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  1. good to see ramen nood... er. compositor is alive... the software had a great future. a closed source project is a bit let down though :(

  2. It's looking good, I hope it will find it's users.
    For the closed sources it's too bad, but it's not easy to sustain some living while doing open-source,
    so I won't judge too badly this aspect (I only got 100 euros donation in 5 month working on open-source Maratis, but it had been downloaded more than 5000 times).

  3. @anael I just googled Maratis. Looks nice, even though I didn't try it.

    (Get ready for more downloads. It may get a little Blendernationed now that you've mentioned it)

  4. Is Blender or should Blender be thinking of letting some of its functionality go in to other stand alone programes. Could n't functions like UV mapping be done better by exporting into a bigger Mapping programe.
    Talking about other programes did u notice AutoCAD has used the spaceship making programe shown here recently for its 2012 image?

  5. Duncan

    the nice part is that in 2.5 you can animate the filters inside the compositor as well.
    This is getting quite close.

  6. Gottfried!

    That sounds very intriguing Mr Diplom! Can you elaborate on any of the upcoming features then? I assume it's well beyond a simple speed up in performance?

    Otherwise the integration of a lot of the recent features on Ramen look really promising. Congrats to the developer (and previous developers before them).

    Not that i can try it yet though, i can't figure out how to get online or install files on linux, despite hours of trial and error and searching for answers i must be windows hard wired. :(

  7. "now that it’s closed source it will remain dead."

    Oh right. Autodesk software is dead. Microsoft software is dead. Adobe software is dead. Give me a fanboy any time.

    Come on, let's not be childish.

  8. Thank you for your comments. It was really a surprise,
    my project being featured in BlenderNation today.

    A project being open source, does not mean that someone
    will continue the development if the original authors stop.
    You have the old Ramen to prove it. I'd say that in this case,
    it doesn't matter much open or closed source.

    I ported Blender's Defocus node to an OpenFX plugin, but it had
    nothing to do with Ramen. It was an independent project.
    You could use the plugin in Ramen, Nuke and other apps,
    but it was not part of Ramen.

    I know it's easy compare Ramen with Blender's compositor,
    but I'm trying to do something different. If you try both,
    you'll find out.

    Thank you for trying the app, and check the blog for updates,
    post your questions, bug reports, ...

  9. I will not be able to try it out, I'm on a 32bit OS still. On the other hand I dislike Open Source projects becoming closed source. For one, I wonder if ALL the contributors of code have agreed with it (I remember the impossibility of the Blender Game Engine even switching from GPL to LGPL) and all improvements will be closed too. (And seeing its a complete re-write.. well)

    Anyway having a closed source leads up to a few 'problems': becoming commercial, being abandoned, impossible to contribute to. Open source is no guaranty someone will continue developement, but the old Ramen just proves it's possible with a re-write, even if it's closed source. (Hey can someone make a 'clone' of an open source app into a closed source app with the same name anyway?) I bet you peeked at the original source quite a bit.

    Free Ramen 2!

  10. I was the one and only Ramen developer,
    both the open source version and the new one.
    All the code is mine, so I can change the code's
    license and do closed source releases.
    Of course, I can also reuse the project name.

  11. More interested in the open source, Blender compositor and tomato branch tracking thanks. More of a community behind it. More free to tinker with. More free to share with other people. I'm grateful they tried doing Ramen open source and wish them no ill. Just not interested in it since it closed.

  12. None of your business on

    "'now that it’s closed source it will remain dead.'

    Oh right. Autodesk software is dead. Microsoft software is dead. Adobe software is dead. Give me a fanboy any time."

    You took that out of context.
    He said, "...if the project dies again like before..."

    Of course, in this case, it was picked up by the original developer. One of three cases where a closed source program might be revived, (the other two being a third party who is given the source by an original developer, and a third party that successfully decompiles the original prior to, or as a part of, continuing development.)

  13. Nicholas Rishel on

    "A project being open source, does not mean that someone
    will continue the development if the original authors stop.
    You have the old Ramen to prove it. I’d say that in this case,
    it doesn’t matter much open or closed source."

    I do have a few bones to pick with this; I'll try to avoid name calling and accusations.

    The old Ramen didn't prove anything except that the original offering was not picked up by other developers before it was picked back up by the original author. To prove that you would either need to prove that A) no copies of your original code exist; or B) your code is not used again until the end of time.

    Seeing as the project was officially "canned" last October, you can't even say that it was given a fair chance to die; and I am having a hard time classifying it as having dyed at all.

    And, everything I desire to say past this point breaks down into the "name calling" and "accusations" category, so I guess this is a fine point to stop.

  14. Est!

    Glad you're making some waves with this, some healthy alternative views and methods to approaching things is never a negative.

    Looking forward to the windows version! ;)

  15. I think we are going too off topic.
    I didn't ask for the article. Someone from Blendernation
    found the blog and decided to do it. It's fine.
    There were thousands of visits to the blog and
    hundreds of downloads.

    There's no need to talk about closed / open source,
    licensing or things like that.

    It's much easier. If you are interested in compositing,
    have 64 bits linux and it's ok for you to use closed
    source software, then you can try the application
    and see if it works, if it's good or not, ...

    That's all.

  16. Great work Est, i think its looking great so far. one thing i havent liked about the Blender compositor is how all the controls are on the nodes, and i like how you have a panel for node properties.

    The interface is very clean, and bezier rotoscoping tool looks easier to use than Blenders.

    I cant get to dropbox at work where i run linux, and i run windows at home. Is there any chance you could put a compiled version on sourceforge?

    are you also using libmv for tracking?

  17. @Alexandre
    I'm not a fanboy by any means. Not even a boy. "None of your business" reflected my opinion quite well.
    And of course Est is not Autodesk, nor Adobe. That's the problem. I'm absolutly fine using closed source software, I do every day, but this software will be around tomorrow and the day after. In a project developed by one person I'm not so sure.

  18. @joorce

    Point taken, my apologize.

    But even so chances that the project would be picked by someone are close to non-existant. Compositing is just too complex to do professionally as a free project. We have Jeroen's new compositor, true enough. But he develops it commercially and he's still to gain how much? 7K euro to complete the project? (hint, hint :) If it wasn't for the pledgie, would we have even that? I really doubt it. Even with all the brilliant GSoC students it would be a damn difficult thing to do.

    Look at the other projects. Jahshaka never became much useful and was abandoned. Was is picked again? Yes - CineFX. Did CineFX succeeed? No, it's dead.

    We have another free compositing tool, Synapse. Is it open source? Yes. Does it work on multiple platforms? Yes. How many people work on it? Two. Do they have a lot of progress? Not as such.

    See what I mean? :)

    For a complex project you really really need some way to financially back you. All the major free graphics apps, i.e. Blender, GIMP and Inkscape, heavily rely on GSoC which kinda provides financial support. Take GSoC down and you will see a lot less progress (less so for Blender which has the foundatiion to partially support development).

  19. Sadly some people can't appreciate someone giving away work for free. Most important seems to be how it's given (as open source or not). Personally I couldn't care less since I don't do any programming. Todays new religion Open Source... and everything Apple ;)

    I, at least, am quite excited about this and will follow the development. Also looking forward to a Windows version :)

  20. I'll give it a good try, thanks for working on it! Blender compositor is great, but there's always room for a stand alone like Ramen (great choice of name btw )! Looking forward for the next versions!

  21. the main think I liked about Ramen was the openFx implementation. It really opens the software to something else. I'm a bit disappointed that this is not possible in Blender (as I have been told)

    About the close source thing, you guys piss me off ! Just get you hand out of your butt and use your head to think for once ! Not everything can be free. If you are just downloading a software to play with and not making actual real work and get paid for it, then just use what is out there. If you are using it to do actual work and get paid, why would you and not the devlopers ?
    Don't get me wrong, I'm a bit sad that it is not opensource as well, but if it's closed, well done and not too expensive, then why would you complain about it. Plus you have alternatives as Blender if you really can't afford anything.
    But again, if you cannot afford any software at all, either you are not charging enough, or just fooling around then use something else, but respect the choice of a guy passing hours on coding stuff and wanted to get a little money on his hard work.
    And stop comparing to Blender ! Blender is not made w/o money ! Ton is working his ass of to find money in donation, sponsoring by making movie and stuff !! It's almost an every day job, and not every developpers can afford to do that. not every software can use this kind of "buisness" model. And yes Blender is a buisness even if most of you, just use it like for free like a toy !
    And on top of that, most of the users complaining about close source are never changing a line in the code at all, so what's your problem after all ?!

    OFX & Python, ... you can still do a lot of things with it, those two things makes ramen a super platform even if you want to develop on top of that. And if you want to make your own, well, it's not like almost all the compositing algorithm were not well known as for today !

    Anyway, great work Esteban, please release a Mac version ;)



  22. Amazing how many expect getting professional software for free.

    The arrogance among some users here is just embarrassing.

    If you do it better - please do so - otherwise keep quite.

  23. I just ran across this page, but something stuck out that strikes me odd:
    "RamenHDR used a few nodes from Blender's compositor converted to OpenFX
    when it was Open Source so yes - Blender let's it's functionality go to
    other stand alone programs!"

    So now it is "closed source", but has open source code in it?

    • Interesting observation, I don't think that would be in line with Blender's GPL license. This post is almost 3 years old though, so there's no telling how things are now. How about contacting them and find out?

      • Well, this was merely an observation on my part. I wouldn't know this operation from Adam. However Blender Foundation may want to contact them about this, assuming they have a concern about it. They may know the players well to begin with.

        Is this app even active at this time?

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