it is possible to make a short film without professional resources, we are not a company, we are just a group of Blender users with a simple dream.

  6. chromemonkey on

    Regardless, I think from now on I will use photographs of my own place for textures.  Just to be safe.

  7. I apologize for this, the information is actually true and member of the project will be away from it, I repeat that this video is unofficial, and will not be integrated into the film, I ask everyone to understand we are not willing to harm anyone on copyright, but we defend the creativity of each artist, not a person who designs ready copy, we want to create the whole picture, I hope you all see the movie when you're really ready.

    •  So, was that scene created from scratch or did you borrow meshes and textures from Skyrim or another project of some one else? Just to clarify it for everyone, simple answer as "yes, it was all made from scratch" or "no, we used someone else's meshes and textures" would suffice.
      I like the models and textures, but after reading the comments I'd really like to know where is the truth. Thank you.

      • um...does it matter? lol i think if they were I.L.M or Weta Digi then it would matter but if they are hobbyists/creative artists just doing some non-commercial side expression of art in Blender, who cares?

  8. The project has about 15 artists working Klysman Vinco is one of the youngest of them, ask him that modelasse a suggestion to the house of the magician of the script, and he had this house, as I do not know the game accept the suggestion, in which he claimed to be of his own, we were asking for stone walls, books, etc., and he was giving as the author, noted that he did not send the textures to us when we asked, although he does not act in malice, say he was naive, not knowing that it could complicate matters, we know of the comments on that page and went to investigate, and saw that they were true, the wheelbarrow was an exact copy, in addition to other models that were copied from the game, the objective of insentivar project was the creation of each member, we need not plagiarize anything, know that every group has the capacity to do so, but by acting in bad faith, the boy was already removed from the project, now as director would request the cooperation of everyone, we are amateurs, and do not intend to steal anything from anybody, and I would ask you not to pick up so heavy so we are not acting out of malice, we are passionate about modeling, love Blender and disclose in any way we can, and most importantly, we are not profiting nothing with it, this project does not seek profits, nothing will be sold,

    • Thanks for taking position and making things clear.
      I'm not a lawyer but I think that taking material from this game (even if it's just for non-commercial hobby projects or a proof-of-concept) without aksing for permission or quoting any references to the source will result in law-suits because of copyright violation. Remember that Bethesda Softworks (Skyrim) even took Markus "Norch" Persson (Minecraft) to court because of his game "Scrolls".
      Don't be so hard on that guy who created this house. When you're young and naive you don't think about stuff like copyright. If he's still willing to contribute to your project you should take him back, because the model and its UV maps seem fine to me. Instead of using Skyrim-textures he could take some photos or head over to
      Last thing I want to say is I'm sorry if I hurt your or someone elses feelings and good luck with your movie project from now on!

      • Thanks for the support, everyone is really catching textures free sites as mentioned, the boy did not act in malice, almost all of the project was asked to remove it, this will affect our friendship, we were good friends, he was warned at the beginning of the project doing researches to develop their projects, it is quite complicated to have to look for authors textures of everything we will do, but it is a right to its creator and it really should be respected, if not for this site I would not even know that occurred, why not get involved much with games, we were very excited 'cause the scene was almost done, now we need to go back to drawing board and start from the beginning. Ja is a huge difficulty a team of amateurs can make a short film, as director intend to break this myth, many said that they needed money to make, and I do not need to prove that, they said it was impractical to produce domestic computers, but want to prove is also possible, and also want to prove how important a director for the execution of a project like this, we are learning a lot from this experience, how to save things to have a lightweight design, every second of rendering the most already thought to decrease without affecting quality, use Blender to about 3 or 4 years, and am learning a lot about it, but what is it all really worth learning.

  9. Again we are not doing it for money but for love and dream, we have no intention of harming anyone's rights, but not so heavy with criticism, but you guys discourage anyone who tries to do something well-intentioned, I'm not doing a work to face these kinds of repercussions, cause as a director can say that criticism destroys everything it touches, we keep struggling not to let anyone down in this short film, we have Farm, our computers are not professionals and has no film company supporting us, we have limited knowledge of this extraordinary program that is Blender, so cut him some slack people, careful not to destroy people's dreams, 'cause everyone here is fighting for your dreams and we tb, you guys have seen this video is not anything official yet, lack clouds lacking soil, is not even a scene from the movie, so people excuse me for something, we are all well intensionados project, wait for the movie we will endeavor not to disappoint them, but we're not doing anything to critics we are doing to people who have dreams of making a movie and think that their computers are not used to this, we are doing this video for people assistitem and speak to our beautiful story, we're doing this movie to show people that Blender

  10. is great for this, and it's free, it is for these types of people we are trying to please, 'cause today I've never seen a critic to praise anything in my life,' cause they see only defects, are blind to see the beauty of things, speak this as the same director. I am here to defend the right of expression of each artist involved, and I know that this project has no integral perfect, do not expect perfection from any of them, just wish everyone to have fun doing what it is like to use Blender, the artist does not satisfy this aspect of creativity is eliminated from the project as it was this guy who told you guys so much.

    • chromemonkey on

      Not trying to criticize, many of us are largely hobbyists here and some would even say we all have a shared responsibility to help out. If the situation was reversed, and I had included something in a project of mine, and you saw that it was going to get me in trouble, I would want for your team to give me a heads up and warn me about it. It takes the eyes of the community sometimes to notice when something got slipped in that breaks some rule somewhere, and so by noticing it and warning us about it, we get the chance to fix it and head off any serious consquences down the line. It does not mean that beauty is being ignored, it's just trying to catch problems early so that they don't blow up much later.

      This can be seen as a learning experience, I think.  I do have some other ideas, both for your team and for Bart as well, but there might be a better place to discuss them, if you both have Facebook accounts I can look you up and send some add requests.

      • My facebook is Glassmann Luis and need to know more about copyright texture, I even commented to the staff of the project, it is better to know now that we still have time to change, we will limit the tb textures allowing only links to sites with free textures, and surely all help will be appreciated, tb participate in community Blender 3D face Brazil, and now we are trying to calm the boy, let's give him a chance, he has 16 years, is very excited about the project and did not act with malice know well it and I know we can trust that chance, thanks to all you guys and I look on my facebook to talk more, thanks to everyone, if anyone has any links related to copyright and can pass me my email is [email protected]

        • Use textures from, take photos on the streets to make your own texture, or paint textures in GIMP/Photoshop/MyPaint/2D-app-of-your-choice from scratch. This way you won't get in trouble :)

  11. I would ask one thing to the owner of this site, to help in the dissemination of this project with the same attention devoted to this place. is very important that people see that things are possible, sometimes limited, but possible, have discouraged many artists out there because they believe that movies are only in big studios, and many people have this dream of one day produce a short film as the Sintel, this is my dream and many of the project, when I gave the idea, at least half of them already had in mind that it was impossible to do this, I believe that this project is important for all users of Blender you guys watched this video took 3 days to render, I did it on my pc myself, but I did not think in time, could only think of the result, just thought in the dream I had, I do not know how long it takes to render the entire film, but I know one thing, I'll wait no matter how long it takes, even if it takes half a year, I wait half a year, but I want to see this movie and can say that I could prove it was possible, and will not be a victory mine will be all those who believed, will be a victory for Blender
    It was my dream to one day have my name on a website as important as this, then my dear help us destroy these taboos in the end victory will be for everyone, and Blender has always been, of all who believe in him. So help us to spread this personal project, thanks and sorry if at some point someone said something inappropriate.

  12. This is really upsetting me... If you want to do a project just do it, stop asking stuff, that won't help a thing! Just start making it right now and don't stop until it's finished, and another advice, do try to make money with it in the end, because it's a work like any other. It's all for the fun and this and that but if you spend 4 years making a house you want to sell it in the end because by that point you've spend a fortune on materials and man hours. Making a movie is like making a house, is just work, if it's being fun for you then you aren't trying hard enough. If you don't have to pay for PCs, electricity, food and gasoline thank everyday to your sponsors, because they are giving you everything.
    That said I do wish you the best of luck and honestly hope you make it!

    •  ".. if it's being fun for you then you aren't trying hard enough." - that is the stupidest thing I've ever read/heard. So according to you, hating what you do is a measure of working hard? Have you heard a saying "work smart, not hard" ?

  13. Anonymouscoward on

    Reference management
    It is a pain to keep track of everything and write the same credits every time that is why there is softaware just for that. Zotero and Referencer are 2 open source solutions. 
    - Wikipedia: Comparison of reference management software

    Database data management

    Managing databases is hard work there are several with many good free open source alternatives
    - Wikipedia: Pages in category "Free database management systems"

    In particular for this task an easy one is GCStar which is a collection manager it can catalogue any type of digital asset and it is easy to use, it is not good enough for big databases though with hundreds of thousands of entries it gets slow, but good enough to have one GCStar database in each project
    - Wikipedia: GCStarImage SearchTo see if there could be a potential problem with some image, you can use something like TinEye or any other image indexer out there, there are even some open source alternatives in this area, this is part of robotic vision disciplines(e.g. motion tracking, image segmentation, ....)- Wikipedia: List of CBIR engines (Content-based image retrieval)Search for CC0, CC-by-SASince some years now search engines allow you in the advance configuration to filter by license, though made it easy to find a lot of them in one place and don't have to deal with settings.

  14. Anonymouscoward on

    Oh almost forgot seamless textures are not that difficult to do.

    And a word about "clearance of rights", Hollywood spend millions to clear the rights to any movie they do, musicians are starting to have the same problems too, to overcome that don't use any assets that have no clear public domain license in them ever, if you do use an asset from somewhere else modify it heavily and never ever give credit or say where you got inspiration from it or you can be hold accountable for producing a derivative work that is infringing on something.

    One source about clearing rights.

    This also applies to sound.
    Techdirt: The Wonder Years Unavailable On DVD Due To Music Licensing Rights

    Don't use music or sounds that you can't find the license of it, that is why other free open databases are springing up like <a href=";

    Even then there is no guarantees that you won't have problems, just because some people just say they own the rights for something from the public domain, that is actually a crime in US law with the terrible punishment of a fine of $2 500 dollars, or in others words is a joke in other countries there is zero punishment for falsely claiming ownership of something from the public domain.

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