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LuxRender Competition - Secret Spaces


Win a FREE copy of Blender and LuxRender in this new LuxRender competition ;-)

BinaryCortex writes:

After the success of the first ever LuxRender competition, Fire & Ice, we are pleased to announce a new LuxRender competition Secret Spaces. The competition will run until February 28th, all entries must be new original works.

The secret spaces theme is broad and open to interpretation.


  • That one magical place you go to get away from it all.
  • A space that offers an escape into a different world - either because it truly is hidden from the world (like a vault or hidden glade) or it is somewhere people don't go (like under the stairs).
  • That one spot in the park that only you know about.

Keep in mind these are just examples, let your imagination run wild. Who knows, perhaps its a place not even found on earth... Take inspiration from anywhere and go nuts.

The goal of these competitions is to promote LuxRender, deomstrate its abilities, and elicit new works of art rendered with the LuxRender rendering engine.

Read the forum post for further details.


  1. Hey FreeMind, do you see the smiley in this line: "Win a FREE copy of Blender and LuxRender in this new LuxRender competition ;-)" What do you think, the author would like to tell you with this smiley??

  2. @FreeMind:
    Didn't you hear? As of today, Blender and LuxRender are going commercial. And the prices are:
    Blender: $999
    LuxRender: $399
    You should return your free copy by this Friday.

  3. You have to uninstall Blender and LuxRender after the 30 day trial unless you are using it for commercial, non-commercial or private usage. Seriously!

  4. nope its not been Microsoft, it wasOracle.
    Since they bought the blender software, they announced to "continue" the so-called "open Blender" edition, which seems to be a kind of second-class edition of the upcomming commercial Blender pro.
    The good news: most of the blender developer comunity left Oracles blender pro development, and are currently building up the dot-blend foundation. Because the rights for the name blender are now in the ownership of Oracle, the new software may be named dot-blend.

    sorry, just joking.
    Similarities to real incidents are neither accidental nor random, but intentional.

  5. Psss... I know a Secret Space where you can get both Blendre and Luxrender for Free. Do you want the link ? I guess I must keep it secret to win the competition.
    And to be serious, free does not mean that if you enjoy blender, luxrender, or other free software, you cannot pay something, saying the amount you think "équitable -éthiquable".
    Good luck to all participants.

  6. Actually, given their value people should think about giving something in return. If not money then perhaps something else, your first born maybe? (They are delicious)

    Luxrender is potentially equal to Maxwell. What it lacks is similar ease of use so maybe help out with the GUI? Help creating new materials? Export/import plugins?

    Blender is certainly comparable to some commercial 3D apps. (not all). The biggest complaint that those coming from a commercial app have is again the GUI. Hopefully 2.56 will change that.

  7. Luxrender kicks some serious butt, but it's also seriously lacking artwork in its galleries: much of it consists of glass test scenes or some other geek favorite. The situation was better before artists fled to Octane en masse...

    hope this helps to raise the quality of Lux artwork again...

  8. Attracting artists is indeed one of the benefits we hope for so that artists needs continue to drive LuxRender development.
    If you look at what DAZ users do with the Reality plugin, you'll get a broader idea of what can be achieved with LuxRender right now.

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