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World Cricket Championship - Commercial Game with Blender and Unity3D


Sayanti from Nextwave Multimedia send us a notification about their latest commercial product "World Cricket Championship" which uses Blender and the Unity 3D game engine. The game is available for Android OS, Windows, iPad and soon also iPhone.

Visually it looks very good and is another great example that Blender can be used in the commercial world for game content creation. It seems that the combination of Blender and Unity 3D is a very productive pipeline in this rather new game device market. With the Unity 3D engine and its runtime versions for all major OSs and platforms, the artists can focus more on the game design and does not need to worry so much about porting the application / game to other platforms.

Nextwave Multimedia launches three cricket games in 3D, 'World Cricket Championship', 'Street Cricket' and 'Beach Cricket'. The games are made using a combination of Unity 3D game engine and Blender.

The basic game play was developed using Unity 3D rendering engine. The same was used to achieve inbuilt physics in the ball movement, sunlight effect, collision impacts, audio simulations and players animation, which create an overall realistic ambience, simulating a live match.

The 3 cricket games are developed for multiple platforms, Window OS, Apple Mac; iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android OS.

The games have the ability to transport you to the scene of action and are hugely engrossing and entertaining. These limited over games are true to live cricket in every way and involves choosing ones' own side and opponent and as in real cricket, gamers have the option to bat or to field.

World Cricket Championship: This limited over game can be played in 2 modes, 'Quick Play' for short play and 'Tournament' format for unlimited hours.

WCC is launched on Intel AppUp, Chrome Web Store, iTunes and Mac Store. The game will soon be avilable on Nokia Ovi Store and on Facebook.


Company Website:

For Android OS platform, trial and full version check
Android - Paid
Android - Free

For PC trial and full version check
Intel Free
Intel Paid

For Google Chrome Web Store, trial and full version check
Chrome Web store app – Free

For iPad, trial and full version check
iPad - Paid
iPad - Free

iPhone, trial and full version will be available soon



  1. "With the Unity 3D engine and its runtime versions for all major OSs and platforms"

    But still no Linux support, so it does not support all major OS's!

    Nonetheless good to see some more commercial projects using Blender.

  2. linux is NOT a major OS, its still fringe and always will be due to the fact that you still cant do everything in linux that you can do in windows and the linux equivalent programs just stink

  3. @jack cruz
    The only thing Linux cant do that windows can is suck.
    Linux can do everything windows can do, and most of the time can do them WAY better.
    Linux has no viruses.
    Witch Linux equivalent programs stink? Last time I checked cinalerra blows the pants off movie maker, libreoffice doesn't use those slow, awefull, unintuitive ribbons MS office 07 and 10 use, gimp is just as good as photoshop but if you got biased beef on it, then run Photoshop, it works fine on wine.
    Maya runs natively on Linux. So does SoftImage XSI, Houdini, and everything from the foundry.
    Linux user share is only 2% lower than mac.
    Linux has better memory usage better multi tasking better security.
    If Linux is not a "major" os than I don't know what is.

  4. @jack cruz
    Really? Last I checked Linux was only 2% under mac in os share.
    What can windows do that Linux cant?
    What is wrong with the Linux equivalent programs? Last I checked cinalerra blew the pants off windows movie maker, internet explorer is a joke, and MS office doesn't even come with the OS. Windows media player lacks codecs and downloading them is a hassle, Windows firewall may as well be a dirt bump, and have you ever tried installing windows? nothing works! you have to manually install drivers for everything, even for my Microsoft brand keyboard(works natively in Linux)!
    Linux handles memory, multitasking and security a million times better.
    If Linux is not a major OS then why is Maya, XSI, Houdini, and everything from the foundry released on Linux? Those are not even on mac!

    Name something windows can do that Linux cant,

  5. @Matt

    >> Name something windows can do that Linux cant

    Blue Screen of Death, Linux can't do that! When a process go mad in Linux, it doesn't bring down the OS like it does on Windows. ;)

    Though, it's lame that the "major OS" marketing buzzword excludes Linux while it has almost the same market share as Mac has. Or maybe vendors should say : "major non-free OS" instead.

  6. When it can support bluray drives /video or svideo output on a wider range of gfx cards I might try it again for a multimedia machine. But really who does that? (Yes I get bluray would be wasted over an svideo connection, two quick examples.)

    - Nice to see Blender used in a wider range of productions. :)

  7. jack cruz is just a big troller, don't answer to him, we've all have seen this kind of discussion,
    enough now, people who says things like that are people who don't know Linux or had just try it 5 minutes..
    We know how Linux is good because it's the same family as Blender.. OpenSource !

  8. as a programmer myself i like linux. its so easy to work on. moreover i feel safe in linux.
    I like cricket. its a great a pleasure to see some nice stuff going around cricket. claps.

  9. Whether Linux is a major OS or not is not particularly relevant to the post. What matters most is that Blender is being used in commercial products.

  10. its long time now when this game will be available for s60^3 or at ovi store????????we are still waiting for this plzzz release it for s60^3 or make it available to ovi store as soon as possible plzzz!

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