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Meeting minutes, 29 August 2010


The developers' meeting notes this week, only one main topic was discussed, "Blender 2.5x todos and beta release"

Ton Roosendaal writes:

Hi all,

Only one main topic was discussed:

Blender 2.5x todos and beta release

  • Campbell's RNA (property names for Python & UI & animation) renaming is nearly done, and will be completed in a few days. It has impact on three levels:

a) Our UI scripts and scripts in our distribution: these have been manually fixed now. Things will work as usual with current svn.

b) Other Python scripts: it means scripters have to manually check for warning prints when running old scripts. The impact is quite low though, most renames happened on not often used properties.

c) Blender files: if you use drivers or animation curves on non-transform data a minor few became obsolete (like MistStart). There's a script in Blender to fix this, this will move to the Help as "2.54 fix" option.

  • A quite lengthy debate arose about how much we can freeze in our Python API in general. Everyone agrees it should be minimal, but the definition of that is unclear yet. This is a good review topic to look into more detail for.
  • Short note: bug tracker at 418 now, that's a nice challenge for everyone!
  • Next week the meeting will review status, and a very likely decision then is to do an official beta release during the week after.




  1. Yes please merge render branch. Looking forward to play with Render Subdivision and SSS Texture Controls. Please enable Hair collision too!

  2. Freezing and bug fixes FTW! Everything else follows :)

    There's the audio branch, which promises to fix many audio related bugs without breaking stuff. Could this one be merged by next beta?

  3. Fixing bugs is more important than new render features.

    418! that is a huge amount of bugs, hopefully the majority are minor bugs which are easily fixed, but yea, let's get this down and then start looking where to go next.

  4. 418! Shouldn't we get the bugs down to a manageable level before we release another beta? Releasing the beta will get a tonne of new people using it, and also tonnes of new bug reports, and probably ones that already have been reported.

  5. Patiently awaiting the degree of stability, when you can go on with putting incredibly mindblowingly awesome features into trunk again :)

    (Of course, bug-freeness surely is one of said features, as practically no serious program ever archieved this :))

    EDIT: At Bart: Ok, editing (obviously) works again :)
    Therefore, when I send a post, I get a "page not found" instead of a direct to the updated page. The post (obviously again) gets sent though.

    EDIT2: This redirecting to a non-existent site doesn't happen after editing.

  6. Bughunting may be more important but it's also less shiny. I guess practicality trumps cool factor when you have 418 bugs.

  7. I've just browsed the bugtracker, honestly, you could get rid off a lot of video transcoding bugs - there are at least 100 of them - and it will clean the bug's tree, It is not vital for a 3D content creation package.

    We should use only sequence of images in sequencer, this is the most flexible and clean way to do compositing.

    Apart of that, the bugs are not very annoying. That's pretty impressive!

  8. yeah, what Melt said above is pretty sad. 418 seems like a lot, but I wonder how many bugs are related; ie - fixing one bug unintentionally fixes a handful of others. I can't wait until is running well and stable and official, with Render branch merged in. Hopefully a lot of the I/O scripts get updated and ample testing with more than just a teapot, as I've had a lot of show stoppers in that area in the recent past.

  9. I really like the developments but somehow I still fear using it. Somehow the higher the version the slower it works in my machine and I find it quite hard to adjust.

  10. Its really kool that each week Ton keeps us in touch with what the Blender team is doing. Like some above I would really appreciate that the new render branch be put in the next release.

    I would not mind to have to wait another month if its whats needed to bring out a stable new release.

    Thanks for all the hard work you guys are doing.

  11. @ AniCator, Mohd.Itqan Ullah:

    Are there other good open-source solutions for converting video files to image sequences? Is everyone's hard drive big enough to handle image sequences over video files? (Which are bigger?) What happens to the audio in a video file when you convert it to an image sequence outside Blender? (Will Blender handle audio well any time soon?)

    One man's trash is another man's treasure.
    Something you see as a "side feature" might be the only reason someone else is using Blender in the first place.

  12. I just know this is going to be totally the wrong time to mention this, but will someone, anyone, be kind enough to look into GoZ from Zbrush?

    I know, I know..... But this will MASSIVELY help my work flow, and I just don't have the coding skills to pull it off myself.

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