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Ben Amend's Blender Tutorials


Ben Amend host a nice list of very short and compact tutorials on his website. They range from modeling, to rendering, and compositing. In addition he also offers some free models to download.

He is a 14 years old Blender user from southern Ohio and his portfolio, specifically his architectural and guitar renderings are quite impressive. Hopefully his tutorials are inspiring to the other new emerging Blender users here.

Website URL:

  • Introduction to Bullet Physics
  • How to Create the Moon in Blender (A Sequel!)
  • How to Create the Sun in Blender
  • Outdoor Day/Night Lighting in Blender 2.5
  • How to Create a Palm Frond in Blender
  • Compositing CG With Live Action Film (Or an Image)
  • How to Create a Virtual CD Player in Blender
  • How to Create Realistic Grass in Blender
  • Lighting Tutorial Series – 3-point Area Lamp Setup
  • Lighting Tutorial Series – Cloudy Outdoor Lighting
  • Lighting Tutorial Series – Sunny Outdoor Lighting
  • How to Create Fireworks in Blender 2.5 – Part 1
  • How to Create an Interesting Desktop Background in Blender 2.5
  • How to use the Ivy Generator with Blender 2.5
  • How to Create a Glazed Doughnut in Blender 2.5
  • How to Create a Sketch Effect in Blender 2.5
  • Creating a Roller Coaster – Part 1
  • Creating a Roller Coaster – Part 2
  • Creating a Roller Coaster – Part 3


  1. Very nice tutorials, Ben seems to be an even younger version of Andrew Price. :P

    Also, just another reason that Blender is awesome. It's unlikely that Ben would be making 3DSMax tutorials at his age. (And unlikely that I would have gotten to contribute to Blender's code when I was 16 :D)

  2. Oh, yeah! Ben's the man! He has some nice tutorials, and I love how he's open for requests and then giving them a shot! And he loves guitars--that already gets my attention. I've had this guy's site bookmarked for a while, but it's been a while since I've been back, so thanks for the update, cekuhnen. I wouldn't be surprised to see Ben working on a Blender Foundation project someday in the future.

  3. what !!! 14 years jaw dropped to the floor :o
    the tutorial was so expert, i don't think he could be so young...this is fantastic...

    you're the man Ben ! keep up a good work

  4. The Skipper on

    I find it odd that people get worked up over Blender users who are young. I mean, when you are that young, you have way more time on your hands to learn (ie. no job, taxes, bills) and there is the fact that younger people seem to have an easier time learning. It's like kids who learn to play video games really well, only Ben is a way more productive member of society then they are.

  5. graphixgeek on

    "And a child shall lead them..." Been on his site; this young man is, for all intents and purposes, a renaissance man in the making. Even better, he's willing to share what he's learned with old farts like me on request. As The Skipper said, younger people have an easier time learning and this one has an inexhaustible supply of energy that he's using it to be productive. HE is the kind of user Ton made Blender open source and free to the masses for. Everyone who might be so worked up over his youth needs to bring it down a couple of notches; sounds like a bunch of haterade to me.

  6. 14 years old.

    I am impressed.

    This gives an idea the true strength of Blender.

    Blender allows anyone, wether they be a 14 year old, someone from a third world country or someone who is poor, to compete purely on the basis of there skill set with the best.

    In this case it shows why a free download such as Blender is helpful to society at large. This 14 year old obviously has a future career in animation or graphic arts. Would that 14 year old have that career in future without Blender?

    Blender levels the playing field for a lot of people. It allows very diverse people to compete purely on skill. showed the way for fans to break into serious film production without being in Hollywood. They created at which quite a few people are putting together productions. Now Blender is giving a toolset to people all over the world to compete with the best financed, purely on skillset.

    I would not be suprised if in the next few years some films appear at film conferences with special effects and compositing done purely in Blender, from zero budget productions, assuming it has not already happened.

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