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Pissed Off Penguins - 2D Game in Blender 2.60



Kris Occhipinti (metalx1000) is working on a 2D platformer using Blender. All assets will be released as open source, and Kris will also record the entire creation process. He needs a budget of $2500 to finish the project and has already raised $2090 on Kickstarter. He has three days left to raise the remaining $410.

Kris writes:

I've been working on a 2D Game using Blender. The game is coming along great!  I have people from the community helping with things like Music and Art.
The Game itself is using the Blender 3D Game Engine 2.60, so it will run on Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and FreeBSD.
Every step of the creation is being recorded. Each video is between 3 and 15 minutes long. And each video has a Blend file to go along with it. So, after watching a video, you can download the Blend file I create in the tutorial and look at it.

I've been using Blender for years now, but this is my first time creating a 2D game in a 3D environment. So, this is learning experience for me as well as the end user watch the tutorials. Watching the videos you will see all the mistakes I make. You will see how I change things and make them better as I go along and improve the game.

Blender's Logic Bricks allow for some pretty advanced game creation with little or no coding. Although Logic Bricks can get sloppy as the game gets larger, I choose to use them as much as possible to encourage non-programmers to get involved.

The Game will also be some what modular. Levels can be created simple by taking a base level I will supply on the website and clone objects such as blocks and penguins to create a new level. Once the new level is created it will be very easy to just place it in a folder to the game. I plain on having a site up in the near future for the community to submit level.

Please consider backing this project. We only have 7 days left to meet our goal and we are less then half way there.

Pissed Off Penguins (POP) is a Free and Open Source Project (GPL). It is a 2D Angry Birds Style Game.
It is my hopes that this project not only is fun for people to play with, but it is an inspiration to them to create their own FOSS games.

Note: I'm usually reluctant to post fundraisers such as this one. POP is already getting a lot of support from our community though so I think I should help Kris with a final push.



  1. cheers for the game! I just have one single question... it will be a stand alone game?

    I was trying a lot of times some couple of weeks ago to create a stand alone version of a platformer game but... without results :(

    I hope you can do it,  and if you do... don't forget to mention us the way ;)


    PD: When I finished my game I had to put an "autorun" .blend inside the CD with the Mac, Windows and Linux version of Blender inside (with a ReadMe to install them :d), it doesn't was the optimal way to do it but... works! :)

  2. This screenshot looks horrible... Dont get me wrong but do we have to applaud JUST because Blender was used, regardless of quality of job that has been done? I mean come on guys - there is no cool story, no cool idea and visuals look repulsive. I saw many flash games with WAY BETTER quality.
    more then 2500 bucks for something that ugly and simple looking? Come on man...

    I know criticizing now isn't politically correct but if we want to actually promote Blender I am sure there is lot of projects and creators worth of our money and support. Looking at this game makes me feel shame more then anything.

      • And this concept involves clone of Angry Birds just instead of slingshot and birds we have cannon that shots with batarangs to linux logo? Should I be impressed? Interested? Come on - I am being honest here. I do realize this not have to be most visually stunning game but at least should have some nice idea. I love blender and for sake of its promotion I hope those kind of projects will fail miserably.

        • It's unfair from you Nezumi, I find your field of view a little bit narrow:
          Dislike the game is your right, but you cannot denied that there have been time spent on it and the author is sharing it's experience throught comprehensive tutorials. This is necessarily a good thing and I am sure there are many things to learn from it, even if the author is maybe not selling it very well!!
          Moreover, if you'd like to promote Blender as a professional tool, try to be a little bit more professional yourself,
          by being for example more constructive in your feedbacks (pros & cons and so on...)

        • I have to agree with you, it looks of a much lower quality to the games being developed by the blender community without a kickstarter. Where is the money going I must ask. What is the justification for donation.

          Simply by being posted here it's guaranteed to make it's target but personally, from what I've seen on the home page etc, in my opinion it doesn't deserve it. Angry Birds is not a complex game, I don't see why a clone needs funding.

          I realise I may come across as a jerk by posting this but I feel I have to post it in this "love it because it's blender" world.

        • Hey Nezumi, Why don't you show us what you've done? It would be interesting to see your level of expertise.
          Usually a person that has accomplished something good is humble in his approach toward all things. Come on, show us what you've done; if you don't, then we can assume your post is irrelevant.

  3. I totally agree with nezumi... I think it's time to have a Blender Website for professional only, some of the projects (like this one) on the blender front page website are in my view unaceptable.

    • Descripe Professional.
      He want to Proof the BGE.
      Maybe the Visual Art is not "Nice" to look but that is the easiest part to replace.

      The goal of this Project is also more interesting to Game Programmers rather than to artist.

      • I will be honest to the edge of acceptance by modern society :P I may be wrong but I guess goal of this "project" is 2500 bucks.

  4. To offer any critique, this game neeeeds shadows, especially with stuff flying through the air.

    Great to see that fundraising sites are a viable assistance to the marketing-game.

    ...and to anyone who gets hung up about "professionalism",  Blender has already proven itself as a power-house package---any doubters have missed the party.  you don't like someone else getting funding and publicity that's below your standards....what are you doing about it?  Type, or create?

  5. Good. I have collected only 1500 dollars for Dead Cyborg...
    I must try this Kickstarter... Or I must drop DC into the thrash.

  6. What Chris is trying to show us is how to use the BGE to create a game such as Angry Birds. Just to show you guys how this is done and how you can work with the BGE to create your own game. Chris is creating tutorials and show us how he did this. That's the whole thing.

  7. Whaoo...
    Dead cyborg! Dead Cyborg! Dead Cyborg ..
    ok i jock but i'm in accord with you. Y think this news is on Big Jock.
    and the 2500$ is for the 111 persons subscribe ?
    Héé y made Games with childreens (learning BG), they do better than this Art-work LOL

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