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Hot Dog



By JoOngle.

JoOngle writes:

I had some client that needed a 360 degree photo of a yummy hot-dog, the people that visited our ad-bureau, could not tell the difference, of course - you can... but the laymen couldn't! Try googling for 3D won't find many...and it's not as easy as you may think...try it yourself, oh worked out, could be better, but it worked...


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Bart Veldhuizen

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  1. This looks fantastic! Dang it now I'm hungry ...

    I think the only thing that would tip me off to it not being a real hot dog is the lighting where the dog and the bun meet in the center. Just feels not quite as "real" as the real thing.

    That and I can't smell it ..

    But other than that little nitpick I think it's a fantastic job! Do you have a video of it spinning so we can drool at all angles?

    • chromemonkey on

      I bet that could have been solved with a very slight bit of depth-of-field, but I'm guessing their client wanted everything in focus.

  2. See I saw the area where the bun and hot dog meet but for me it was the condiments.  They just look tubular, dead giveaway, they also look like they're just barely floating above the surface of the hotdog.  I even double checked a lot of hotdog images to make sure it wasn't simply a visual illusion I was being fooled with.  That happens a lot with me and 3D.

    Otherwise absolutely fantastic work.  The toasted bun looks delicious as does the grilled nature of the dog itself.  It is of excellent quality.

    • The fact that the mustard and ketchup look a bit detached from the sausage, it that they don't "wet" the sausage. In reality, the liquid
      components of a suspension will separate out a little bit and wet the surface. So around the point where the sauce touches the sausage (or any other surface), there is a small layer of liquid covering the surface. Including this could improve the illusion even further. That said, if the image wouldn't have been posted on blendernation, I'm pretty sure  wouldn't have guessed it was fake. Where with fake I mean: more fake than "real" picture of food, which are actually real images of fake food.

      • True.  I would have guessed the condiments were fake and the hotdog was an actual image and wondered "why?"  But since it was posted here we all knew.

  3. Really nice hot dog in the middle, but the rest of it could be better. The mustard and ketchup look okay, but might look better if they were added by using the fluid simulator much as Andrew Price did when he created the chocolate glaze on the donuts in his Cycles tutorial. The bun could be a soft body so the dog could lay in it and wouldn't look so sharp. Overall, it looks quite good, though. 

    • Fluid sim for the condiments!? that would look horrible and unappealing for an advertisement =P I thought they were quite accurate cold condiments stay quite intact when placed on a hotdog and in this case works great for the visual appearance. For more gritty realistic render though, valid point for sure =)

  4. Does it suffer from Unrigitis?

    Dr. Vegdahl should help with certain diagnoses and humane prescriptions if needed.

  5. The edge of the bun looks kind of sharp, but other than that it looks great! the most impressive part, to me, is the texturing of the entire thing.

  6. Fantastic effort. Anyone who has seen the Ratatouille DVD extras will know how they slaved to get good looking CG food. As for crits, I agree with previous posters about the tubularity of the condiments...varying the width of the extrusion would improve it. Also for me the 'giveaway' was the cut edge of the bun. I dont know it could be achieved but you would need the edge to be ragged with some SSS so the light passes through and illuminates from within as it approaches the thinnest part.

    Well done!

  7. Peter Houlihan on

    Thats really nice :) I'm sure your client was pleased.

    My only two crits are the ones mentioned above:
    -The edge of the bun is far too sharp and straight, maybe if it were given a slight curve or a slightly ragged edge it might be more convincing?
    -Mustard looks off colour
    -Condiments look unrealistic. Maybe mucking around with the texture a bit could help. I think a bit of sub surface raycasting might help, and the shadow should probably be a little stronger, it doesn't look very grounded on the sausage.

    The rest is excellent though, you should be proud!

    • Peter Houlihan on

      Just thought: regarding shadowcasting the condiments:
      -A faint extra spot sometimes works wonders
      -Maybe play around with adding a little global lighting

  8. Wow! Joongle you've stepped up your game my friend haha. Epic epic stuff, I was really taken back by the quality of the render. For people seeing it just for an ad or something, they will totally be fooled (we get much too long to look at it anyway hehe). Great work!!

  9. Oh, wauw...I was featured here? Didn´t see that coming. Thanks for all the comments people! Very much appreciated. And you´re right about the SSS + mustard, I agree completely. Time didn´t allow for it, but it worked out.

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