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Blenderart Mag Issue #37 now available



The theme of BlenderArt Magazine #37 is 'Cool Tools'.

Sandra Gilbert writes:

Welcome to Issue #37, “Cool Tools”

From humble beginnings as “in house” software, Blender has grown into a powerful 3D tool with an ever growing number of cool features and tools sure to please any 3D enthusiast. In this issue we take a look at some of the cool features of Blender and how to use them.

So grab your copy today.

Also be sure to check out our gallery of wonderful images submitted by very talented members of our community.

Table of Contents:

  • Evaluation of Acoustics using Ray-tracing
  • How to construct and use a chrome light probe key-chain
  • Evaluation of Acoustics using Ray-tracing
  • The Art behind the Ragdoll
  • A Blade Phone
  • A Pawn Still in a Hurry… 11 years later
  • Sketchfab
  • And Lot More…

Blenderart Magazine Mirrors and Online links can be found at


  1. IamInnocent on

    "Evaluation of Acoustics using Ray-tracing"

    Um! too much echo in this room.

    Beautiful world where there is faithful people doing the Blenderart.

    37 thanks.

  2. That echo thing looks very nice, I can't get it to work though.. Outputs an error message every time when rendering. I tried all the three versions of the add-on, and also tried with various blender versions, 32-bit & 64-bit..  My OS: Win7 64-bit.
    Attached is the error message I got.

  3. Then, I tried to do the same stuff, but this time with Blender and the working folder closer to the hard disk root. Got a different error message this time, attached as well.

    •  Thanks for trying E.A.R and reporting back on some bugs! I've put a new version online that hopefully addresses the problems you experienced:

      The first bug was due to an ä in your file path, should be fixed now.
      Secondly, E.A.R wasn't quite ready for 2.63 (bmesh I guess) should be fixed now as well.

      Could you report back if things work now, thanks again.


      • Cool!
        Now it goes further, it launches the E.A.R. executable. Although now it tells me "can't load audio file". Could it be because my audio file is quite long..~7 minutes? I'm using a song as a source.
        It seems that the add-on determines automatically the output sound length? So if you use a long audio file, it renders very long... How about if it would determine the length from scene settings? Start frame -> end frame, taking into account the frame rate? So it wouldn't have to render longer than the scene lasts.

        The example scene number 1 works nicely. Although when I try to render it as stereo, the output .wav file seems to be corrupted and doesn't play.

        Other stuff... the "wooden floor" material preset gives an error message in E.A.R. ("Invalid material")
        The other presets seem to be fine.

        • E.A.R is a little picky in the types of audio input it supports: only
          .wav files. Perhaps your audio file is in a different format? Secondly,
          indeed at this moment I would advise against using a 7min input file,
          for it would take ages to process. But if you are really interested I can
          send you a version of E.A.R that processes large files just about as
          fast as small files, but it is even more experimental than the regular
          flavour of E.A.R. Your suggestion to clip sound files to scene frame
          settings is a nice additional option though, I'll add it in a future

          The wooden floor had a typo, thanks for letting me know, but I can't
          seem to reproduce the corrupted stereo output for example 1, care to
          give me some more information, file size for example, what does Audacity display when opening the file?



          • It seems only Windows Media Player can't open the stereo wav output file. I don't know why.
            Audacity, Quicktime Player and Adobe Audition can open it nicely.

            But there is something strange regarding the input audio files..
            I can do a correct render with the example scene 1.
            I'm not able to use my own shortened version of the song I mentioned earlier.. I use wav-files, and I tried to reduce the song to 10, 5 and 2 seconds, all failed. I used the default export settings from Audacity.

            Then, I started to modify the example scene, making some new extruded faces for the room object. After that, I got some error messages when trying to render. E.A.R. didn't launch.

            I also put some gunshot sound effect in place of the click.wav in the example scene. It rendered ok but sounded all the low frequencies were gone and the sound was kind of unrecognizable.
            Then, I tried to put the click.wav back, but the scene then wouldn't render anymore. "Can't open audio file".

            Now I can't even render anything, because it complains "the program cannot start or run due to incompability with 64-bit versions of Windows" :-S
            So I can't get you any screenshots of error messages.
            Maybe there has been a recent Windows update to blame..?

            I'd love to use your addon for creating something great. I hope you will get it to work.

          • Well, it turns out WMP was right, there were some minor errors in the stereo file. Apparently the rest is simply more forgiving. Has been fixed now, I'll try to publish a new version shortly.
            Did you instruct Audacity to export as a 'WAV (Microsoft) signed 16 bit PCM'? For now the best is to use mono sounds for input, I think your gunshot is in stereo?
            Any input that does not work (both blend and wav) you can send to [email protected] in order for me to have a look, I'll treat it confidentially, it is the only way to find out what's going wrong. The last error you describe seems really odd to me, I run a 64bit windows myself without ever experiencing these problems. In the next release I will also add a 64bit version (although I think it's a little redundant) to circumvent these issues. Don't worry, we'll get it to work.

  4. Davidbishopn on

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    customer service center is available 24x7 via phone, chat, or email:

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 888-321-4678 (757-416-6575 Int'l)

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    Is this a location issue?

  5. It would appear that once again we broke our website. Whoopsie!!!

    In the meantime while our webmaster Nam beats the site back into
    submission, I have uploaded issue #37 and the blend files to my Google
    Drive and Dropbox accounts. So if you haven’t gotten your copy of issue
    #37 yet, you can pick it up at one of the following links.

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