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Blender Developer Meeting minutes February 20 2011


The weekly development update.

Thomas Dinges writes:


we had a short meeting, here some infos:

Blender 2.5x project

  • Infos about the improvements for the fluid particles are on the Blender Code blog. Janne Karhu asks for some feedback :) If there are no big issues he can commit during next week.
  • New Material Pipeline panel For normal materials we will stick to the old interface, for node materials we will use the pipeline panel. This should clear things up again. :) Erwin Weber will do a new patch. Thomas Dinges will review and commit.
  • First stable 2.5 version (2.57) is still planned for March. Priority remains on bug fixing and to-do items.

Current projects / branches

  • Sergey Sharybin mentions that the svg importer is nearly finished and can be committed to addons repository soon. This is still wip, so please contact him directly if you find bugs.
  • Janne Karhu want to implement paged particles into Blender. This would bring back Reactor particles for example.
  • particles-2010 branch: Lukas Tönne reports work has been done on node basics and especially group handling over the past few days
  • Jeroen Bakker will give more infos about his Tile based / OpenCL compositor project next week.



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  1. what about the mirror and subdiv modfiers in sculpt mode? why they are not supported in last builds? is this a bug or its temporary? i cant think of any logic reason why to not have them work there! I reaaly find very helping to switch from edit mode to sculpt mode when im modelling characters and take advantage of sculpting brushes while modelling! or are they temporary disabled because of some work in the sculpting area?

  2. Well you can wait for 2.57 if you want. but try to hunt as many bug as possible, and report it. It will not get stable if still has many bugs in it.

    My knowledge in Blender however is not as good as many of you here, what i thought a bug apparenlty was a features, it happens many times in my bug report ~_~' but hey, at least i can learn something from it ^_^

  3. Of course UI is not a priority.
    We are doing a refactoring ad everybody is so much afraid of an interface change.
    We will stick to the old, messy, interface ;)

  4. I don't think the bmesh is dead. the blog hasn't been updated since december but in the post he said he was busy and the weather makes him sick. Plus bmesh was never really in the pipe for the 2.5 series anyway. Ton and this bmesh guy have said that before. It would have been great if he finished it in time, but it's one guy doing this in his spare time. Give him some time to finish.

    Also, 2.57 stable is awesome news! I hope Ivo can update his norman port and Bassam finishes his new Mancandy rig so I we can have some prime rigs for animation tests!

  5. Hopefully they will do a lot more bug fixing before the release. The current beta and also the development builds are crashing every 5 minutes for me. Don't even touch effects in sequence editor.

    Can't even report the crashes as registration for blenders bug tracker appears to be broken for weeks.

  6. What exactly are normal materials? I think materials are always the same, they contain shaders, textures and operators.
    The material pipeline in the current state is absolutly weired.
    You can have a wizard for quick material settings, but shouldn't it be fully compatible with the node view?
    One possible way to assure that, can be some sort of "hyper linked" three view (for settings panel view)

  7. Yay so much cool new stuff going on with Blender right now. Finally there is word of the long lost particle reactor. Now can somebody tell me what's up with hair collision?

  8. BlenderBeginner on

    can't wait for the 2.57 release. but i am a little comfused about the second point, about sticking with the old interface for materials. anyhow, you guys always know the best stuff to do and that is why blender is the best.keep up the great work :))

  9. What exactly do they mean by SVG import?

    I hope it is the ability to use SVG files as textures - and not that is abuilt-in SVG to bitmap converter.

  10. favorite software ever.... Though I still keep a copy of 2.49 because of the import/export scripts, radiosity for making game environments with vertex colors and stuff like that.

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