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Model: The White Room


By Jay-Artist

Jay-Artist writes:

Here is ‘The White Room’, an Archviz scene created in Cycles (Blender 2.62). It was an experiment to try to get a reasonable interior scene using Cycles (Path Tracing).

There’s a detailed PDF doc “The White Room docs.pdf” included in the Zip.

All Textures are in a separate folder titled “Textures”

I hope it helps the community, and I look forward to seeing some more Archviz interiors from you guys!

Note: The Wood Floor Texture is not included, I explain it in the PDF doc – It can be easily replaced with one of your own, just open up “wood-floorboards-texture-softer.jpg” into an image editing program of your choice and copy over your own texture into the Jpeg file and save.

The licence is the usual (CC-BY), just give me a mention if you use anything obvious.


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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender – I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-)


  1. That looks really awesome.  I would definitely hang out in there if I wan't afraid to get those pristine couches dirty.

    One comment is that the couches look a little too perfect to me.  I would expect to see at least one or two small waves, pinches, or wrinkles in the upholstery.  That is, unless I am just used to cheaper furniture!  :)

  2. Hello, Nice scene, I would like to know how much time did it take to render this scene ?
    I'm working on an interior scene like this one but it's really noisy... do you have tricks to reduce noise ?
    Thank You

  3. Hi guys,

    thanks for your comments, please check out the detailed PDF with the blend if you've any queries about settings and including why I opted to simplify the scene slightly, most things are in there ;)

  4. Overall a great render! Nice work! The one thing that I did notice though is the floor. If your going for the fake plastic tile floor that looks like wood it work. But if it's meant to be an actual wood floor it looks too smooth. Its most noticeable where the reflections from the windows are. The small gaps between each board light should get lost in, instead of also reflecting it. Nice job overall though!

  5. Nice render. Just a few points to bring up. I'm no professional critic, neither am I an artist, so any rambling of mine is just amateurish interest.

    The floor looks way too polished. As already pointed out, gaps wouldn't be lightened as much in this case. Another point would be the material of the single sofa. Looks too silky to the eye. I doubt leather (assuming that's what it is) would be that shiny. Also, the lighting on the back of the couch's armrest looks inconsistent with the rest.

  6. I like the way this scene is lightened. I think if some surfaces would have been a little more bumpy, it would have become difficult to know whether the scene is a photography.
    Really nice anyway.

  7. I've seen the .png included in the share, and it is absolutely awesome. The image here does not give justice to the actual render.
    Thanks for sharing and for the useful hints.

  8. Absolutely great! The models, the documentation, the final render... I can't wait to get home and begin experimenting with the files you have provided.

  9. Hi guys, thanks for all your ideas on materials etc, I agree if I'd have had time, I would have worked more on the floor. A bit of displacement would be good - it's always difficult to judge a render when you've been staring at it for a few weeks.

    The main idea for the scene as I mention in the PDF is that this was an experiment to set up an interior scene in Cycles which there aren't many of. One thing many people dislike about Cycles is the Fireflies (white dots), I tried to set up the scene so that none were produced, and if you give this a test render, you'll notice that none are visible :)

    Additionally I wanted to test the speed of Cycles with actual physical window glass as this is generally frowned upon. With a simple architectual style shader glass that doesn't use the Glass preset and is a mix of Transparent and Gloss worked really well - the time isn't slowed down and the room isn't darkened too much either.

    The texturing on some of the models wasn't the main focus e.g. the chairs, as I wanted the scene to fit on GPU and be a small enough file for everyone to play with.

    Anyhu, I hope it inspires some of you creatives to produce something really fantastic!

    By the way, I'm really honored to get my scene a mention here on Blender Nation, I read these pages every day :)


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