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Cycles Render Demo by Mike Pan


Mike Pan demonstrates the new Cycles renderer running on ubuntu 11.04, and shows off it's realtime rendering capabilities.

Note: The video is a timelapse, so the rendering shown is not real time.


  1. Is it likely that it will be able to render particles. I think we'd all love a GPU renderer that could do grass :)
    Excellent work!

  2. i just hope it will get closer to the old blender render workflow by time.
    im very excited about further steps and looking forward to a 64bit windows version with CUDA.

  3. Very impressive!

    I hope Cycles will be used for Mango, because it is closer to a physically correct look than BI.

  4. Really I want to see a challenge. How main frames per time of sintel can it render.

    The top effect of a real-time render is to be able to produce movie grade fast. Of setting bar high gives the project some to reach for as a long term goal.

  5. Can't wait till the Cycles project is complete! (Also can't wait till my *OLD* machine can support it so I can try it out myself xD)

  6. The Cycles UI is more readable and usable thant the 2.5x UI... can we expect good changes for 2.5x ?

  7. I want that power!! now I have 3 in the eye...
    Bmesh, Unlimited Clay, An this!!

    I suppose that it will need a graphic card :/


  8. blendercomp on

    I gave it a go using defaults (two Susane heads) but the render came out all black!
    Guess it's too much to ask what went wrong?

  9. Will Cycles later also support Radeon graphics cards?
    Because I think of changing my old GeForce to a more powerful Radeon HD and it would seriously suck íf I couldn't use Cycles then...

  10. That looks amazing!.
    Can't wait to get my hands on that!...

    Will it be render node only or will we be able to set textures as we do now?.
    Would rather be able to do things as we do now as so used to them!.
    However, using render nodes as we do with this would be great!.

  11. ahhhhhh im getting crazy. i want it now, thank to the people or the person who is working so hard to get this done. really, it's awesome. i can't wait, i am eating my fingers.

  12. NOTE ABOUT RADEON CARDS AND OPENCL (since no one seems to be reading any of the other comments):
    ATI (Radeon) cards are not currently supported. That is because OpenCL is not currently supported, but will be in the future.

  13. Matt Heimlich on

    OpenCL is not supported at the moment simply because it is not mature enough and it missing functions that would allow it to match the speed of CUDA. Brecht has said that this will be on the roadmap for the future, however. I honestly don't understand the nVidia hate though. Corporate fanboyism is dumb.

  14. I still haven't heard what this will mean for animations? Is it compatible?

    Also these never ending renderer sound weird to me, you just let it keep going or something?

    I don't think it's corporate fanboyism that is making people not like CUDA its the lack of openness. Blender is open by design and compatible with everything. It's the reason the GE doesn't use DirectX and the renders use open libraries too.

  15. I hope this will become default! That's amazing how you can see what the render looks like from the editing window! I tried the build, but I can't make it work; just a black screen. Is that because I have an intel video card? Will I need a nvidia for this to work?

  16. @ bntser The reason i think your seeing a black screen is you need to edit all your materials and turn on nodes for each material (little check box in materials under surface that worked for me) hope this helps;-)>
    cycles rocks thank you devs

  17. Brad Cathey on

    Nvidia has had excellent support for OpenCL for a while. It will only be a short while before it will be ported from CUDA. Then everybody can be happy.

  18. WOW! this is gonna be monumental! I hope they make this top priority for next major Blender release..

    To the developers working on this... you guys are freakin' awesome! keep up the crazy good work!!! you guys are making history here... seriously!

  19. Cycles with CUDA cards is impressive, one of the most incredible things I seen in Blender!, but then I tried it in an old notebook with Celeron processor and a very deprecated built-in video card, and the CPU acceleration maybe is a little bit slow than CUDA, but is totally usable and impressive too, So i don't see a real problem about use CUDA as one of the aceleration options.

  20. Skauch

    I think CUDA can be really good but other engines such as Modo etc do only use the CPU and you also have a decent
    speed to work with.

  21. SINTEL (and other BF MOVIES) should be re-rendered with cycles in the future .I remember Colin levy saying that some scenes didn't turn out as he envisioned due to dated internal renderer.

  22. I know that eventually everything wil be modeled and animated in viewports with real time renders instead of open gl. This is a huge step in that direction and we're getting very close.

  23. @Gavin

    AFAIK, GPU is best for particles really. I read about the pasta(?) storm in Cloudy with Meatball, where Sony used GPU renderer. Most of fire, water in Harry Potter & Avatar Last Airbender is also GPU (serious super computer GPU that is - a collection of high end card). But GPU none the less.

    This is because of small GPU memory, and particles are same thing, but lots and lots of it. So GPU is good here.

    There is also a demo of furry car floating on youtube, which is a test example of particles and GPU.

  24. @blendercomp: I also had black screen first on linux (built from svn), I copied to /usr/lib because cycles did not see it.

    @rorkimaru: With a time limit or "noiseness limit" animations are possible.

    @Kike sanz: This has a new materialing system, I think rerenders will be possible when there will be a converter.

    I would like to see what wonders it can do with Justacluster!! :)

  25. lolol. people only complain about geforce cuz they have radeon and cant use these features... i have nothing against ATI, they just dont seem to care about gpu computing at the moment. dont even have anything like cuda... and thats been out for YEARS. and dont complain about speed. i have a 3 year old 9800 that costs like $80 and i can render just fine with it.

  26. Hello!

    I tired cycles but whenever I activate it, blender shut downs. My question is: Is Cycles engine dependent on latest hardware only? Is it possible to run it on older PCs lets say without the fancy stuff, just quality fast rendering?
    Thank you for taking time to reply!
    Best regards,

  27. Hey!

    Could someone tell me if it is possible to render in realtime like on the video? All I can do with latest windows build is to render it normal way - no material changing 'on fly' and such stuff.

    Thank you and best regards,


  28. This really bring blender to another level...
    Yes I cannot wait for this to be part of the official build,
    That will definitely make me switch to 2.5.

    It is so good to have you back.

  29. My question is this.
    Will this project go anywhere or stay as a partial piece of software?
    Is Mike Pan willing to say develop this if we started a fundraiser?
    Finally if we did get it to become fully developed it has to have something over LuxRender's GPU rendering.
    Possibly a very tight integration(almost if it were internal in many ways) between Blender and Cycles?
    Maybe we could fund this like the ocean sim,
    as this is more useful then the ocean sim, and look on how well it did.

  30. Hmm, I downloaded the build from Graphicall and the BMW file, and immediately is running on a Windows 7 machine with ATI videocard!

  31. Hello!

    On linux after finding all missing stuff needed for blender with cycles to launch it renders black screen, what should I do? the lib file is located to the usr/lib folder
    could someone advice what else could be done?

    Thank you!

  32. Hi, this is all very exciting and I tried it on windows32bit:
    Is anyone else having this problem when everything looks good in the view port (bottom right in the example file) but appears very dark just at the end of the final pass of the actual "F12 render"(top left in the example file)? Example file is here:

    I would be glad if you had any ideas on how to fix this.

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