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Meeting minutes, 26 sept 2010


They were fixing Shift+Numpad on Windows, OBJ/BVH/FBX exporters, planning to get rid of DOS console on Windows. Bug tracker total went down under 300. Plus a report on the works done in the week from Nathan Letwory.

Ton Roosendaal writes

Hi all,

  • Nathan Letwory still works on getting Shift+Numpad work in Windows
  • Campbell reports an important bug fix in obj/bvh/fbx export, as reported by Unity engine
  • Bug tracker total went down to under 300, closed total last week almost 150!
  • Campbell will add Operator poll function (context test) to return static string for Python scripters to check why a call fails.
  • A discussion went on whether the Console editor should do print reports, or whether a new editor type would be needed for it. No decision yet.
  • Meeting proposes to get rid of the DOS Windows console on startup... this can work as for the other OS's; you can always make it start with a console using a script or shortcut. Proposal will be reviewed by Windows maintainers further.

That's it folks, back to work!


Nathan Letwory adds:

Hi all,
a quick report on the work done in week 38:

  • Janne has been fixing bugs with mesh tools, f-curves and constraints.
  • He also worked on accuracy for particle collision response, improving stability and robustness.
  • Campbell has also been working like a work horse on our tracker, closing over 43 reports (fixing 30!).
  • Like Janne and Campbell, also I have been working on our tracker, doing over 30 reports.

I want to thank also Matt, Daniel, Brecht, Sergey, Thomas and Peter for
closing bugs. Naturally, thanks to all reporters and those who are
actively verifying bugs on their systems: you're efforts are valuable!

Again, for the pretty pictures and more numbers, check out
Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 38

A great start of a new week to all,

Sep 26 21:18:36 <kaito> "total 15 bugs closed. New bugs for this day: 14"
Sep 26 21:18:43 <kaito> that's horrible!
Sep 26 21:18:57 <kaito> how can we stop bugs coming!

Now that reminds me of Starship Troopers.


  1. The unglamorous, patience-killer, but fundamental, bug-fixing chore that no one cheers.

    Hold firm!

    You have to find the brain-bug, and capture it ;)
    Then you'll control the bugs...

  2. "
    Sep 26 21:18:36 ”total 15 bugs closed. New bugs for this day: 14?
    Sep 26 21:18:43 that’s horrible!
    Sep 26 21:18:57 how can we stop bugs coming!

    Just don't implement new features.
    Sounds silly? Snow Leopard.

    Take it easy Tiger - Leopard - Snow Leopard took 7 years and that's only an OS ( reading/writting to disk, invented 30 years ago ).

  3. This reports giving a good "look behind" what development means. A lot of boring detail work somewhere in the deep of all this lines....
    Bug hunting is good. Your´e all doing a great job and - take the time it need to make it stable - welcome to the mobile Infantry. ;)

  4. Why get rid of the console window, where will all the reports go then? Is there another window for it in the other operating systems that will replace it on Windows?

  5. @Blending BriGuy. If you really want the windows console, simply start blender in the command line. I don't remember where you can access it in Windows.

  6. Sep 26 21:18:36 ”total 15 bugs closed. New bugs for this day: 14?
    Sep 26 21:18:43 that’s horrible!
    Sep 26 21:18:57 how can we stop bugs coming!

    Like joery67 said :

    Separate new features release (including code rewrite) from bug fixing release. Another option it's to have 2 teams, one who work only on new features and the other on bug fixing.

  7. About the console window; this is good if it disappears and we still have the option of using it with a command line.

    Just a suggestion for where the print reports could go. They could be printed in the Info editor; exactly where the User Preferences were in 2.4x. This has the advantage of always be accessible by just draggin it like we did for the User Preferences before. And the name of the editor (Info) seems appropriate. Anyway, there is nothing there right now.

    Give your impressions.

  8. Why get rid of the DOS console in windows? It comes in quite handy when blender freezes! I think it would be better to have an option for it.

  9. "you can always make it start with a console using a script or shortcut. "

    Great! And while you're adding this ability, please add back command line switches! These are sadly missing in 2.5, but in 2.4x allowed me to:

    a) Force the Blender window to start in the same position it used last time (i.e. "...blender2.49.exe" -w -p -1280 53 2960 1000" to make it start spread across both my monitors.

    b) Create a set of simple .bat files to invoke a sequence of completely separate render jobs, unattended over a weekend. A very important automation feature that makes Blender a serious tool, rather than just another application.

  10. “you can always make it start with a console using a script or shortcut.” Does this mean the same console? Or is it the python console? Or something else entirely?

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