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FreeStyle Sculpting Tech Demo


A very interesting tech demo by Lucian Stanculescu for his PhD, that allows adaptively tessellating topology à la sculptris, but with the added twist that the user can also punch holes in the topology, changing the genus of the mesh using only the brushes. He plans to develop the demo into a standalone application in future. More links can be found from the videos vimeo page.


  1. 0_0 those glazed textures..>!

    So this is completely apart from Sculptris?
    Which to learn?
    It's like the industry is raising the bar while we sleep, constantly.
    This looks like fun though.

  2. Hey looks good! Though I doubt Pixologic will buy this one too! ;)

    Let's hope he goes the GPL route, however I would understand that the work involved might need some compensation!

    Well done! Looks awesome!

  3. This looks cool, but isn't there already something similar to this in meshmixer?
    Just go to and watch towards the end of the meshmixer 05 video.

  4. I'm actually really interested in how this is comparing to the voxel sculpting in 3D-Coat, now that you can dig holes through objects.

    Put in some nicer retopology and multi-texture painting/display tools and Blender could become a good competitor to 3D-Coat.

  5. Seems he's romanian. The tech demo looks too pawnage. Great job! :-)
    Would be cool if blender would have that stuff implemented instead of yet another 3rd party application :P

  6. The 'kids' are people like us, even our own kids, most probably with more pressing needs than sculpting digital bubbles. I am not sure whether you are being ironic here though so I'll leave it at that.

  7. "One Blender to rule them all" is that a way of BF? To take over the world just like any other commercial company? I would be very happy if The community will leave other projects for themselves without "hating" :)

  8. I feel disappointed about Blender community "herding behaviour": do we need to be overly fanatic? Always when someone outside is maknig great 3D app, always here appear text like: "we should integrate it to blender" or "coder X is doing the same thing"... This is sad.
    With this approach we will resemble the BORG soon. Anyone is FREE to make his/her own 3d app, Blender is not Sauron of 3D world?

    "One Blender to rule them all" is that a way of BF? To take over the world just like any other commercial company? I would be very happy if The community will leave other projects for themselves without "hating" :)

  9. It's not quite like that actually. Of course everyone -is- free to make his own 3D app. Blender developers cannot dictate to others what they will make(And, by the way, no one dictates most of them what to make, apart from the paid developers maybe). They just put their hands on anything they find interesting. Of course in order for something to have value, it needs to be rare (basic economics) and this is where I can see the truth of the matter without the need for colourful and evocative language such as Sauron and the BORG. Giving something as part of blender for free, will diminish a similar product's value. But that is the beauty of blender: it's open and people can contribute to it. Should they stop doing it to save the competitiveness of other products? I think this is the logic of a dictated world, a world where people can't use their creativity freely because it is prohibited by commerce and law. One commerce to rule them all, if you like that metaphor. Apart from this I can't see a clear reason why people should not ask for the latest technology for their tools. I strongly suspect though that if this technique is patented we will not see it in blender soon. Now this -is- an example of not being 'free'. Maybe not though..
    Enough philosophy for now, back to code!

  10. @TinkyMax What is wrong with implementing features of other softwares on Blender?
    There are excellent coders out there and technology being published on papers - where anyone can see!
    I believe no one in BF or the community wants to "buy Sculptris".
    There is no need to!
    That's nothing but exciting!

    @Psy-Fi Nicholas Bishop is my hero!

  11. @TinkyMax:
    It`s not about hating - its about having a seamless working environment. Thanks to Blender we have a full featured environment for 3d Production. Not much need to switch to other applications for several kind of work. That streamlines work. And because of this, it would also be really nice to have this sculpting feature inside Blender too.
    The other "special" Apps may keep their own lives, I don´t have any caveats in this.

  12. Zomg. I just realized it was in the name along... What do you get if you take "lender." out of ""? the B.ORG! Borg/Blender/Sauron is gunna take over the world! Yee haw!

    Seriously though. I don't see any hating in this thread. I see people who would like to make sure that we as Blender users get a useful functionality and that it isn't taken away. I see people checking for duplication of effort with other Blender community projects, but I really don't see any hating here. Sure it may take place sometimes, but you get fanboys for every app. Maya / Max users can be quite vitriolic towards each other.

  13. TinkyMax needs to return to the re-education center.

    Honestly, we just like shiny things. Wanting features or making features is sad? I feel many of us see that putting something into blender is a safety feature for Open source artists.

  14. It is cool, however is the same as meshmixer or sculptris. One big difference would it be how this new program handles memory, so could it be faster than the mentioned above? hmmmm that would be a good point.

  15. [quote]h d harris Aug 10th, 2011 at 6:39 am

    pixologic is gonna be so mad when this hits the public

    ehh doubt it all of these features and alot more are already announced in the FREE zbrush 4R2 update! This guys is a couple years out and something else will be all the rage by the time he gets a app made out of it.

  16. Been a Machead for years - started on an Apple II. Started in 3D with Strata then moved over to Cinema 4D.

    C4D just got too expensive (I do 3D for fun, not money) and 2.5 came out.


    I jumped in to Blender at that point, and I have to say I love it.

    Add in Yafaray and Luxrender and WOW.

    I've been seeing what open source software is capable of and love the concept.

    I think my next computer will be a Linux box (Likely Ubuntu)

    It's not so much the price thing, it's the concept of open sharing that I think is a great thing.

    I try to share any knowledge I can with anyone who might be able to use it.

    Open source all the way from here, I think.

  17. I think that this program, if released, would probably be something much cheaper than ZBrush, though, I don't think this guy is necessarily trying to compete with ZBrush, either. ZBrush is a huge, towering 10-foot tall drooling beast that's not going to end as being the de facto industry standard and leading program for digital sculpting anytime soon. It's to 3D modeling what Photoshop is to 2D image manipulation.

    But I think a smaller program offered at a lower price would interest some people who'd like such a thing. Smaller advanced commercial programs are very useful. This may not get integrated into Blender or anything, but it might interest some Blender users, who may could afford this program for its advanced features. Anyways, I wish Lucian good luck on obtaining his PhD, after much hard work, I'm sure.

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