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New OctaneRender Demo 2.46b released!


Octane Render is a extremely fast GPU-based unbiased renderer that delivers stunning photo-realistic images. With the 2.46b demo, new users can test this great software for free! Head over to the website to get your copy of the demo version!

Radiance writes:

Demo users can now evaluate OctaneRender® functionality with all the new features (area lights, IES, gradients, alpha channels, and much, much more) added since the 2.2b DEMO version was released.

The commercial version is available for licensed customers in the Commercial News & Releases forum.



  1. @lsscpp There is a blender exporter for licenced customers. For testing the demo version you will have to export to .obj

  2. This I like and will use.

    A suggestion.

    Ask them to turn over the code for the Cubix GPU-Xpander for OctaneRender® to the Blender people and see what they can do with it. you never know.

  3. No, I use Octane, there is not currently an official exporter for anything over 2.49. There are buggy, strange ones, but they don't work too well. I just use object import and do most of the work in Octane.

  4. quote arthur "No, I use Octane, there is not currently an official exporter for anything over 2.49. There are buggy, strange ones, but they don’t work too well. I just use object import and do most of the work in Octane."

    for all licensed customers there is an unofficial exporter v1.10 by yoyoz which works perfectly with 2.57. i used it very often in a lot of different ways and found no bugs yet!



  5. Grrrrr... i bought AMD too ! :( I dont need next central heating in my room :))) Maybe next generation... But I hope that Open CL will be implementing in internal render and Luxrender and Yafa very very soon.

  6. guys a decent NVIDIA card would be around 200 dollars to already get a card which would deliver great render results speed wise ;)

    I am on a laptop and cannot just add a new card.

  7. "Note that all versions of octane render as of v1.0 beta 2.3 and higher will require an internet connection to function..."

    Very bad - this is a big no-go for me ... I don't buy games that need an internet connection to work, so I won't buy commercial software for working purposes.

  8. Great news, Octane is already a fantastic companion to Blender. Reality of the commercial world forced me to get a better renderer ( sadly the Blender engine is lacking a tiny little bit ) and after trying Indigo, Yaf(a)ray and Luxrender I have fallen in love in Octane. Honestly the cost of license is really nothing compared to other commercial competitors. And guys - stop complaining, just get GeForce cards - ATI is not that great - I could never get ATI to work with Blender. No offence, but - NVIDIA is the way forward!

  9. Ops I thought Octane only needs the internet for the Live Database and once for registering your computer with the server to get the license key.

    This is bad that you need internet to also run it.

  10. Seriously, internet function to use it? Probably some weird copy-protection sceme. Hah, if your internet is down, or their server, DNS or other issue for that matter, your rendering would also halt?

    I have left alone software that requires online registration alone a long time ago, online connection I ignore completely.
    Sure, one wants to protect its software, but these kind of solutions wont stop people finding an pirated version. And serious users (ie companies) will pay I assume. I wonder how professional companies would look at this. Having a render node connected to the internet just for copy protection with all the risks of connecting a vital component in the production pipeline to the internet? And who cares is Joe Sixpack renders his hobby cube on Octa? Today's hobbyists might become tomorrow's customers anyway.

    But its nice to see optional render engines being developed. For me personally, I stick with Blender Internal, not because it's the best, but because it's the best for me at this time. Go Octane guys, but reconsider some things to make it even better!

  11. @LOGAN: "Probably some weird copy-protection sceme."
    They specifically stated that it wasn't for this, but for the Live DB. It's a database of user-made materials and textures. While it also works as an anti-piracy function, they said they know that people will look upon it as though they are deliberately doing it for the exact reason you said: a copy protection "scheme" (which sounds rather negative). That's why they're working on an alternative method. Besides, all you need is as little as a mobile phone internet connection to run Octane. All you need is a connection to initialise the software. Once it's running, you can cut off the connection, and you can still work with the software. It's only if you close Octane that you need an internet connection to start it up again.

  12. Yeah, that pretty much kills it for me as well. The price is nice, but as a matter of principal forcing me to connect is right out. I'm sure an open source multi-gpu rendering option will appear eventually.

  13. Need to check the server to run it every time?

    Anyone who bought Antics to do pre-production will know what kind of bad idea that is.

    HINT: Since we're talking about pre-production, the then current version is good enough. The problem is, they can't run it. Which is sad.

  14. I doubt ATI or OpenCL will come to Octane any time soon. CUDA is just a lot more developed than Stream or OpenCL for these purposes. It sucks as I like ATI's hardware a lot more, though Nvidia's drivers are a lot better.

    The internet connection thing was a huge issue when they first implemented it around 9 months ago. Not a huge issue to me. Last I remember the internet connection is only required at the start of the render and when accessing the "live DB" so if your connection goes out during a render it is not a problem. I see both sides of the argument, but as I don't have a problem connecting I don't see a huge issue with it. RIB, or some other animation format, support is a hugely needed thing as well. Exporting each frame of an animation into an .obj file, which is all the export plugins really do, is frustratingly a long process if one has a large scene.

    Octane is a great piece of software and I am happy to see that they are still going at it and improving the software.

  15. Matt Heimlich on

    Internet connected to a render node is a big no-no in the professional scope of things. That's how things have leaked out in the past.

    Also, sucks to be an ATI/AMD fanboy right now. I could never stand their drivers anyway.

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