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Tutorial: How to add lights to an interior scene in Blender Cycles


For the Interior and Architecture Designers: Allan Brito posted a short video tutorial demonstrating how to light an interior space using Cycles and mesh lights. It showcases pretty well how quickly you can design light emitters and how much Cycles through the progressive rendering dramatically cuts down the time needed for test-renderings to fine tune the light emissions.


  1. I hope I will have "light portals" like in Vray so you can have the area light just a little outside the window so that it lights the interior as if it was bounced skylight, but it doesn't get rendered, so you dont have to "hide" it by weird positioning.
    I hope they will keep Blender Internal too, because a clean render with Cycles can take ages

  2. Mav, Cycles is not slow in comparison to other modern raytracing GI renderers.
    And yet all the optimizations are not done yet.
    Currently the development is on integration and GUI (Exactly Now OpenCL support is being developed), later on speed, and later on features.

    In comparison to BI, Cycles is as fast or faster, If you try to achieve the same result.
    + The setup time is a lot lot lot faster, because of the realtime preview. So if you don't save time rendering, you do save a tones of time setuping the scene.

  3. I agree with juan, .clean render in cycle take looong time, i ho0ope dev will fix it soon as blender 2.6 release. If i can help them, i will do some thing. . .

  4. I agree with juan, .clean render in cycle take looong time, i ho0ope dev will fix it soon as blender 2.6 release. If i can help them, i will do some thing. . .

  5. Juan Romero,

    you can already hide light emitters with the help of the light path node, here's a setup (there are invisible emitter planes in the windows):

    Also all, please keep in mind that Cycles is in no way complete nor optimized, it's very early days still. The wiki has info on what is planned:

    But even for pre-alpha software, IMO Cycles is already very good as it is now and much fun to play around with.

  6. I like cycles, but it has its place. It's good for photo-real renders and architectural visualization.

    Blender internal won't be forgotten or taken out of Blender. That would be a horrible move on their part, as most major studios don't even use physically correct rendering engines due to a lack in customization and artistic freedom. Pixar, for the most part, even avoids Ambient Occlusion and GI...

  7. mav has to be a troll to get a reaction from the community, anyone can throw out four words without any comparison bench marks or specifics, I really enjoy cycles, it's not as thorough or correct as lux, but it's ui is great and bodes well for a lot of pretty renders on BA in the coming months.

  8. So what is the plan is cycles going to be the default rendering system in blender going forward? do any of the renders have passes and portions system on the level of say Softimage?

  9. If you think Cycles is slow it is true.
    But what you forget is that with other renderers you spend a long time on test renderings.

    Even while Cycles might be slower for the finale image the project is done faster this way.

  10. @Drabson

    I like your car render. Can you provide specifics on how you accomplished the car paint/finish? Perhaps a blend file or if the community can point me in the right direction to obtain realistic car paint shaders/materials - and even a tutorial - for use within Blender I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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