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SAAB-91 Virtual Race


SAAB-91 Virtual Race is a GPL racing game based on Blender Game Engine (BGE) being developed by the team "SKIDRULES" (3 people from Russia and Sweden) Although they are releasing alpha version 3 but the game is fully playable.

Basil Volkov (bileyg) writes:

We have just released third alpha of the game "SAAB-91 Virtual Race".

You can see results here . The game is totally open, feel free to look inside and use anything and any decision yo want.

Some game details:

  • It's 2.49b based. We used GLSL materials and lights. And you'll need at least NVidia GeForce 7600 and 1 Gb RAM to play it.
  • The game was created by our team SKIDRULES: Me (bileyg), Anna, Daniel (manchester1994)
  • It's official game of "SAAB 91 P&S Group" (they designed new SAAB vehicle)
  • Game is fully playable now. We call current version "alpha" because we need to finish web-script to make Internet Championship work.

About us:

We are from Russia and from Sweden. We are extremely small team but we'll try to develop the game in future. We are planning real championship, a lot of cars to download and install and much more.

The next thing we plan to do is the Track Editor. Simple but effective. So you'll see more tracks, more cars, more fun soon.

Thank you for attention

Bileyg. Skidrules Team International.

Link: SAAB-91 Virtual Race


  1. I just hope that SAAB never releases this car because it looks like a bad imitation of a Opel Corsa, on whose underpinnings it's probably based. If I were SAAB I'd concentrate on high-end luxury vehicles with as much own technology as they can afford.

  2. I like the car.

    The game is quiet fun for a prototype, i could think of making a few props or track pieces for fun. Is this a commercial project of some kind? Why SAAB-91?

  3. Urhhh!
    Guys, why you just didn't got some good shots from Internet?
    I saw some ugly backgrounds with grey houses in "bed districts" of Moscow (possibly). It's a shame to show all this in such a view!
    Of course its not originally but you could just get some cool pictures of Vorobjevy Gory places i mnogo vsego krasivogo esche est', a ne eti pomoyki, kotorye pora uzhe davno snosit' i stroit' normalnye doma! :)

    Sorry, this text in Russian is understandable mostly for russians, so I decided to not translate it.

  4. I like to "feel free to look inside and use anything and any decision yo want." but how, it is an .exe and I am on Linux. Beside this it is a possible GPL violation.


  5. I'm sorry but in no way is this game anywhere nearly finished and in it's current state it is pretty awful. The car modeling is ok, everything else is sub standard. Terrible texturing, lighting, environment design, sound etc.
    The biggest problem I think is the handling of the car which is horrendous. There are car scripts being shared on blender artists which would do a much better job. I'm afraid the Club Silo demo style game of several years ago is far superior to this.

    It's great that these guy's are willing to put the time and effort in to have a go at creating a game and sharing the results, including all the files. The problem is what they have produced is not worth the download. I would suggest that since they are already sharing the files, they should maybe post a thread in the game engine section of BA where I'm sure there are people who have the know how to help rescue this disaster. Why it has been given a plug on a site which normally showcases the best of Blender is completely beyond me.

  6. Wow, this last comment (seanser) blowed my mind. It's so good and constructive that I've already know that person behind it is great developer with great experience and knowledge. He has probably created and shared tons of great stuff with Blender community. And he has every right to literally spit on everything that doesn't meet his high standards. Bravo, my deepest respect. I'm speechless. Just Bravo.

  7. Sorry you don't like my comment damir, maybe it was a bit too harsh but it was honest. I did say the modeling was good and that it was good of them to share the files. I also suggested that they post in a WIP section of a games forum.
    However, I am right about the overall quality of the work and perhaps I'm wrong but I was under the belief that the purpose of this link from the main Blender site, serves to showcase high quality Blender related projects. Promoting work like this on the front page does nothing for Blenders reputation in the 3d community. There are much better projects that deserve the attention.
    My criticism would not have been anywhere nearly as harsh had this been posted as a WIP in a forum like Blender Artists game section. It's my view on what has been presented in the introduction as more or less a finish game. It's obvious that the team has contacted Blender Nation in order to promote this, personally when I publicly present my work I expect to get criticism in the areas that fall short and I take it on the chin.

  8. @seanser
    Hm... Have you even read that this is an alpha release? I don't mind criticism, what I do mind is spitting on other people hard work and that's all what you have done. To call an alpha release "a disaster" and to recommend them that they should give someone on BA to do better job is utterly rude. Do you know how to do it better? Then offer them your help. And to tell that Blendernation normally publish only best of the best is plain snobism. Sorry, but I'm honest as well. Gosh, I'm arguing and I don't even like this game. I'll stop here.

  9. I didnt like this game at all.... it's ugly, at some point the cars starts to fly... awful sounds, physics totally false...
    Too bad.. :(

  10. First of all I want to thank you all gor response and critics. Now I'll try to answer some questions:

    1. "Beside this it is a possible GPL violation." I don't think it's GPL violation. .exe is judt the self extracting archive. All the files inside including .blend files are totally open. Sorry, we decided to release windows version first. We just have a lack of time to prepare versions for Linux and Mac.

    May be somebody could help us with it.

    2. I don't want to discuss the car design here. There are the special place to discuss it - SAAB 91 Petition & Support Group. I just want to mark out: This car often appears in a lot of press and magazines over the world including TopGear and Quattroruote.

    3. "bed districts of Moscow"... no, this is not Moscow... Next time we shall not have any district at all. We shall give you stadium & customizable racing track.

    4. "thread in the game engine section of BA where I’m sure there are people who have the know how to help rescue this disaster" - we have this thread and you can go there and say anything you want.

  11. How do one open the .exe and extract the content? Is there a GPL.txt licence text inside?

    Maybe (I did not try) this is just the installer but how can I know?

    Some people even would tell you it is always a GPL violation to link/pack GPL code inside an EXE, and only using a blenderplayer and a open .blend is a safe way.

    Why do I insist so on these points? You are in the public, so act in a way blender gets the attention it deserves without exposing it to people who want to putcritics on OpenSource (i.e. one main argument is the uncertainity about licenses). So when you make your content watertight licensewise it will help blender in general.



    We are still developing the project and we want you react. It's possible to change anything.
    PLEASE Response, advice, propose...

    The more reaction we'll have, the better game we'll release.


    Please give more detailed point of view than "the game is nice" or "it's cr**p"

  13. @Carsten

    To pack and link an GPL code in an EXE is an GPL violation?!?! Uhm... Blender has windoze executable so according to you Blender it self is violating GPL. Come on get serious. It's not their problem that you are using only linux, isn't it? Beside that, if you really want to try this game have you tried Wine?

  14. "It’s not their problem that you are using only linux, isn’t it?"

    We are sorry but we really have no time now to prepare LINUX version. And we have no any MAC in our team...

  15. @bileyg

    Actually, if you don't have Linux or Mac, you could also publish at least zipped version. Every Linux distribution has native tools for zip handling, and I think it's the same case with Mac. But anyhow I have tried the game on my Mint (installed through Wine) and it's not working as it should (in Wine or opened directly in Blender) so I think BA could help you there. I see only white boxes instead of cars and hear, I'm sorry to say, but really awful music.

  16. The game now is totally not for LINUX. That's why you see boxes. The links work unproperly. We need time to prepare that soup for Linux. It's not the best way to try WINE.

  17. about the music. I think the next version we'll realize the custom track list. A special folder to fill with the tracks one wants to hear. The musical preferences differ so much. One likes rock and another likes big beat.

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